27. dec. 2015


Christmas, and I hope (for those of you, who celebrate it) have had an amazing time with your loved ones! But since Christmas is over, all the sales begins. Most brands have already opened their sales both in store and online, so i thought I'd show some of mine favorites! When I made the collage, I saw that my affection for black and dark colours in general is definitely not going anywhere in 2016.

Denim skirt 297,87 - 148,93 DDK  [HERE] | Knit with open back 229 - 129 DDK [HERE] | Off the shoulder dress 299 - 199 DDK [HERE] | Striped knit 478,71 - 308,50 DDK [HERE] | Bucket bag 329 - 229 DDK [HERE]

So I have tried to get almost all aspects in my collage. Even though I haven't really found any shoes or boots that I just needed to own. But these five things I really love, especially the off-shoulder dress, I have never in a million years thought I would love a dress like that, but I really like it. It's probably the small golden dots, that might have gotten my attention.

For a very long time, I have look at that bucket bag from Zara, and every God damn time I've tried to purchase it, it has gone out of stock - every God damn time! But hey, that doesn't matter now, because I got the one from Moss Copenhagen [You can read about that one HERE] but I wouldn't let you guys out, on such a stunner bag! And it's so "cheap" - even before the sales, so it's a bargain!

So yeah, I hope you're all out there saving some money! I'll make one more, but with beauty tomorrow! So stay tuned tomorrow, for one more saving tip! 

17. dec. 2015


Eyeshadow Palette in "Beige" [] | Eyeshadow Jumbo Stick in "Brun Dadaiste" []

I mean - come on, who doesn't love good and affordable makeup? And I been eyeing this beautiful palette from L'Oreal in quite a while now, but I haven't picked it up, until now - and I am so happy that I finally did!

Personally, I don't like that much drugstore/highstreet makeup, I don't know why - I just don't think it's good enough to be honest. And I just rather spend more money, on something I now is good. Although I must say, the drugstore/highstreet have really up'ed their game, and especially lately!

Rimmel has come out with some beautiful lipsticks - more on them, soon! And also some new single eyeshadows, I can't wait to show them to you! But yeah, but these two are great. I bought them both from Asos, because usually they're more affordable on the Asos website, than in the Danish stores! So saving tip as well!

But let's talk about the products, shall we! Let's start with the eyeshadow palette. If you're a huge or just a "normal" kind of nude colors, when it comes to makeup - then this is the perfect palette for you! The shadows quality are so good, and pigmented and easy to work with. But you gotta blend them a little bit more, than higher-end shadows. The palette is so versatile and easy to create many different choices to play with. Even though it's a very cool-toned eyeshadow palette, there's still some warmer tones to warm up the look with. There's a mix between matte and shimmer shadows, so the palette is perfect if your new to makeup.

The shadow stick is a buttery and easy to blend bronzy shadow. It's so budget-friendly and seriously - if you're ever late, shadow stick or cream shadows are your best friend, ever. Just swipe, blend with your finger, put on some mascara and then you are good to go! The texture is very creamy and easy to blend with your fingers. But when it sets, it really sets. You can also use it as an eyeliner or even as a base for eyeshadows later. It's easy to create an one product smoky-eye look.

So, I recommend these two products highly, and as they are so budget friendly, they are perfect Christmas gifts!


13. dec. 2015


 photo 13-12-2015_zpsw0yzflz8.jpg

Chevron Printed - 700 DDK - [HERE] | Bucket Bag - 480 DDK - [] | Chain Shoulder Bag -500 DKK - [HERE]

I am s sucker for beautiful bags, I have always been since I was a little girl. Seriously, I loooove bags, even though I don't have that many anymore, as I had when I was younger, I still like to just stare at them, ha ha. But no, this year for Christmas I have two bags on my wishlist, and they're even from the same brand. The Danish brand Moss Copenhagen - I've always liked their brand, their clothes, accesories and shoes, but they have really stepped it up with their bags, so I have not only once fallen in love with one of their bag, but actually twice.

I really like the simple and classic vibe to the design of their bags. But still they follow the trend, like with the bucket bag - that's really a hot item right now. Zara had one similar, but that is already sold out. But I still like this one better, even though it's a bit more expensive - but I believe that the design is a little bit more cleaner - you can get the bucket bag in a bigger size at the price of 700 DDK.

The chevron designed bag is the biggest size, and has the perfect size for a every-day bag. You can hold a lot of things in this one, I've been in store, and I was surprised over how much bigger it is, than I imagined. It can easily fit my keys, phone, purse and if you carry a little bit of makeup, that can be in there as well. So it's perfect for the girl on the go. And who wouldn't be happy to get a bag for Christmas?

The last one, is a bit more edgy that the two others. The two other bags are more clean and simple. This one is a little bit more rustic, and I love the chains. You can see though that it is inspired [some might say copied] by Alexander Wang's bag, but hey? That's a VERY expensive bag, I can easily see some similarities to the AW bag, but I really don't care. I have been wanting this one for a very looooong time now - and let's be honest, if it's not under the tree this, I probably just end up buying anyways. 

7. dec. 2015


 photo 07-12-2015_zpsmsrtui0z.jpg

2// Book About Beer [HERE] | 6// Card Holder [HERE] | 3// Beard Trimmer [HERE] | 4// Striped Tee [HERE] | 5// Calvin Klein Underwear [HERE] | 1// Headphones [HERE]

So here's a gift-guide for the man in your life, whether it's your boyfriend, husband, brother or you name it, I've found some different kinds of gifts. There's a little of everything - i tried to think about what would my brother or father want, and these were my picks.

I would personally give my dad the book about beer and the beard trimmer - but the beard trimmer could easily go to my little brother as well, even though the headphones and cardholder, I would give to my brother. The prize-point for the gifts aren't that high as well - but I'll make another one, whit some more affordable choices!

So stay tuned to Thursday, where there will be another gift guide for the men in your life! 

6. dec. 2015


 photo 06-12-2015 a_zps36bgrxd4.jpg

 photo 06-12-15 d_zpssuxypwmn.jpg

HM Eyeshadow Set [HERE]

In my gift-guides I have been showing some more pricy things, because when it's Christmas, you can finally wish for the more pricy products, that might not be in your own price point. I've been talking about the HM Eyeshadows before, in this post. To make it short, I love the HM shadows, they're so great, buttery, easy to blend and so beautifully pigmented.

So when I saw that HM have made some sets with the eyeshadows, I quickly wrote them on my wishlist for Santa this year. Even though the sahdows are so damn good, the price point, is very good if you want to give your girlfriend or sister a nice gift, but the budget isn't for the more nicer brands, then go for the HM shadows, individually they're priced for 50 Danish Kroner, this set is 150 Danish Kroner, and you'll get them in a nice packaging.

There's two "shades" - this one, is the more nude one and then there's a more smoky one, whit more grey/green tones. The nude set contain the colours:

Supernova// The champagne colour. It has some sparkle but not to in your face. It gives a nice glow, so you could actually use this a highlighter, because the glitter or shimmer in the colours isn't chunky.

Chin chin // The sparkly champagne colour! It's so stunning, and the glitter really shows up nicely. There isn't that much of fall down when applying it, so it's easy to work with - and is the perfect shade to highlight the inner of your eye, or to make your eyelid appear bigger, by applying the colour in the middle of your lid.

Cinnamon Roll // A darker brown with shimmer. The shimmer isn't to in your face, as well. It's settle and it's so good to darken up your look - to make a smoky eye. It's a beautiful shade, you either make an easy smoky eye, by applying the colour all over the lid, or to darken the look. 

3. dec. 2015


 photo 03-12-2015_zpsmy2fevzu.jpg

Becca highlighter in Moonstone [HERE] | Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush [HERE] | Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist [HERE] | Sonia Kashuk Brushes [HERE] | Lorac Pro Matte Palette [HERE] | Real Techniques Setting Brush [HERE]

So I know it's a little late, but here you guys go - My November favourites! I haven't been wearing that much makeup lately, but when I did, these guys were always to find in my makeup routine. I have dry skin, so the Tatcha mist is great for giving my skin some extra moisture - I spray this on my bare face right after my moisturizer.

I have found my new favourite foundation brush - I used to love [I still do] the Sephora no. 56, that's an amazing brush, with the perfect size. But this Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush, oh my God it's good! And I only have the travel size of it. It's so good at blending the foundation into the skin - but I always go over my foundation with my real techniques sponge.

Sticking to brushes, I been loving Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply my highlighter with. It have the right size, to lay the highlighter with on the cheekbones, as well as the bridge of the nose and on my browbone. Perfect size, and since the brush is synthetic, it doesn't pick up as much product as a normal brush, which is ideal when applying highlighter, because it's easier to get the real amount of highlighter you wish. Also, thanks to Shopandbox, I've got my hands on some Sonia Kashuk brushes - and I love them! Especially the eye brushes, they're amazing and easy to work with. The blend the shadows nicely together.

Last but not least! The Lorac Pro Matte Palette - this is my absolute favourite matte palette. I use this all the freaking time. The perfect shades of mattes that you'll ever need. They're so damn soft [therefor there's a lot of fall out - but that is easily solved, just apply your eyeshadow before foundation or concealer!] they blend so great together, with other shadows - from other brands, not only Lorac.

So that's my November Favourites! Around New Years Eve, I'll try to make the Best of 2015 Beauty  Products! 

2. dec. 2015


 photo 02-12-2015_zpsrownmzkr.jpg
[8] Royal Copenhagen Plate [HERE] | [10] Robe [HERE] | [2] Tee [HERE] | [5] Printed Shirt [HERE] | [9] Toy [HERE] | [1] Baby Jumpsuit [HERE] | [7] Lingerie buttom [HERE | [6] Lingerie Top [HERE] | [4] Calvin Klein underwear [HERE] | [3] Calvin Klein Underwear Top [HERE] |

This might only be for the Danish readers, but it might be a good idea for anyone struggling to find what to give to someone for Christmas, or to put on your own list. But, if you don't like Christmas shopping in stores, then I have some exciting news for you guys. To day only, Magasin is having 20 % of almost everything in store and online. So lay back in your couch or your bed, a do some Christmas Shopping and saving 20 %, by still being home.

There's a little of everything. I thought I would collect something for everyone - maybe you need some inspiration on what's to give to your little sister or your niece, your sister or father? 

1. dec. 2015


 photo 01-12-2015_zpsrudsrtak.jpg

Lipstick in Role Play [HERE]

Finally it is the first of December! I am so excited for the whole Christmassy thing to start, officially. I've started my Christmas joy since the first of November! I love this time of year - today, I've been buying Christmas gifts for my family, my first year to buy gifts by my self, exciting to be honest. I love buying gifts [PS; am I the only one who ask the staff not to wrap the gifts? I love gift-wrapping! Like a crazy lady loves cats!] Anyway, I can't wait for this whole Christmas spirit to hit all the people around me. I have kind of a challenge for myself, which is to post at least one post every day till Christmas Eve - so I hope I can live up to that! But let's get into what this post is really about!;
My obsession with lip products in general has grown the last half year. I haven't really worn that much lip products, because I was kind of afraid - if that make any sense? It's just not as big a deal, as in other countries - probably because of the "Jantelov" but anyway. I've started because, why the h*** can't I wear lipstick, if I want to? 

So, my slight obsession have grown, and I've bought many different lip products lately - I'm currently eyeing the new launch from Rimmel London, their lipsticks seems really nice and easy to wear. I have especially bought a lot of different kind of nude colours. But this one is my favorite [Together with another one, I'll show later this week, hint hint] But I really like the colour, it's a nude - but a little bit darker. Not much, it's kind of my own lip colour. 

The formula is very nourishing and easy to wear. It doesn't dry out your lips, so you don't need to apply a lipbalm before the actual lipstick. The colour is very pigmented, so I only apply one layer. The staying power is also very good. It stays on even when I speak [a lot] - I haven't been eating nor drinking while wearing the lipstick yet, but I'll try it as soon as possible!  So all in all, I love this lipstick, and I would give it 5 out 5 stars - for now, I'll update this post, when I know about the staying power, while drinking and eating!

It retails for 29.50€ which is approximately 220 Danish Kroner. 


27. nov. 2015


 photo 27-11-2015_zpskemdb8gr.jpg
Jacket [HERE] | Shorts [HERE]

So, since the whole Black Friday thing is starting to be a big thing even here in Denmark, I've spend most of my day being on the different kind of online shops - I haven't bought anything, but I have been so damn close. But! Even though Gina Tricot isn't having a Black Friday sale, I went to their site. And oh my God, there's a lot of beautiful items at the moment, and most of the perfect for all the Christmas Parties, which is really starting next weekend [not the one starting today].

I myself have a Christmas Party to attend, the fourth of December, with my work. So I've been looking on all the different kind of websites, and this jacket in particularly is so stunning. Perfect with a black skirt or dress. So if I can get it in stores the first of December, I'll probably wear it - even though I have my eye on something from Zara, but I'm not sure it will get here in time..

But yeah, back to the this stunning co-ord. The colour, is nothing more or nothing less than perfection! It's dressy, but not to much - so you can easily dress it up or down. If you think the outfit speaks for itself, in the form that it's dressy enough for you - just wear a pair of white sneakers or some plateau ballerinas - or if you want to dress it up, do as on the picture, wear a pair of heels. I would pair it with a pair of chunky heels, or like the classic black heels, with a thin heel.

It's easy to wear with a party makeup look as well. Either go all the way, by making a emerald green smoky eye with a nude lip. You can also make a beautiful bronze eye look, and wear a more darker coloured lip, like a deep burgundy. Or go simple with a perfected skin, glowing with a winged eyeliner and a classic red lip. You can't go wrong. Or just dress it up with some jewellery.

With the hair, I would probably go the same way as seen on the picture. A easy wavy loose hair, with some texture. Or a complete sleek, pulled back hair. Almost like when you have been wetting your hair completely and then sleek it back, that would be so perfect. Or go the more sporty way [this would look perfect with the red lip and high classic heels] by making a sleek high and tight ponytail, without any waves, just completely straighten hair.

You could do so many different things with this co-ord! So do you have a favourite on the suggestions I've made? Or let me know how you would style this co-ord! 

26. nov. 2015


 photo 25-11-2015_zpsp6ms02pp.jpg
Zoeva at BeautyBay [1] En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette [HERE] // All you really need is one great eyeshadow palette - perfect, would be two, one matte and one shimmery. But let's be real, we all want waaay more. And this one from Zoeva is affordable and the pigmentation and quality of the shadows, are insanely good! This is the newest one from Zoeva, and the colours are the Autumn/Winter trend colours. Those greyish mixed with some reddish tones, beautiful. This retails for about 170 Danish Kroner, and the shipping is free at BeautyBay when you spend for more than 160 Danish Kroner - if you're located in Denmark.

& Other Stories [2] Cheetah Print Soft Bra [HERE] // What more wonderful than receiving some nice lingerie? For me personally, I think it's really nice gift and, come on - you can ALWAYS use more underwear! And many of us hate buying it or thinks it's a waste of hard earned money. So why not wishing for it at Christmas? This beautiful one is from & Other Stories and retails at 235 Danish Kroner.

TopShop [3+4] Khaki [HERE] Grey [HERE] // Here in Denmark it's already freezing and there for there's nothing more lovely than a warm scarf. I love scarfs and personally thinks that they're great gifts! This retails for 16£, which is about 160 Danish Kroner at TopShop!

Zara [5] Top with straps [HERE] in Bottle Green // I love this kind of top. Loose but still a little but fitting. Perfect for the days after Christmas, where all you really do is continue eating - or at least here in Denmark it is, with all the Christmas Lunches. You can pair it with a one coloured turtleneck or, if you pick the top up in the black, even a little more coloured striped top/turtleneck might work! Even this bottle green top with a black 'n' white turtleneck top, would be perfection in my eyes! It retails for around 130 Danish Kroner, have in mind that the shipping is around 50 Danish Kroner!

I hope you guys like this gift guide - maybe some brother, boyfriend or husband who has no idea to give to their loved one - then check out my other gift guide as well, it's all about beauty! Find it here.

20. nov. 2015


 photo 20-11-2015_zps1zcqklxv.jpg

So I am starting my gift-guide on the blog, by kicking it off with the first of my beauty gift-guide! Personally I would love to find one of these items under the Christmas Tree this Christmas! And some of the thing are already on my Christmas-list for this year.

Jeffrey Star [1] Velour Velvet Liquid Lipsticks [HERE] in Hoe Hoe Hoe, Adronygy & Doll Parts// For a long time I've eyed these beauties! If you don't know what a liquid lipstick is, then let me gladly explain! It's a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick, though it dries matte. It's a long-lasting product, and can sometimes [depending on the brand/formular] be drying, but just use some lip balm underneath and it shouldn't be so uncomfortable. I personally fell for Hoe Hoe Hoe, and yes.. I might have ordered it already...

Urban Decay [2] Moondust Eyeshadow [HERE] in Diamond Dog// This have been in my wishlist forever since it came out [I do sometimes google the swatches of the beautiful shadow - you should do yourself the favour, and do the same!] It's a beautiful VERY shimmery, almost glittery shadow, that catches the light beautifully.

Urban Decay [3] Eyeshadow [HERE] in Midnight Rodeo// A beautiful everyday shade, that gives a pretty shine to the lids. Perfect for everyday or in the inner corner in your eye, to brightening a look. Perfect for a smoky-eyed look, to give a brightening inner corner!

Charlotte Tilbury [4] The Gift of Goddess Skin Travel Kit [HERE] // Not only does Charlotte Tilbury do amazing makeup, but she really do it all, when it comes to beauty. She does amazing skincare as well! Especially the Magic Cream, and her two more new things to her line, her Clay mask and her Wonderglow! [which is amazing!]

Becca [5] Afterglow Palette [HERE] // This is STUNNING. Come on, you get three Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Moonstone, Topaz and Rose Gold. And two mineral blushes in Wild Honey  and Flowerchild. It's a perfect palette to spice up the cold and grey winter season, with some beautiful glow!

Tom Ford [6] Lipstick [HERE] in Spanish Pink// If you really want some luxury for Christmas, this is the place to go. Tom Ford is the King of luxury makeup and beauty. I already got one thing from Tom Ford, and the quality is, perfect - just perfect. This is the normal lipstick, but look out for the popular collection of the Lips and Boys, where Tom Ford have made 50 shades, with boy-names, which is all men who have meant something in his life - I know it launches in the US late November, and I believe late December in the UK.

MAC [7] Irresistibly Charming Pigments and Glitter [HERE] in Gold// MAC always delivers with their Holidays Kit and collection. The beautiful pigments are so soft and easy to work, to be honest. Even though it's loose pigment and glitter, I can work with it. Even though I have some clumpy hands. And these sizes of the pigments are more easy to use up, even though I know, I never will, because there's a lot of product in those "small" sizes.

Charlotte Tilbury [8] Bar of Gold [HERE] // I love me some highlighter, and this one. Come on it looks like a gold bar! It look like a beautiful shimmer on the skin, and it would be perfect for the Holidays as well, if someone might wanted to treat themselves before Christmas!

Anastasia Beverly Hills [9] Self-Made Palette [HERE] // This is one hyped palette, and I can see why. The colours are beautiful, and with some pop of colour, that can be used! I think that many palettes are stunning and there's some beautiful neutral shades, but the pop of colours, I usually don't like those. They're either to bright or to colourful, if you know what I mean. Like a almost neon colour, which not that many will use. But this I honestly can say that I love almost every colour, except the very icy green-blue. 

18. nov. 2015


 photo 19-11-2015 b_zpsdxa8vzzs.jpg

Products in store // Magasin, Matas and Salling | Products online // Palette [HERE] Pot shadow [HERE]

So, this is a special Christmas Collection. Not only because it's Dior, but the because of the chose of colour! It's a neutral palette, but with a twist! You still got your neutrals and easy to wear shades, but then you have the beautiful darker green and a burgundy with a plum undertone. Their are both very beautiful - the other palette, is more reddish than this, but still with that gorgeous sparkly black. 

The palette it self, is a brilliant quality and is so so so easy to work with. The shadows blends nicely, and compliment each other so well. The sparkly black, is a easy way to glam or spice up the look - use it as a liner as close to the lashline as possible. Or in the outer corner, to make the look a little more smokier. And the small sparkles are just the perfect amount of shimmer, so that it can be used a both things. 

The "pot" shadow, is a very interesting formula and texture. If you're familiar with the MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows and Colour Pops texture. It's very soft and almost like a cream - the texture, but it is a powder shadow. This doesn't really give any colour - but the shine and shimmer it gives, is just stunning - I could literally just stare at this product all day, every day. 

These two are definitely some gifts to give or to buy for yourself. I know if I received one of these for Christmas, I'd be more than happy!
The Palette retails for about 445 Danish Kroner, and the pot shadow retails for about 285 Danish Kroner. 



 photo 18-11-2015_zpsjqgucngh.jpg

Satchel [TOPSHOP]

When it comes to bags, I either like - structured or slouchy. And I usually don't like colours either, but three colours have grown on me the last couple of years. Black has always been the colour - in bags and clothes. But as I said, in the last couple of years I've been introducing colour into my life - though the colours aren't bright or very colourful, but they are colours! Khaki, navy and burgundy. Those three my love has just been growing fore.

I love a good and deep burgundy lipstick, and beautiful navy smoky-eye - and khaki/moss green/bottle-green. I also love that deep green nail polish. But in clothes I love those colours as well. When I went to Boarding School in 2011/2012, the "it" colour, were without a doubt burgundy - my year-sweatshirt is burgundy. Everything was burgundy! But I still love that colour! I have probably always loved navy-blue. Blue and green has always been my favourite colours - I know, not the typical girly colours - but I grew up with boys, sooo. anywho - I was browsing TopShop's online store [As you do] and it was love a first sight!

I saw this beautiful slouchy khaki green bag. With the 70's vibe, that I kind of like [No, I love it] and this just nailed it. [Mom if you're reading this - I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THIS FOR CHRISTMAS!] It's a suede material as well, so it's super soft.

I love the way it hangs, and the little separate compartments, that's just not one big room - because I tend to lose my things in my bags, even though I haven't placed them other places [Seriously, how does that happen?] And the size of the bag, is perfect - at least for me. I don't tend to carry that ma y things with me, to be honest. I just need a place for my phone,wallet, keys and some carry-on makeup, for touch-ups on the go. So I can easily carry all those things in this. 

17. nov. 2015


 photo 16-11-2015a_zpspsqswv7o.jpg

Sequin Polo Top [HERE] | Patrol Blue Peg Pants [HERE] | Clutch Bag [HERE] | Faux Snake Printed Heels [HERE]

So the Holidays are coming up, and the first of December is only two small weeks away - Can you believe it? 2015 is almost over, already? But anyhow, this is my favourite time of the year, because you get to dress up in the pretty sparkly and shiny things. Ohh life's small things, am I right?

So I've putted this little simple outfit together, that I would definitely wear to a Christmas-party, or Christmas-lunch! It's the perfect balance between dressy and casual. Because of the trousers, it's bit more casual, compared to if you paired the top with a skirt. The top it self, is the key-item! It's a beautiful sequin polo top and it's the "cheap" kind of sparkly or sequin-ish. It has the perfect cut, and because it's a highneck, it have the more casual effect, rather than a more lower cut hem, at the neck.

You could easily pair the top with a more fitted skirt, in either one colour - a burgundy or bottle-green would be ideal! But also with some shorts (of course with some tights underneath, it's starting to get freezing!) But it's a very versatile top, that you can dress up or down. And can wear to many different occasions - like New Years as well!

The shoes has the wow-factor as well as the top, it kind of ties it all together, but still showing off some personality. Mixing patterns and texture, is always a good idea. You create some balance and interest in your outfit, rather than just a plain, all-same-texture outfit. So wear some colour or texture where you want most of you attention - example if you a great pair of legs, show them off by using colour or pattern, or just show them off in a skirt!

Anyway, I tried to make a more relaxed party outfit for the Christmas parties coming up - but there will be more - dressier and like this.


9. nov. 2015


 photo 09-11-2015_zpsitrqtknp.jpg

TopShop Sequin Top [HERE]

In the past 2-3 post, have been about the festive season somehow. And I am not going to stop somewhere soon, to be honest. Even though the weather is getting cold, this part of the year is my favorite. But let's talk about this stunning top! It's from TopShop and I am in love. It's the most perfect top for holiday season, with those beautiful sequins, in the different metallic colours, oh my.

And the back! I just love than sence of detail, even though the top - without the back like that - is absolutely stunning, it get's even better, when you turn around, and boom surprise - here's my lovely back, ha ha. It's a very cleaver design and it's just that revealing - but not too much.

I have decided to buy this for my self, it's just to perfect not to buy it. And then pair it with those lovely Zara heels from yesterdays Sunday wants [HERE] And I even like how TopShop styled the top in the picture - usually I'm not really into those kind of pants, but in this look it really works! I would pair it with either at leather skirt or some skinny black jeans - those lovely Zara heels or some more casual sneakers or platform ballerinas, to get some height. And perhaps a loose fitted blazer! And maybe a beautiful red lip! 

8. nov. 2015


 photo 1-BILLEDER FRA NETTET18_zpsfkotxwo0.jpg

Peplum top [HERE] | Heels [HERE] | Blusher [HERE] | Suede Vest Dress [HERE]

So this Sunday wants features four items, which I've had my eyes on the latest week! It got some of the same feeling like last Sunday, a little more festive than just casual or cozy. It's just the feel at the moment that gives me these cravings over more prettier things and more festive things. I just love Christmas, so when I have an excuse that involves Christmas, I go crazy. So let the Christmas Parties begin!

PEPLUM TOP// I love a good peplum top! If you don't have a pretty visible waist, a peplum top might just be your new best friend! I love the effect it gives to my body. It's a easy way to show some shape in your body, by creating some different features in your body shape. A it's so pretty with the lace, perfect for the holidays!

HEELS// Are you kidding me? Those heels are the prettiest I've seen for a long time. They are kind of similar to the Valentino ones, with the strap on the front of the foot. They might be a little to high for my feet, because I haven't worn a pair of heels in years, but these, I just might buy them and walk around in them at home [yeah, I'm that type of girl] and be happy with my new heels. I just might..

BLUSHER//I've been wanting this one for more than the latest week, to be honest. It has been on my radar since it launched, but I haven't picked it up yet.. I just might do, together with the heels. Like come on, who can go wrong with a nude blush? No one.

SUEDE VEST DRESS//This just screams at me everytime I see it! I love how Asos styled it, and the colour, oh my! PERFECT! I love the length as well, I do feel that sometimes [especially English] brands do the length of the skirts just that tash to short, but this length I love! 


 photo 13-10-2015_zpsq3n7jvx3.jpg

H&M Beauty [HERE] | Eyeshadow in colours left to right; Cinnamon Roll, Rubusta & Sun Worship [HERE]

So I hear that H&M re-did they're beauty section totally. I didn't really care that much for the beauty section before, I personally thought it was really bad quality, and to be honest all the things I bought from the line, I was very disappointed with. But now - it has totally changed. I'm going to be honest, at first I was like "yeah, nice you changed the packaging, but that doesn't change the product it self" and I almost didn't want to buy anything, but then I've heard and read a lot of nice things about the line, especially the eyeshadows and nail polish. So I thought, I'd try out their eyeshadows - I had a gift card that I could use, so if I didn't like the products - I didn't waste my money on the buy.

But I must say, I love the texture of the eyeshadows. They're so good and buttery. Easy to blend, and great selection of colours. Not only are the neutrals very good and versatile, and wearable, but the more coloured colours are very good as well. Not just the normal blue, green and pink not wearable colours, but they made the colours different textures and with different effects. So stunning colours and I must say they really nailed this time - all though I do not like the packaging, still. But I can live with that, if I can buy good quality eyeshadows at only 50 DDK.

The colours have amazing colour payoff, and it's just not a little amount of pigment. I worn Sun Worship a whole day, and in the evening when I was about to take my makeup, the eyeshadow was still intact, just like in the morning when I applied it. Not only are they easy to blend together, but also really good a blending with other eyeshadows from other brands, which isn't always the thing for "drugstore" brands, in my opinion.

I highly recommend these shadows. They are so great and easy to work with, and for that price? Come on, that's a steal! So well done to HM, for upping their beauty section! 

1. nov. 2015


 photo 01-11-2015 b_zpsl7hkniwl.jpg

Glitter Sweater [HERE] | Khaki skirt [HERE] | Navy trainers [HERE]

This Sunday it get's a little more festive than last Sunday. Since it is November the 1st and there is only 30 days until the 1st of December! So this Sunday I have looked at more festive items - even though the shoes really aren't that festive - to some people. But to me, they're just perfect. It can be worn as a outfit - but also every piece in their own outfit.

GLITTER SWEATER// Well, this is the perfect combo of comfort and party! I love how simple but yet festive this sweater is. I love the fit of the sweater, which can be used to a Christmas party or just to get a little extra glamour in you every day. I especially love the colours - I would definitely wear this on Christmas Eve!

KHAKI SKIRT// I loooooove khaki, and a good wrap skirt. This skirt is just the perfect combo in my opinion. I love how to can dress either up or down, it depends on the party. You can wear this a more smarter Christmas Party, by wearing a dressier black blouse and spice it up with a beautiful red lip. Or you can dress it down by pairing with a cosy sweater or just a casual white/black tee.

NAVY TRAINERS// Aren't these just perfect? I adore the colour, I love this kind of deep navy blue, that's just so close to black but still so far away! I love the sole - that it get's a little higher, and just basically how the shoe it self is shaped. This is my favorite kind of shoe, just how it's shaped. I think it looks SO good on the feet. 


Free People Turtleneck [HERE] | Magasin Bra [HERE] | Magasin Panties [HERE] |  Charlotte Tilbury Set [HERE] | Charlotte Tilbury Shadow Stick in "Mesmerising Mink" [HERE] | Charotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher in "First Love" [HERE] | Monki Nora Dress [HERE] | Clarins Eyeshadow Palette [HERE] | Nars single eyeshadows in "Stud" and "Never Too Late" [HERE]

So Christmas is near! Only one month away till it's the 1st of December, and I cannot wait any longer! When it comes to Christmas, I'm like a little child. Not because of the gifts (well, also because of the gifts) but I just like the vibe in December. Most of the time, people are happy and jolly, and singing some lovely Christmas songs, and I just love it. I like to walk in the City and look at how beautiful it is at this time of the year. The two big shopping centre in Aarhus - Salling and Magasin, are always so beautifully decorated and just picture perfect. I've heard that Salling this year is going to be decorated as a big gift, but the rapping is just millions of lights, stuuuuunning!

But anyway, we get PLENTY of time to talk about Christmas - and listening to the Christmas songs - and yes, I already started listening to Christmas songs! But I thought I start with some of my wishes - this is only part one, and there'll be plenty more to come! Because I always got a lot of wishes! I got a mix of beauty and fashion in this one. I really like the selection of underwear in Magasin, such lovely pieces! And I've fallen in love the Free People Sweater, it's just perfect, to be honest!

And then I've fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury's products as well, come on - they look stunning! I've always wanted to try her Eyeshadow Sticks, they look so creamy and easy to work with, and up to Christmas, I believe it was back in October she released some new colours. And I immediately fell in love with the colour "Mesmerising Mink" - which complement blue eyes, which I kinda have. I have a weird mix?. But I just love colours like that. And she also released a new eyeshadow - single, with a complementing eye kohl - also targeted at eye colours! This one in Huntress, and it's a brownish colour, with a lot of sparkle! And her blusher, just looks so pretty and cute, so of course that's going on my list!

And last but most definitely not least, the Nars Holiday Collection this year is just... Gorgeous! It's a collab with Steven Klein, and there's a lot of different sets and colours. I fell for the single eyeshadows in the colours "Stud" and "NEver Too Late". 'Stud' is a beautiful sparkly cool toned brown, and 'Never Too Late' is a also coolish green colour!

So that's the first out many of my wishlists! I hope you like this one, and maybe got some inspiration? 

27. okt. 2015


 photo 27-10-2015_zpsrw5ddmse.jpg

H&M Blazer - DK [HERE] | US Version [HERE]

I have been really impressed with H&M lately, both the in beauty department, but also in the fashion! I think they really have upped their game and giving some more modern and contemporary designs. Especially for fall/winter, they really have come with some beautiful designs!

For this blazer, I really like how it "falls" on the body. It's looks really soft and easy to wear, and it's great for layering! It looks like it's very thin, but that doesn't really matter to me, because I'm going to wear it over things, just for the layering, so that I through the day can adapt to the weather, so if it's to hot, I can remove a layer and the opposite if it's too cold.

Also it is great for the upcoming Christmas parties! It got the perfect dressy-ish feel to it, and can be layered perfectly over a dress or a jumpsuit. It can easily been dressed up or down, and basically it's a great piece for layering, and giving a more casual look, and smarter feel or classier feel.

I will definitely try to get my hands on this beauty! It's looks almost to good to be true!


26. okt. 2015


 photo 26-10-2015_zpskzrumtfj.jpg

Lorac Pro Matte Palette [HERE] & [HERE]

I have before introduced you guys to the lovely brand of Lorac. Last I showed the contour palette, you can see my blogpost about the contour palette here. I love the contour palette, and the payoff is amazing, you almost need nothing - and the same goes for the eyeshadows. They're SO easy to work with - take it from someone like me, who has zero skills with applying eyeshadow - I just wing it, you know? - Oh and thanks to YouTube videos!

But these easy natural and all matte shadows, are a dream to work with. They blend so easily over the lid and together, with each other and other brands. Because of their creamy and buttery texture they do have fall out - on the palette [as you can see] and under your eyes, so I do recommend applying your face makeup after you have done your eye makeup. But there's nothing a little makeup remover or a cleansing wipe can't do!

When it comes to how many different looks you can make with this palette, only your mind is the limit. Of course you cannot make a colourful look by only using this palette - but can make an easy day-time look, for work or school. Or a smoky and sultry look for a night out with the girls! Also it's a very travel friendly palette, because of many reasons;

It's versatile! As I mentioned before, you can use it for almost everything - except a colourful look, with a lot if bright colours. It's a great palette, for your neutrals and mattes, that you'll ever need, to be honest!

It's great quality! I do perfer this palette over my Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette 2. I believe it's easier to work with, and also the colour selection is a mix of the two Naked Basics! And it's cheaper as well!

Travel friendly! : Even though the palette have everything you need, for a settle and easy daytime look, or a smoky nighttime look, it's easy to pop in your bag, and have with you on the go, to touch up anything. And it's perfect if you're going away on a trip - it's small and compact, and all you really need is some nice shimmery and glittery shadows - if you want.

So fall appropriate! The colours in this palette just screams fall/autumn to me. The burnt burgundy colours, with warmth and you also have the cooler shades. Perfect to create a all matte fall/autumn look. Also the first four shades, are perfect transitions shades - to make it easier to blend your shadows together! You apply this lighter shade [usually the same colour as your skin tone or a little lighter] all over your lid, and almost all the way up to your browbone. This will make it easier for you to blend your eyeshadows together, and your eyeshadows will just look prettier and more put together. 

25. okt. 2015


 photo 25-10-2015_zpsgautgff2.jpg

Belt [HERE] | Sneakers [HERE] | Top [HERE]

This weekend has just flew by, even though I haven't done that much. But I've found these three items, I have fallen in love with! I can see that I have a huge love for the more darker colours - all year around really, but when Septembers comes, I'll start wearing it even more!  But now that is is autumn/fall, I've started to tone down the colours of my wardrobe - not that the colours before were very different from black, navy and grey. But I am started to wear more dark colours, like navy blue, a dark bottle green and so on. It just screams autumn to me!

STAN SMITHS// Especially the shoes, aren't they just so PRETTY? I love the details, with the dots and also that beautiful gold detail - they're by the way Adidas Stan Smiths - One of my favorite pair of sneakers. I love the original Stan Smiths, but these just speaks way much more to me. It's probably because they're navy blue (my fave colour) and they have dots! And also my fave "metal" colour, gold. It's just a win-win, to be honest, and when the next paycheck comes, I'll definitely get these! Even though the weather is starting to get very cold, and it isn't really sneaker-weather, for the feet - I don't really care - come on, that pair of sneakers are waaay to beautiful not to be seen!

BOTTLE GREEN BELT// So the next beautiful item on the are the chunky dark bottle green belt. The colours - spot on! I can't get enough of this particular colour, it just frames autumn so nicely. And since most of my dresses are black or a solid colour, I thought I could use the belt in my waist with my more flowy dresses, to give them (or me) some shape. And the green colour, is a perfect pop of colour in this time of the year - and also, it's the perfect colour for the upcoming Christmas parties!

COLOUR BLOCK TOP//  I have always liked the colour-block trend, that really were in, a few years back - and also more in the warmer seasons - like summer and spring. But it can be done so nicely in the colder months as well. I love this top, the perfect way to colour block with two solid colours, and still having the woman body in mind. They way Topshop have placed the different colours, is just genius. The have placed the colours, so it makes you look slimmer and gives you an amazing waist. Come on, what's not to love? And let's be honest, if something got stripes - 99,99 % of the time, I'm gonna buy it...

So, do have any faves of my faves? Please tell me in the comment-section!


13. okt. 2015


 photo 1-BILLEDER FRA NETTET14_zpsyxfz0jd3.jpg

Cardigan [HERE] | Dress [HERE]

So autumn/fall has officially hit little Denmark - let's be honest, it's almost fall everyday. But it's getting very cold and wet. It's raining almost everyday, and there's this grey filter over the sky all the time. So Iøve started to get the knits out, and stockings and all that's warm and fuzzy. I've also got the lovely thing that follows the fall/autumn, the flu. So my nose is running just as much as the rain is falling down.

But let's talk about this pretty set of clothes, from no other than TopShop. It's knitted - perfect. It's a blueish, purplish and reddish colour - perfect. It's layered - perfect. Just all in all, just a perfect match. It's got that perfect fall/autumn vibe about it, that just makes me wanna jump in it, and then wear it - all the freaking time. I love the cardigan the most, which got the perfect length and it's looks so cosy! I love the design of both the dress and cardigan, it looks kind of ruff, that it isn't to neat and nice, but a little bit more edgy and I love the blue line all around the edge of the cardigan. For the dress I love the kind of drop skirt - and the lines that cuts the dress up, a little bit - it dosen't have any sleeves, which can be a problem when it's cold - but just put a turtleneck under it, and it would look so nice - or if you prefer a scoop neck, then just a thin-ish jumper, so that it warns your arms.

I also loooove the way TopShop have styled the outfit, those knee-high boots are, to die for! They look very comfortable and warm. Just a perfect way to still show of some skin - if you live a place where that's possible - because here in Denmark, it's starting to get close to 0 degrees celsius, So I have to wear it with pantyhoes. 

10. okt. 2015


 photo 10-10-2015 a_zpsgwwe9l9u.jpg

Lorac Contour Palette [HERE]

Have you ever wished for being born with killer cheekbones? Well, then we're two - probably even more. But you can cheat the illusions of killer cheekbones, by using the right coloured bronzers! Since I discovered it, I haven't stopped using the method! For more than about three years now, I've watched YouTube videos religiously, off my favorites youtubers - I get my tricks and many different looks from their videos, and thanks to these YouTubers I've now learned the method of shaping my face!

So how do we achieve these killer cheekbones? Simply by these steps! It's very important that you purchase a bronzer - cream or powder - than have a grey undertone, because this creates shadow on your face, which have the effect of slimming your face. Amazing, right? So the places on the face, is different, because of our face shape. I myself, have a "square" face shape, and I personally contour under my cheekbones, to bring them forward. I contour my temples, to make my forehead appear slimmer and my chin, to again make my face seam slimmer. But you can watch Sephora's guide, here, if what I am "saying" doesn't make any sense to you at all, ha ha.

There's a lot of different contour products out there, I personally like both powder and cream, but cream products tends to be more easy to work with, as they're easier to blend into the skin. You can intensify your contour by using both, and being really shaped or just to set your cream contour, so that it sits.

With the Lorac Contour Palette, you can easily achieve an natural contour but also a more heavy contour, for a night out perhaps? I myself use both light and medium contour right now, but in the summer I can use the darkest shade. There's also three highlighters in the palette, the more yellow toned powder, is mostly used under the eyes, to brighten up the area, this is so good when you want to fake the illusion of you having like eight hours of sleep! Or just to set your undereye concealer! By using the yellowtoned powder, you're also shaping your face, by creating some dimension to your face, which contour is all about.

The big highlight is shimmery, which you use on the top of your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows. The shimmer isn't so 'in your face', but it's settle and easy to blend into the skin, for a nice natural effect on the skin.

I hope it helped some of you - but click on the link to the video, it's very helpful or just search on YouTube. This prodcuts retails for $45 on Nordstrom - which ships to Denmark!


9. okt. 2015


 photo 09-10-2015_zpsxckkpp1g.jpg

Nars Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette [HERE]

In my last and first order from shopandbox, I got a lot of eyeshadow palettes and highlighters to add to my collection, and this one from Nars, is a clear winner - with the Lorac Pro Palette, but more about that later on this week! I've always liked Nars products, I've loved every product I've ever purchased from the brand, and this one, is one of my faves. The eyeshadow it self, is really nice and soft, but not so soft that it goes every where when you touch it with your finger or brush. It's easy to work with - even for a beginner like I. It blends so nice together, and not only with other Nars shadows, but also some different ones from my collection. The colours are also up in my street!

So would I repurchase this, if I ever could finish it up? Yes! It's so versatile and easy to work with. You can easily create a daytime and nighttime look. Simply use the matte shades for a neutral look or add drama to your neutral look, with the matte black in the outer corner or just define your lash line, by using the matte black shadow as a liner. You can also do an ultra glam look, with the second darkest shimmer shade all over the lid, some of the darker matte shades - not the black though, and then the lightest shimmer shade as a inner corner highlight and under the arch of the brow. You could also do a smoky eye, the potential is so good, and only your creativity puts an end to your looks.

It retails for 49€ (ca. 360 DDK) on Sephora France , and 65$ (420 DDK) on Sephora US. It's worth 

8. okt. 2015


 photo 08-10-2015_zpsjt3f66la.jpg

Chantecaille in Sheen (HERE) | Becca x Jaclyn Hill in Champagne Pop (HERE) | ColourPop in Lunch Money (HERE)

Well, it's no secret that I appreciate a good glow and highlighter basically all over my face. My skin is very dehydrated and dull, so I might go a little extra crazy when it comes to putting highlighter on my face. I do put mostly of the product on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow and lastly under the arch of my eyebrow. But sometimes I do really just wanna look like a disco ball, and I am basically putting the product all over my face.

These three products are amazing at achieving the "glow from within" effect. I start of with the Chantecaille liquid lumiere, under my foundation or mixed in with my foundation. If I don't mix it in, I'll put on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and lastly my cupids bow. If I mix it in, I'll put it all over my face, just like I would if I was applying my foundation. Next I'll put on the Colour Pop producs, which is a powder product, but the consistency is like a cream, so it's very buttery - but very easy to apply, just use a duo-fiber brush. But this product I'll use the same places as the liquid, if I didn't mix it with the foundation. Lastly, if I really wants an extra glow, I'll use the Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter, in Champagne Pop. If you don't know who Jaclyn Hill is, do yourself a favor and click here. But this product is very shimmery, but not with big glitters in it.


6. okt. 2015


   photo charlottetilbury 02_zpsxpznti05.jpg

 photo Charlotte Tilbury til indlaeligg 02_zpsry8lzg2k.jpg

Eyeshadow Palette (HERE) 

So it's already October! I can't believe that September flew by so fast! But anywho, let's talk about this beauty. I've been shopping alot lately - perks of having a full-time job now, ha ha. But I've been lusting over this beauty since it game out, I believe it was at last Christmas, but correct me if I am wrong. And now it's finally mine - so let's get to it. Firstly it's a beautiful design, both the products it self, but also the packaging! It's such a luxurious brand and quality of the product. The colours are just spot on, and the little starts printed in the shadows, almost makes me not wanna use it, but let's be real, this one is gonna be one of my most loved for the holiday-time coming up!

But the product it self is really really REALLY good. I love the formula of the shadows, they're very pigmented and easy to blend. The colours are easy to work with and easy to combine. This palette is 45£ on Charlotte Tilbury's own website, which ships to Europe and as far as I know, also the US, and of course the UK.

I would without a doubt recommend this palette to anyone. If you just started playing with makeup - and eyeshadow especially, I would totally buy this. Even though it is a lot of money to spend on four eyeshadow, would someone probably say, I believe it's worth the splurge and you'll get so much use out it - I mean, come on look at those colours! You can both use this quad as a daytime look, as well as a night-time look! Just use either the second shade or the third shade all over the lid, and then you're good to go, as a daytime look. If you wanna make it more smoky, then just add the black on the lash line or in the outer corner.


19. sep. 2015


 photo 16092015_zpstmlbr5do.jpg
Er du ligesom jeg? Ser alle de nye fede ting, som bliver i lanceret i USA laaang tid før her hjemme, eller bare er ekstrem træt af at diverse amerikanske hjemmesider ikke sender hjem til DK og hvis de gør, så koster selve leveringen typisk langt mere end selve de produkter man gerne vil have fingrene i? For godt tre måneder siden fandt jeg siden Shop and box, som er et firma som har diverse "boxers", som simpelthen shopper de ting du vil have og derefter sender dem til dig! Det kan være stort set alt, og ikke nok med at du nu kan få dine billige Nike sko hjem eller makeup som kun kan forhandles i USA hjem til søde lille Danmark! Man laver simpelthen blot en "wishlist", som man hele tiden kan tilføre flere ting til indtil man har betalt kvote 1. Når den er betalt så shopper "boxer'en" ens ønskede ting, og derefter betales kvote 2 - hvor man også vælger hvor hurtig/dyr leveringen skal være - men "jeres" "boxer" går hele proceduren igennem med jer! Jeg kan kun sige gode ord om Shopandbox, og jeg har allerede lavet endnu en ordre fra dem - fra samme boxer! Det er en let og nem proces, som gør hele nethandlen nemmere! Jeg kan ikke sige nok rosende ord om min "boxer", Anne, hun var fantastisk! Opdaterede mig igennem alt, hjalp med at spare nogle penge, gik igennem alt og jeg var på intet tidspunkt urolig omkring hele proceduren!

English | Are you just like me? Seeing all the new cool collections that's launched in the States, but not a home yet? Or are you just really irritated that the American Sephora site doesn't ship to your country? I was, and now I have found the perfect place, where your frustrations just disappears! Tree months ago I found a company called Shop and box. It works this way: you create an account - it doesn't cost you anything - where you create a wishlist - everything from makeup, clothes, bags, accessories and so on. Then you just make an order, where you pick which of the things from your wishlist you want to buy at this point - after you have created your order a "boxer" will be "asigned" to your order and then they will simply just go through everything with you. It's a very easy process, they tell you when you have to pay for invoice one and two, and so on. I have nothing but good things to say about Shop and box! My boxer, Anne, she was just perfect. Updated when, helped me with saving some money, just amazing! 

30. aug. 2015


 photo 29 08 2015_zpsqsubfrxb.jpg
Rebecca Minkoff Jules Satchel (HERE) | Rebecca Minkoff Mini Avery Tote (HERE) | Dior Sunglasses (HERE) | Valentino 'RockStud' T-Strap Sandal (HERE) | Acne Track (HERE)

Som så mange andre piger, så har vi vores drømme når det gælder designer produkter - om det er tasker, sko, solbriller osv. Og jeg er ingen undtagelse! Jeg har længe drømt om en Chanel taske, men ved godt at det aldrig bliver ideelt, nogensinde - det er simpelthen alt for mange penge sådan en yderst FLOT taske koster, måske den dag jeg bliver millionær.. Men ja, så dette er mine top fem ønsker, som også er rimelig realistiske - nogle af dem indrømmer jeg gerne at jeg pønser på at købe i USA næste sommer, så jeg håber jeg har fået skrabet nok sammen til den tid! Jeg er helt vild med Rebecca Minkoff, jeg kunne (hvis jeg havde alle de penge) købe alle hendes tasker! De er så flotte, elegante, minimalistiske og ikke mindst tidsløse! Jeg har valgt to, en større og en mindre - haha, utrolig flotte begge to. Derudover så er der en kending for mange på listen især - Acne Track støvlerne - dengang jeg først startede med at blogge for godt og vel fire år siden, så var det Acne, som var The Brand, især hos danskerne - min inspiration kom mest fra Marie Jedig - som havde disse støvler, og mange andre! Så de er klart en af mine allerstørste ønsker! Derudover så er der et SUPER flot par fra Valentino - de er i samme stil som deres meget berømte stiletter, som minder utrolig meget om disse - blot en med en MEGET tyndere hæl, og helt ærligt - jeg hader tynde hæle, jeg er mere til chunky hæle! Og sidst men ikke mindst, så Dior solbrillerne, jeg ELSKER dem! Mere er der egentlig ikke at sige, hæ. Har I deruode nogle ønsker ala mine eller måske nogle af de samme? Fortæl mig om dem!

English | I think when I speak for other girls, saying that it has always been a dream of ours to own something pretty and designer. And I am not the exception, for many years I have been dreaming of a Chanel bag, but let's be real that is never ever going to happen, that's way to many money to spend on a bag - even though if I had the money, I'd spend them on a beautiful bag. So let's put that dream to the side, and talk more about some more realistic wishes of mine - those five beauties on the picture! Some beautiful Valentino heels, two bag - both from Rebecca Minkoff, because she's amazing and I love all of her bags - seriously, their're stunning. My long wished for Acne Track boots, come on - those are just heaven - and let's talk about those STUNNING sunglasses from Dior, I mean - who doesn't want those on your face? And yeah, so those are my top five - and I may (Okay, I have) planned for my trip to the US that at least one of these (properly more) are coming home with me to DK!

28. aug. 2015


 photo 27 08 2015_zpshhhlmhzi.jpg
Boots (HERE) | Bomber Jacket (HERE) | Net Tee (HERE) | Eyeshadow Quad (HERE) | Blusher (HERE)

Jeg ved ikke om jeg er den eneste århusianer (jeg tror det næppe) som er super glad over at & Other Stories åbner en butik i Århus i dag! Desværre kan jeg ikke tage derind i dag, fordi min kære mutti har fødselsdag - men mandag, så skal butikken i hvertfald have et besøg + lønnen er kommet ind! Og derfor har jeg kigget lidt på deres website og har fundet et par fine ting, som jeg VIRKELIG godt kunne finde på at købe på mandag. Anyways, nogle andre glade århusianere som er ellevilde over denne FANTASTISKE nyhed? Nu mangler Århus blot en Zara og Sephora, og så er vi godt på vej!

English | I don't know if I am the only one from Aarhus, (I doubt it) which is super excited about & Other Stories opening a store in the city today! Unfortunately I can't go to the store today, because it's my momma's Birthday! But Monday, I'll be there! So I've been looking on their website, and I have found some really beautiful items, that I might have some sort of plan of buying on Monday - especially the bomber, come on that's beautiful! Anyways, anyone else from Aarhus who's gonna visit the new store and who is excited for the new & Other Stories store? We only need a Zara and a Sephora and then we'll be covered! 

16. aug. 2015


 photo Udklip_zps9vtmb7fs.jpg
Dress (HERE) | Shoes (HERE) | Sweater (HERE) | Eyeshadow in "Pasiphae" & "Telesto" (HERE) | Eyeshadow stick in "Oaxaca" & "Hollywoodland" (HERE) | Cream Eyeshadow (HERE) | Black dress (HERE) | Lipstick (HERE) | Blusher (HERE)

Nogle Game of Thrones fans, som forstår overskriften? ha ha. Elsker den serie, men anyway - om godt og vel små to uger, så hedder det allerede september og med dét betyder det at vejret bliver endnu mere lårt end hvad det er i forvejen. Mere gråt og vådt vejr, og strømpebukserne skal frem igen og derfor er jeg allerede begyndt at kigge nærmere på diverse små ny investeringer i både min garderobe og makeup-afdelingen. Jeg elsker farverne i efteråret/vinter perioden, farver er blot mere mig - mørke og "hyggelige". Og skoene? Ja, der gemmer sig vist en lille optimist i mig!

English | Some Game of Thrones fans might get the title of the post? ha ha. I couldn't help myself - I did stop myself for writing "embrace yoursel - #fall is coming! You guys wait until winter.. Anyway, in about two weeks and some days it's officially fall, because we'll hit September! I cannot believe that it's almost September, that's just crazy - where the hell did 2015 go? But yeah, let's get back to the post. Well, the weather here in Denmark is starting to look more and more like fall - it's grey and wet, so fall is just around the corner to be honest. But by that said, I love fall/winter clothes - it's my favorite season to dress in - because of the colours and textures. I love sweaters and warm clothes. So I've looked at (alot) of online stores, and I have fallen in love with so many different kind of things, especially in the fashion department - I love army green, it's such a nice colour! But there's a part of me still hoping for some nice weather - the shoes represents that. I still have hope. 

5. aug. 2015


 photo 28072015_zps3weccysf.jpg

Estée Lauder Highlighter // Magasin

Jeg ved det godt - det er længe siden sidst. Men jeg har været rimelig busy, med nyt arbejde osv. Men jeg er tilbage fra en lille "sommer-pause", med en masse nyfundet energi! Seriøst, hvor er jeg glad for at HHX er ovre, seriøst der er intet bedre end at komme hjem, hvor man rent faktisk har fri - ingen lektier, ingen dumme afleveringer, det er for lækkert - plus der kommer penge ind på kontonen - win/win. Men anywho, indlægget skulle egentlig handle om det flotte produkt på billedet.

Jeg er vild med highlighters, vild! Udover øjenskygge, må jeg sige at highlighter er mit andet yndlings produkt, inden for makeup! Og denne her fra Estée Lauder, er super flot. Selve produktet er et meget fint pudder-produkt, som nærmest føles som en slags gele. Det er ikke en highlighter som skriger fra 30m, men den er diskret - dog giver den stadig den flotte sommerglød. Jeg bruger den på mine kindben, på min næseryg, og på "cupids bow", altså hvor overlæberne mødes i midten. Den kostede omkring 410 kr., men er værd hver eneste øre!

English | I know, it's been a long time since last post. But lately I've been very busy, I started my new job, so I've been pretty damn tired after work, and have pretty much fallen asleep almost every day when I came home. But my summer-break from the blog is over now, and I am ready! I am so glad that college is over. It's so refreshing to come home after a long day, and have absolutely no homework at all to do, I love it. But anyway, let's get back to business - what this post is about.

I have a (BIG) thing for highlighters, BIG! Beside eyeshadow, I would probably say that highlighter is my favorite product, within makeup. The product it self, is a finely melded powder, with no big glitters nor sparkles - it's not a highlighter that you can spot from a distance of 30 meters - it's settle, and gives a beautiful glow to the skin, almost makes it look like you glow from within. I use it on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my Cupid's bow. And if I feel like, the rest of my face - let's been real, we all have those days, where we just wanna glow. It's worth every penny, and I love it!  

6. jul. 2015


Eying lately #Summer Vibes
TopShop Denim Dress (HERE) | Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter (HERE) | Nars Eyeshadows in Giove & Himalia (HERE) | TopShop Grey Sweater (HERE) | Nars Cheek Palette (HERE)

Det er vist ingen hemmelighed at jeg har fået en stor kærlighed til denim tøj. Jeg har tidligere, som sidste år, ikke kunne forstå hypet omkring "denim on denim", og jeg svor til mig selv at jeg ALDRIG skulle hoppe på den trend. Men ak ja, så sidder jeg her et år senere og indrømmer at jeg er blevet klogere, ha ha! Jeg er blevet helt tosset med især kjolerne og nederdelene, det der med en denim crop top - ej, den forstår jeg nok aldrig, alligevel. Derudover så nu hvor vejret i sidste uge var SÅ fantastisk - ikke lige så meget denne endnu... Så skriger denim bare sommer til mig - et par brune stænger, denim kjole samt et par fine sandaler - bum, det perfekte sommer-look. Snakker vi så sommer indenfor kosmetik, så er det highlighter som skriger sommer i mine øjne, den flotte "indre glød" og så behøver man egentlig ikke mere i mine øjne. Man ser bare dét yngrere og mere friskere ud, end en flot glød! Og så er sommer også tiden (personligt for mig) hvor der kommer flere farver ind, både i forhold til mit tøj men også i forhold til min makeup! 

English| Well, it's no secret that my love for denim has grown, a lot. Last year (and before that) I didn't really get the "denim-on-denim" trend and I promised myself that I wouldn't "buy the trend". But hey-ho one year later, and here I am admitting that I am now wiser. I would never understand nor wear the crop top denim trend, though. That I still don't understand, ha ha! Well something weird has happened here in Denmark last week, the weather has been insanely good and sunny, and with temperatures up to 34 degrees, that almost never happens. So the summer clothes have been out for the last week, and there isn't anything than denim, nice tanned legs and sandals that scream more summer to me, okay maybe ice cream, but I cannot wear that!  Makeup wise, I like a nice glow to the skin, like you're lid from within. It makes you look younger and more fresh and healthy! To me, that's all you really need and then some mascara, but then you're good to go basically. But summer for me, makeup wise, also means colours! Experimenting with different colours, like blue and green, and even purple! But I just love a blue smoky-eye, that's so beautiful! 

8. jun. 2015


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Dress (HERE) | Bronzer (Magasin & Salling) | Eyeshadow Stick (HERE) | Nail polish (HERE) | Sunglasses (HERE) | Slip-ons (HERE)

Jeg har fået en kærlighed til denim. Jeg har aldrig rigtig før kunne lide trenden "denim on denim", men jeg er blevet vild med den mørke dybe blå denim farve, synes jeg er super flot. Netop den farve som kjolen har, super flot. Og nu hedder det jo juni måned, så forventer også at vejret begynder at vise det efterhånden. Skoene er jeg også helt vilde dem - har altid godt kunne li' den form for sko, som er let at komme i - uden nogle snørre eller velcro for den sags skyld, super lækre og lette til sommer! Derudover, så kan det jo ikke være en af mine collage uden lidt indput fra beauty siden! Jeg har set Chanels forårs samt sommer kollektion, og manner hvor deres kollektioner altid bare spot on! Og ja, det kan aldrig være en sommer collage uden et par fede solbriller!

English| I have fallen in love with denim. It's a new thing, because I have never before liked the trend "denim on denim", men the deep blue denim color has really grown on me this year. I do not like the really white washed and light denim, but these darker colors, I love. And since it's June, I did expect some better weather - yes even here in Denmark. Come on, Sun! But speaking of summer, then those shoes just screams summer to me. They're so light and easy to slip into, and so effortless. And they go well with the dress, hint hint. Anyway, it can't be one of my collages with some influences from the beauty department. I've seen both of Chanel's recently collections - the spring and summer. And they're spot on, so beautiful - I need those products! And yeah, it can't be a summer collage with a pair of sunglasses!


3. jun. 2015


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Bronzer/blush duo (HERE) | Bag (HERE) | Jumpsuit (HERE) | Foundation (HERE) | Primer (HERE) | Eyeshadow Palette (HERE) | Fan brush (HERE)

Den sidste del af mine fødselsdags ønsker! Nu er der kun små tre dag tilbage til at nyde min teenage tid, ha ha! Selvom jeg er et sommerbarn, så følelses det ikke helt sådan, da vejret ikke lige frem skriger sommer. Så derfor har jeg givet min collage og de resterende et "sommer-vibe". Men ja, jeg håber i har kunne li' dem alle tre og fundet noget inspiration, eller bare har fået lyst til lidt selvforkælelse!

English| So this is my last part of my birthday wishes! There is only three days left until my birthday, so only three days left to enjoy my last time as a teenager. And even though I am a summerchild, it doesn't quite feel like it, because of the really bad weather here in Denmark. It rains and the wind is crazy, like in most countries you would think it's fall, but no, that's just the danish weather. Anyway, so I have been giving my collages a "summer-vibe"! I hope you have liked them and find some inspiration.
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