25. okt. 2015


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Belt [HERE] | Sneakers [HERE] | Top [HERE]

This weekend has just flew by, even though I haven't done that much. But I've found these three items, I have fallen in love with! I can see that I have a huge love for the more darker colours - all year around really, but when Septembers comes, I'll start wearing it even more!  But now that is is autumn/fall, I've started to tone down the colours of my wardrobe - not that the colours before were very different from black, navy and grey. But I am started to wear more dark colours, like navy blue, a dark bottle green and so on. It just screams autumn to me!

STAN SMITHS// Especially the shoes, aren't they just so PRETTY? I love the details, with the dots and also that beautiful gold detail - they're by the way Adidas Stan Smiths - One of my favorite pair of sneakers. I love the original Stan Smiths, but these just speaks way much more to me. It's probably because they're navy blue (my fave colour) and they have dots! And also my fave "metal" colour, gold. It's just a win-win, to be honest, and when the next paycheck comes, I'll definitely get these! Even though the weather is starting to get very cold, and it isn't really sneaker-weather, for the feet - I don't really care - come on, that pair of sneakers are waaay to beautiful not to be seen!

BOTTLE GREEN BELT// So the next beautiful item on the are the chunky dark bottle green belt. The colours - spot on! I can't get enough of this particular colour, it just frames autumn so nicely. And since most of my dresses are black or a solid colour, I thought I could use the belt in my waist with my more flowy dresses, to give them (or me) some shape. And the green colour, is a perfect pop of colour in this time of the year - and also, it's the perfect colour for the upcoming Christmas parties!

COLOUR BLOCK TOP//  I have always liked the colour-block trend, that really were in, a few years back - and also more in the warmer seasons - like summer and spring. But it can be done so nicely in the colder months as well. I love this top, the perfect way to colour block with two solid colours, and still having the woman body in mind. They way Topshop have placed the different colours, is just genius. The have placed the colours, so it makes you look slimmer and gives you an amazing waist. Come on, what's not to love? And let's be honest, if something got stripes - 99,99 % of the time, I'm gonna buy it...

So, do have any faves of my faves? Please tell me in the comment-section!


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