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Lorac Contour Palette [HERE]

Have you ever wished for being born with killer cheekbones? Well, then we're two - probably even more. But you can cheat the illusions of killer cheekbones, by using the right coloured bronzers! Since I discovered it, I haven't stopped using the method! For more than about three years now, I've watched YouTube videos religiously, off my favorites youtubers - I get my tricks and many different looks from their videos, and thanks to these YouTubers I've now learned the method of shaping my face!

So how do we achieve these killer cheekbones? Simply by these steps! It's very important that you purchase a bronzer - cream or powder - than have a grey undertone, because this creates shadow on your face, which have the effect of slimming your face. Amazing, right? So the places on the face, is different, because of our face shape. I myself, have a "square" face shape, and I personally contour under my cheekbones, to bring them forward. I contour my temples, to make my forehead appear slimmer and my chin, to again make my face seam slimmer. But you can watch Sephora's guide, here, if what I am "saying" doesn't make any sense to you at all, ha ha.

There's a lot of different contour products out there, I personally like both powder and cream, but cream products tends to be more easy to work with, as they're easier to blend into the skin. You can intensify your contour by using both, and being really shaped or just to set your cream contour, so that it sits.

With the Lorac Contour Palette, you can easily achieve an natural contour but also a more heavy contour, for a night out perhaps? I myself use both light and medium contour right now, but in the summer I can use the darkest shade. There's also three highlighters in the palette, the more yellow toned powder, is mostly used under the eyes, to brighten up the area, this is so good when you want to fake the illusion of you having like eight hours of sleep! Or just to set your undereye concealer! By using the yellowtoned powder, you're also shaping your face, by creating some dimension to your face, which contour is all about.

The big highlight is shimmery, which you use on the top of your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrows. The shimmer isn't so 'in your face', but it's settle and easy to blend into the skin, for a nice natural effect on the skin.

I hope it helped some of you - but click on the link to the video, it's very helpful or just search on YouTube. This prodcuts retails for $45 on Nordstrom - which ships to Denmark!


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