6. okt. 2015


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Eyeshadow Palette (HERE) 

So it's already October! I can't believe that September flew by so fast! But anywho, let's talk about this beauty. I've been shopping alot lately - perks of having a full-time job now, ha ha. But I've been lusting over this beauty since it game out, I believe it was at last Christmas, but correct me if I am wrong. And now it's finally mine - so let's get to it. Firstly it's a beautiful design, both the products it self, but also the packaging! It's such a luxurious brand and quality of the product. The colours are just spot on, and the little starts printed in the shadows, almost makes me not wanna use it, but let's be real, this one is gonna be one of my most loved for the holiday-time coming up!

But the product it self is really really REALLY good. I love the formula of the shadows, they're very pigmented and easy to blend. The colours are easy to work with and easy to combine. This palette is 45£ on Charlotte Tilbury's own website, which ships to Europe and as far as I know, also the US, and of course the UK.

I would without a doubt recommend this palette to anyone. If you just started playing with makeup - and eyeshadow especially, I would totally buy this. Even though it is a lot of money to spend on four eyeshadow, would someone probably say, I believe it's worth the splurge and you'll get so much use out it - I mean, come on look at those colours! You can both use this quad as a daytime look, as well as a night-time look! Just use either the second shade or the third shade all over the lid, and then you're good to go, as a daytime look. If you wanna make it more smoky, then just add the black on the lash line or in the outer corner.


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