9. okt. 2015


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Nars Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette [HERE]

In my last and first order from shopandbox, I got a lot of eyeshadow palettes and highlighters to add to my collection, and this one from Nars, is a clear winner - with the Lorac Pro Palette, but more about that later on this week! I've always liked Nars products, I've loved every product I've ever purchased from the brand, and this one, is one of my faves. The eyeshadow it self, is really nice and soft, but not so soft that it goes every where when you touch it with your finger or brush. It's easy to work with - even for a beginner like I. It blends so nice together, and not only with other Nars shadows, but also some different ones from my collection. The colours are also up in my street!

So would I repurchase this, if I ever could finish it up? Yes! It's so versatile and easy to work with. You can easily create a daytime and nighttime look. Simply use the matte shades for a neutral look or add drama to your neutral look, with the matte black in the outer corner or just define your lash line, by using the matte black shadow as a liner. You can also do an ultra glam look, with the second darkest shimmer shade all over the lid, some of the darker matte shades - not the black though, and then the lightest shimmer shade as a inner corner highlight and under the arch of the brow. You could also do a smoky eye, the potential is so good, and only your creativity puts an end to your looks.

It retails for 49€ (ca. 360 DDK) on Sephora France , and 65$ (420 DDK) on Sephora US. It's worth 

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