27. okt. 2015


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H&M Blazer - DK [HERE] | US Version [HERE]

I have been really impressed with H&M lately, both the in beauty department, but also in the fashion! I think they really have upped their game and giving some more modern and contemporary designs. Especially for fall/winter, they really have come with some beautiful designs!

For this blazer, I really like how it "falls" on the body. It's looks really soft and easy to wear, and it's great for layering! It looks like it's very thin, but that doesn't really matter to me, because I'm going to wear it over things, just for the layering, so that I through the day can adapt to the weather, so if it's to hot, I can remove a layer and the opposite if it's too cold.

Also it is great for the upcoming Christmas parties! It got the perfect dressy-ish feel to it, and can be layered perfectly over a dress or a jumpsuit. It can easily been dressed up or down, and basically it's a great piece for layering, and giving a more casual look, and smarter feel or classier feel.

I will definitely try to get my hands on this beauty! It's looks almost to good to be true!


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