13. okt. 2015


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Cardigan [HERE] | Dress [HERE]

So autumn/fall has officially hit little Denmark - let's be honest, it's almost fall everyday. But it's getting very cold and wet. It's raining almost everyday, and there's this grey filter over the sky all the time. So Iøve started to get the knits out, and stockings and all that's warm and fuzzy. I've also got the lovely thing that follows the fall/autumn, the flu. So my nose is running just as much as the rain is falling down.

But let's talk about this pretty set of clothes, from no other than TopShop. It's knitted - perfect. It's a blueish, purplish and reddish colour - perfect. It's layered - perfect. Just all in all, just a perfect match. It's got that perfect fall/autumn vibe about it, that just makes me wanna jump in it, and then wear it - all the freaking time. I love the cardigan the most, which got the perfect length and it's looks so cosy! I love the design of both the dress and cardigan, it looks kind of ruff, that it isn't to neat and nice, but a little bit more edgy and I love the blue line all around the edge of the cardigan. For the dress I love the kind of drop skirt - and the lines that cuts the dress up, a little bit - it dosen't have any sleeves, which can be a problem when it's cold - but just put a turtleneck under it, and it would look so nice - or if you prefer a scoop neck, then just a thin-ish jumper, so that it warns your arms.

I also loooove the way TopShop have styled the outfit, those knee-high boots are, to die for! They look very comfortable and warm. Just a perfect way to still show of some skin - if you live a place where that's possible - because here in Denmark, it's starting to get close to 0 degrees celsius, So I have to wear it with pantyhoes. 

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  1. Haps et labert look!! Jeg forstår godt, at du er vild med det!

    Kram, www.ahmfashion.dk


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