27. okt. 2015


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H&M Blazer - DK [HERE] | US Version [HERE]

I have been really impressed with H&M lately, both the in beauty department, but also in the fashion! I think they really have upped their game and giving some more modern and contemporary designs. Especially for fall/winter, they really have come with some beautiful designs!

For this blazer, I really like how it "falls" on the body. It's looks really soft and easy to wear, and it's great for layering! It looks like it's very thin, but that doesn't really matter to me, because I'm going to wear it over things, just for the layering, so that I through the day can adapt to the weather, so if it's to hot, I can remove a layer and the opposite if it's too cold.

Also it is great for the upcoming Christmas parties! It got the perfect dressy-ish feel to it, and can be layered perfectly over a dress or a jumpsuit. It can easily been dressed up or down, and basically it's a great piece for layering, and giving a more casual look, and smarter feel or classier feel.

I will definitely try to get my hands on this beauty! It's looks almost to good to be true!


26. okt. 2015


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Lorac Pro Matte Palette [HERE] & [HERE]

I have before introduced you guys to the lovely brand of Lorac. Last I showed the contour palette, you can see my blogpost about the contour palette here. I love the contour palette, and the payoff is amazing, you almost need nothing - and the same goes for the eyeshadows. They're SO easy to work with - take it from someone like me, who has zero skills with applying eyeshadow - I just wing it, you know? - Oh and thanks to YouTube videos!

But these easy natural and all matte shadows, are a dream to work with. They blend so easily over the lid and together, with each other and other brands. Because of their creamy and buttery texture they do have fall out - on the palette [as you can see] and under your eyes, so I do recommend applying your face makeup after you have done your eye makeup. But there's nothing a little makeup remover or a cleansing wipe can't do!

When it comes to how many different looks you can make with this palette, only your mind is the limit. Of course you cannot make a colourful look by only using this palette - but can make an easy day-time look, for work or school. Or a smoky and sultry look for a night out with the girls! Also it's a very travel friendly palette, because of many reasons;

It's versatile! As I mentioned before, you can use it for almost everything - except a colourful look, with a lot if bright colours. It's a great palette, for your neutrals and mattes, that you'll ever need, to be honest!

It's great quality! I do perfer this palette over my Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette 2. I believe it's easier to work with, and also the colour selection is a mix of the two Naked Basics! And it's cheaper as well!

Travel friendly! : Even though the palette have everything you need, for a settle and easy daytime look, or a smoky nighttime look, it's easy to pop in your bag, and have with you on the go, to touch up anything. And it's perfect if you're going away on a trip - it's small and compact, and all you really need is some nice shimmery and glittery shadows - if you want.

So fall appropriate! The colours in this palette just screams fall/autumn to me. The burnt burgundy colours, with warmth and you also have the cooler shades. Perfect to create a all matte fall/autumn look. Also the first four shades, are perfect transitions shades - to make it easier to blend your shadows together! You apply this lighter shade [usually the same colour as your skin tone or a little lighter] all over your lid, and almost all the way up to your browbone. This will make it easier for you to blend your eyeshadows together, and your eyeshadows will just look prettier and more put together. 

25. okt. 2015


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Belt [HERE] | Sneakers [HERE] | Top [HERE]

This weekend has just flew by, even though I haven't done that much. But I've found these three items, I have fallen in love with! I can see that I have a huge love for the more darker colours - all year around really, but when Septembers comes, I'll start wearing it even more!  But now that is is autumn/fall, I've started to tone down the colours of my wardrobe - not that the colours before were very different from black, navy and grey. But I am started to wear more dark colours, like navy blue, a dark bottle green and so on. It just screams autumn to me!

STAN SMITHS// Especially the shoes, aren't they just so PRETTY? I love the details, with the dots and also that beautiful gold detail - they're by the way Adidas Stan Smiths - One of my favorite pair of sneakers. I love the original Stan Smiths, but these just speaks way much more to me. It's probably because they're navy blue (my fave colour) and they have dots! And also my fave "metal" colour, gold. It's just a win-win, to be honest, and when the next paycheck comes, I'll definitely get these! Even though the weather is starting to get very cold, and it isn't really sneaker-weather, for the feet - I don't really care - come on, that pair of sneakers are waaay to beautiful not to be seen!

BOTTLE GREEN BELT// So the next beautiful item on the are the chunky dark bottle green belt. The colours - spot on! I can't get enough of this particular colour, it just frames autumn so nicely. And since most of my dresses are black or a solid colour, I thought I could use the belt in my waist with my more flowy dresses, to give them (or me) some shape. And the green colour, is a perfect pop of colour in this time of the year - and also, it's the perfect colour for the upcoming Christmas parties!

COLOUR BLOCK TOP//  I have always liked the colour-block trend, that really were in, a few years back - and also more in the warmer seasons - like summer and spring. But it can be done so nicely in the colder months as well. I love this top, the perfect way to colour block with two solid colours, and still having the woman body in mind. They way Topshop have placed the different colours, is just genius. The have placed the colours, so it makes you look slimmer and gives you an amazing waist. Come on, what's not to love? And let's be honest, if something got stripes - 99,99 % of the time, I'm gonna buy it...

So, do have any faves of my faves? Please tell me in the comment-section!


13. okt. 2015


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Cardigan [HERE] | Dress [HERE]

So autumn/fall has officially hit little Denmark - let's be honest, it's almost fall everyday. But it's getting very cold and wet. It's raining almost everyday, and there's this grey filter over the sky all the time. So Iøve started to get the knits out, and stockings and all that's warm and fuzzy. I've also got the lovely thing that follows the fall/autumn, the flu. So my nose is running just as much as the rain is falling down.

But let's talk about this pretty set of clothes, from no other than TopShop. It's knitted - perfect. It's a blueish, purplish and reddish colour - perfect. It's layered - perfect. Just all in all, just a perfect match. It's got that perfect fall/autumn vibe about it, that just makes me wanna jump in it, and then wear it - all the freaking time. I love the cardigan the most, which got the perfect length and it's looks so cosy! I love the design of both the dress and cardigan, it looks kind of ruff, that it isn't to neat and nice, but a little bit more edgy and I love the blue line all around the edge of the cardigan. For the dress I love the kind of drop skirt - and the lines that cuts the dress up, a little bit - it dosen't have any sleeves, which can be a problem when it's cold - but just put a turtleneck under it, and it would look so nice - or if you prefer a scoop neck, then just a thin-ish jumper, so that it warns your arms.

I also loooove the way TopShop have styled the outfit, those knee-high boots are, to die for! They look very comfortable and warm. Just a perfect way to still show of some skin - if you live a place where that's possible - because here in Denmark, it's starting to get close to 0 degrees celsius, So I have to wear it with pantyhoes. 

10. okt. 2015


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Lorac Contour Palette [HERE]

Have you ever wished for being born with killer cheekbones? Well, then we're two - probably even more. But you can cheat the illusions of killer cheekbones, by using the right coloured bronzers! Since I discovered it, I haven't stopped using the method! For more than about three years now, I've watched YouTube videos religiously, off my favorites youtubers - I get my tricks and many different looks from their videos, and thanks to these YouTubers I've now learned the method of shaping my face!

So how do we achieve these killer cheekbones? Simply by these steps! It's very important that you purchase a bronzer - cream or powder - than have a grey undertone, because this creates shadow on your face, which have the effect of slimming your face. Amazing, right? So the places on the face, is different, because of our face shape. I myself, have a "square" face shape, and I personally contour under my cheekbones, to bring them forward. I contour my temples, to make my forehead appear slimmer and my chin, to again make my face seam slimmer. But you can watch Sephora's guide, here, if what I am "saying" doesn't make any sense to you at all, ha ha.

There's a lot of different contour products out there, I personally like both powder and cream, but cream products tends to be more easy to work with, as they're easier to blend into the skin. You can intensify your contour by using both, and being really shaped or just to set your cream contour, so that it sits.

With the Lorac Contour Palette, you can easily achieve an natural contour but also a more heavy contour, for a night out perhaps? I myself use both light and medium contour right now, but in the summer I can use the darkest shade. There's also three highlighters in the palette, the more yellow toned powder, is mostly used under the eyes, to brighten up the area, this is so good when you want to fake the illusion of you having like eight hours of sleep! Or just to set your undereye concealer! By using the yellowtoned powder, you're also shaping your face, by creating some dimension to your face, which contour is all about.

The big highlight is shimmery, which you use on the top of your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows. The shimmer isn't so 'in your face', but it's settle and easy to blend into the skin, for a nice natural effect on the skin.

I hope it helped some of you - but click on the link to the video, it's very helpful or just search on YouTube. This prodcuts retails for $45 on Nordstrom - which ships to Denmark!


9. okt. 2015


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Nars Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette [HERE]

In my last and first order from shopandbox, I got a lot of eyeshadow palettes and highlighters to add to my collection, and this one from Nars, is a clear winner - with the Lorac Pro Palette, but more about that later on this week! I've always liked Nars products, I've loved every product I've ever purchased from the brand, and this one, is one of my faves. The eyeshadow it self, is really nice and soft, but not so soft that it goes every where when you touch it with your finger or brush. It's easy to work with - even for a beginner like I. It blends so nice together, and not only with other Nars shadows, but also some different ones from my collection. The colours are also up in my street!

So would I repurchase this, if I ever could finish it up? Yes! It's so versatile and easy to work with. You can easily create a daytime and nighttime look. Simply use the matte shades for a neutral look or add drama to your neutral look, with the matte black in the outer corner or just define your lash line, by using the matte black shadow as a liner. You can also do an ultra glam look, with the second darkest shimmer shade all over the lid, some of the darker matte shades - not the black though, and then the lightest shimmer shade as a inner corner highlight and under the arch of the brow. You could also do a smoky eye, the potential is so good, and only your creativity puts an end to your looks.

It retails for 49€ (ca. 360 DDK) on Sephora France , and 65$ (420 DDK) on Sephora US. It's worth 

8. okt. 2015


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Chantecaille in Sheen (HERE) | Becca x Jaclyn Hill in Champagne Pop (HERE) | ColourPop in Lunch Money (HERE)

Well, it's no secret that I appreciate a good glow and highlighter basically all over my face. My skin is very dehydrated and dull, so I might go a little extra crazy when it comes to putting highlighter on my face. I do put mostly of the product on my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow and lastly under the arch of my eyebrow. But sometimes I do really just wanna look like a disco ball, and I am basically putting the product all over my face.

These three products are amazing at achieving the "glow from within" effect. I start of with the Chantecaille liquid lumiere, under my foundation or mixed in with my foundation. If I don't mix it in, I'll put on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and lastly my cupids bow. If I mix it in, I'll put it all over my face, just like I would if I was applying my foundation. Next I'll put on the Colour Pop producs, which is a powder product, but the consistency is like a cream, so it's very buttery - but very easy to apply, just use a duo-fiber brush. But this product I'll use the same places as the liquid, if I didn't mix it with the foundation. Lastly, if I really wants an extra glow, I'll use the Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter, in Champagne Pop. If you don't know who Jaclyn Hill is, do yourself a favor and click here. But this product is very shimmery, but not with big glitters in it.


6. okt. 2015


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Eyeshadow Palette (HERE) 

So it's already October! I can't believe that September flew by so fast! But anywho, let's talk about this beauty. I've been shopping alot lately - perks of having a full-time job now, ha ha. But I've been lusting over this beauty since it game out, I believe it was at last Christmas, but correct me if I am wrong. And now it's finally mine - so let's get to it. Firstly it's a beautiful design, both the products it self, but also the packaging! It's such a luxurious brand and quality of the product. The colours are just spot on, and the little starts printed in the shadows, almost makes me not wanna use it, but let's be real, this one is gonna be one of my most loved for the holiday-time coming up!

But the product it self is really really REALLY good. I love the formula of the shadows, they're very pigmented and easy to blend. The colours are easy to work with and easy to combine. This palette is 45£ on Charlotte Tilbury's own website, which ships to Europe and as far as I know, also the US, and of course the UK.

I would without a doubt recommend this palette to anyone. If you just started playing with makeup - and eyeshadow especially, I would totally buy this. Even though it is a lot of money to spend on four eyeshadow, would someone probably say, I believe it's worth the splurge and you'll get so much use out it - I mean, come on look at those colours! You can both use this quad as a daytime look, as well as a night-time look! Just use either the second shade or the third shade all over the lid, and then you're good to go, as a daytime look. If you wanna make it more smoky, then just add the black on the lash line or in the outer corner.

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