27. nov. 2015


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Jacket [HERE] | Shorts [HERE]

So, since the whole Black Friday thing is starting to be a big thing even here in Denmark, I've spend most of my day being on the different kind of online shops - I haven't bought anything, but I have been so damn close. But! Even though Gina Tricot isn't having a Black Friday sale, I went to their site. And oh my God, there's a lot of beautiful items at the moment, and most of the perfect for all the Christmas Parties, which is really starting next weekend [not the one starting today].

I myself have a Christmas Party to attend, the fourth of December, with my work. So I've been looking on all the different kind of websites, and this jacket in particularly is so stunning. Perfect with a black skirt or dress. So if I can get it in stores the first of December, I'll probably wear it - even though I have my eye on something from Zara, but I'm not sure it will get here in time..

But yeah, back to the this stunning co-ord. The colour, is nothing more or nothing less than perfection! It's dressy, but not to much - so you can easily dress it up or down. If you think the outfit speaks for itself, in the form that it's dressy enough for you - just wear a pair of white sneakers or some plateau ballerinas - or if you want to dress it up, do as on the picture, wear a pair of heels. I would pair it with a pair of chunky heels, or like the classic black heels, with a thin heel.

It's easy to wear with a party makeup look as well. Either go all the way, by making a emerald green smoky eye with a nude lip. You can also make a beautiful bronze eye look, and wear a more darker coloured lip, like a deep burgundy. Or go simple with a perfected skin, glowing with a winged eyeliner and a classic red lip. You can't go wrong. Or just dress it up with some jewellery.

With the hair, I would probably go the same way as seen on the picture. A easy wavy loose hair, with some texture. Or a complete sleek, pulled back hair. Almost like when you have been wetting your hair completely and then sleek it back, that would be so perfect. Or go the more sporty way [this would look perfect with the red lip and high classic heels] by making a sleek high and tight ponytail, without any waves, just completely straighten hair.

You could do so many different things with this co-ord! So do you have a favourite on the suggestions I've made? Or let me know how you would style this co-ord! 

26. nov. 2015


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Zoeva at BeautyBay [1] En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette [HERE] // All you really need is one great eyeshadow palette - perfect, would be two, one matte and one shimmery. But let's be real, we all want waaay more. And this one from Zoeva is affordable and the pigmentation and quality of the shadows, are insanely good! This is the newest one from Zoeva, and the colours are the Autumn/Winter trend colours. Those greyish mixed with some reddish tones, beautiful. This retails for about 170 Danish Kroner, and the shipping is free at BeautyBay when you spend for more than 160 Danish Kroner - if you're located in Denmark.

& Other Stories [2] Cheetah Print Soft Bra [HERE] // What more wonderful than receiving some nice lingerie? For me personally, I think it's really nice gift and, come on - you can ALWAYS use more underwear! And many of us hate buying it or thinks it's a waste of hard earned money. So why not wishing for it at Christmas? This beautiful one is from & Other Stories and retails at 235 Danish Kroner.

TopShop [3+4] Khaki [HERE] Grey [HERE] // Here in Denmark it's already freezing and there for there's nothing more lovely than a warm scarf. I love scarfs and personally thinks that they're great gifts! This retails for 16£, which is about 160 Danish Kroner at TopShop!

Zara [5] Top with straps [HERE] in Bottle Green // I love this kind of top. Loose but still a little but fitting. Perfect for the days after Christmas, where all you really do is continue eating - or at least here in Denmark it is, with all the Christmas Lunches. You can pair it with a one coloured turtleneck or, if you pick the top up in the black, even a little more coloured striped top/turtleneck might work! Even this bottle green top with a black 'n' white turtleneck top, would be perfection in my eyes! It retails for around 130 Danish Kroner, have in mind that the shipping is around 50 Danish Kroner!

I hope you guys like this gift guide - maybe some brother, boyfriend or husband who has no idea to give to their loved one - then check out my other gift guide as well, it's all about beauty! Find it here.

20. nov. 2015


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So I am starting my gift-guide on the blog, by kicking it off with the first of my beauty gift-guide! Personally I would love to find one of these items under the Christmas Tree this Christmas! And some of the thing are already on my Christmas-list for this year.

Jeffrey Star [1] Velour Velvet Liquid Lipsticks [HERE] in Hoe Hoe Hoe, Adronygy & Doll Parts// For a long time I've eyed these beauties! If you don't know what a liquid lipstick is, then let me gladly explain! It's a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick, though it dries matte. It's a long-lasting product, and can sometimes [depending on the brand/formular] be drying, but just use some lip balm underneath and it shouldn't be so uncomfortable. I personally fell for Hoe Hoe Hoe, and yes.. I might have ordered it already...

Urban Decay [2] Moondust Eyeshadow [HERE] in Diamond Dog// This have been in my wishlist forever since it came out [I do sometimes google the swatches of the beautiful shadow - you should do yourself the favour, and do the same!] It's a beautiful VERY shimmery, almost glittery shadow, that catches the light beautifully.

Urban Decay [3] Eyeshadow [HERE] in Midnight Rodeo// A beautiful everyday shade, that gives a pretty shine to the lids. Perfect for everyday or in the inner corner in your eye, to brightening a look. Perfect for a smoky-eyed look, to give a brightening inner corner!

Charlotte Tilbury [4] The Gift of Goddess Skin Travel Kit [HERE] // Not only does Charlotte Tilbury do amazing makeup, but she really do it all, when it comes to beauty. She does amazing skincare as well! Especially the Magic Cream, and her two more new things to her line, her Clay mask and her Wonderglow! [which is amazing!]

Becca [5] Afterglow Palette [HERE] // This is STUNNING. Come on, you get three Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Moonstone, Topaz and Rose Gold. And two mineral blushes in Wild Honey  and Flowerchild. It's a perfect palette to spice up the cold and grey winter season, with some beautiful glow!

Tom Ford [6] Lipstick [HERE] in Spanish Pink// If you really want some luxury for Christmas, this is the place to go. Tom Ford is the King of luxury makeup and beauty. I already got one thing from Tom Ford, and the quality is, perfect - just perfect. This is the normal lipstick, but look out for the popular collection of the Lips and Boys, where Tom Ford have made 50 shades, with boy-names, which is all men who have meant something in his life - I know it launches in the US late November, and I believe late December in the UK.

MAC [7] Irresistibly Charming Pigments and Glitter [HERE] in Gold// MAC always delivers with their Holidays Kit and collection. The beautiful pigments are so soft and easy to work, to be honest. Even though it's loose pigment and glitter, I can work with it. Even though I have some clumpy hands. And these sizes of the pigments are more easy to use up, even though I know, I never will, because there's a lot of product in those "small" sizes.

Charlotte Tilbury [8] Bar of Gold [HERE] // I love me some highlighter, and this one. Come on it looks like a gold bar! It look like a beautiful shimmer on the skin, and it would be perfect for the Holidays as well, if someone might wanted to treat themselves before Christmas!

Anastasia Beverly Hills [9] Self-Made Palette [HERE] // This is one hyped palette, and I can see why. The colours are beautiful, and with some pop of colour, that can be used! I think that many palettes are stunning and there's some beautiful neutral shades, but the pop of colours, I usually don't like those. They're either to bright or to colourful, if you know what I mean. Like a almost neon colour, which not that many will use. But this I honestly can say that I love almost every colour, except the very icy green-blue. 

18. nov. 2015


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Products in store // Magasin, Matas and Salling | Products online // Palette [HERE] Pot shadow [HERE]

So, this is a special Christmas Collection. Not only because it's Dior, but the because of the chose of colour! It's a neutral palette, but with a twist! You still got your neutrals and easy to wear shades, but then you have the beautiful darker green and a burgundy with a plum undertone. Their are both very beautiful - the other palette, is more reddish than this, but still with that gorgeous sparkly black. 

The palette it self, is a brilliant quality and is so so so easy to work with. The shadows blends nicely, and compliment each other so well. The sparkly black, is a easy way to glam or spice up the look - use it as a liner as close to the lashline as possible. Or in the outer corner, to make the look a little more smokier. And the small sparkles are just the perfect amount of shimmer, so that it can be used a both things. 

The "pot" shadow, is a very interesting formula and texture. If you're familiar with the MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows and Colour Pops texture. It's very soft and almost like a cream - the texture, but it is a powder shadow. This doesn't really give any colour - but the shine and shimmer it gives, is just stunning - I could literally just stare at this product all day, every day. 

These two are definitely some gifts to give or to buy for yourself. I know if I received one of these for Christmas, I'd be more than happy!
The Palette retails for about 445 Danish Kroner, and the pot shadow retails for about 285 Danish Kroner. 



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Satchel [TOPSHOP]

When it comes to bags, I either like - structured or slouchy. And I usually don't like colours either, but three colours have grown on me the last couple of years. Black has always been the colour - in bags and clothes. But as I said, in the last couple of years I've been introducing colour into my life - though the colours aren't bright or very colourful, but they are colours! Khaki, navy and burgundy. Those three my love has just been growing fore.

I love a good and deep burgundy lipstick, and beautiful navy smoky-eye - and khaki/moss green/bottle-green. I also love that deep green nail polish. But in clothes I love those colours as well. When I went to Boarding School in 2011/2012, the "it" colour, were without a doubt burgundy - my year-sweatshirt is burgundy. Everything was burgundy! But I still love that colour! I have probably always loved navy-blue. Blue and green has always been my favourite colours - I know, not the typical girly colours - but I grew up with boys, sooo. anywho - I was browsing TopShop's online store [As you do] and it was love a first sight!

I saw this beautiful slouchy khaki green bag. With the 70's vibe, that I kind of like [No, I love it] and this just nailed it. [Mom if you're reading this - I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THIS FOR CHRISTMAS!] It's a suede material as well, so it's super soft.

I love the way it hangs, and the little separate compartments, that's just not one big room - because I tend to lose my things in my bags, even though I haven't placed them other places [Seriously, how does that happen?] And the size of the bag, is perfect - at least for me. I don't tend to carry that ma y things with me, to be honest. I just need a place for my phone,wallet, keys and some carry-on makeup, for touch-ups on the go. So I can easily carry all those things in this. 

17. nov. 2015


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Sequin Polo Top [HERE] | Patrol Blue Peg Pants [HERE] | Clutch Bag [HERE] | Faux Snake Printed Heels [HERE]

So the Holidays are coming up, and the first of December is only two small weeks away - Can you believe it? 2015 is almost over, already? But anyhow, this is my favourite time of the year, because you get to dress up in the pretty sparkly and shiny things. Ohh life's small things, am I right?

So I've putted this little simple outfit together, that I would definitely wear to a Christmas-party, or Christmas-lunch! It's the perfect balance between dressy and casual. Because of the trousers, it's bit more casual, compared to if you paired the top with a skirt. The top it self, is the key-item! It's a beautiful sequin polo top and it's the "cheap" kind of sparkly or sequin-ish. It has the perfect cut, and because it's a highneck, it have the more casual effect, rather than a more lower cut hem, at the neck.

You could easily pair the top with a more fitted skirt, in either one colour - a burgundy or bottle-green would be ideal! But also with some shorts (of course with some tights underneath, it's starting to get freezing!) But it's a very versatile top, that you can dress up or down. And can wear to many different occasions - like New Years as well!

The shoes has the wow-factor as well as the top, it kind of ties it all together, but still showing off some personality. Mixing patterns and texture, is always a good idea. You create some balance and interest in your outfit, rather than just a plain, all-same-texture outfit. So wear some colour or texture where you want most of you attention - example if you a great pair of legs, show them off by using colour or pattern, or just show them off in a skirt!

Anyway, I tried to make a more relaxed party outfit for the Christmas parties coming up - but there will be more - dressier and like this.


9. nov. 2015


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TopShop Sequin Top [HERE]

In the past 2-3 post, have been about the festive season somehow. And I am not going to stop somewhere soon, to be honest. Even though the weather is getting cold, this part of the year is my favorite. But let's talk about this stunning top! It's from TopShop and I am in love. It's the most perfect top for holiday season, with those beautiful sequins, in the different metallic colours, oh my.

And the back! I just love than sence of detail, even though the top - without the back like that - is absolutely stunning, it get's even better, when you turn around, and boom surprise - here's my lovely back, ha ha. It's a very cleaver design and it's just that revealing - but not too much.

I have decided to buy this for my self, it's just to perfect not to buy it. And then pair it with those lovely Zara heels from yesterdays Sunday wants [HERE] And I even like how TopShop styled the top in the picture - usually I'm not really into those kind of pants, but in this look it really works! I would pair it with either at leather skirt or some skinny black jeans - those lovely Zara heels or some more casual sneakers or platform ballerinas, to get some height. And perhaps a loose fitted blazer! And maybe a beautiful red lip! 

8. nov. 2015


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Peplum top [HERE] | Heels [HERE] | Blusher [HERE] | Suede Vest Dress [HERE]

So this Sunday wants features four items, which I've had my eyes on the latest week! It got some of the same feeling like last Sunday, a little more festive than just casual or cozy. It's just the feel at the moment that gives me these cravings over more prettier things and more festive things. I just love Christmas, so when I have an excuse that involves Christmas, I go crazy. So let the Christmas Parties begin!

PEPLUM TOP// I love a good peplum top! If you don't have a pretty visible waist, a peplum top might just be your new best friend! I love the effect it gives to my body. It's a easy way to show some shape in your body, by creating some different features in your body shape. A it's so pretty with the lace, perfect for the holidays!

HEELS// Are you kidding me? Those heels are the prettiest I've seen for a long time. They are kind of similar to the Valentino ones, with the strap on the front of the foot. They might be a little to high for my feet, because I haven't worn a pair of heels in years, but these, I just might buy them and walk around in them at home [yeah, I'm that type of girl] and be happy with my new heels. I just might..

BLUSHER//I've been wanting this one for more than the latest week, to be honest. It has been on my radar since it launched, but I haven't picked it up yet.. I just might do, together with the heels. Like come on, who can go wrong with a nude blush? No one.

SUEDE VEST DRESS//This just screams at me everytime I see it! I love how Asos styled it, and the colour, oh my! PERFECT! I love the length as well, I do feel that sometimes [especially English] brands do the length of the skirts just that tash to short, but this length I love! 


 photo 13-10-2015_zpsq3n7jvx3.jpg

H&M Beauty [HERE] | Eyeshadow in colours left to right; Cinnamon Roll, Rubusta & Sun Worship [HERE]

So I hear that H&M re-did they're beauty section totally. I didn't really care that much for the beauty section before, I personally thought it was really bad quality, and to be honest all the things I bought from the line, I was very disappointed with. But now - it has totally changed. I'm going to be honest, at first I was like "yeah, nice you changed the packaging, but that doesn't change the product it self" and I almost didn't want to buy anything, but then I've heard and read a lot of nice things about the line, especially the eyeshadows and nail polish. So I thought, I'd try out their eyeshadows - I had a gift card that I could use, so if I didn't like the products - I didn't waste my money on the buy.

But I must say, I love the texture of the eyeshadows. They're so good and buttery. Easy to blend, and great selection of colours. Not only are the neutrals very good and versatile, and wearable, but the more coloured colours are very good as well. Not just the normal blue, green and pink not wearable colours, but they made the colours different textures and with different effects. So stunning colours and I must say they really nailed this time - all though I do not like the packaging, still. But I can live with that, if I can buy good quality eyeshadows at only 50 DDK.

The colours have amazing colour payoff, and it's just not a little amount of pigment. I worn Sun Worship a whole day, and in the evening when I was about to take my makeup, the eyeshadow was still intact, just like in the morning when I applied it. Not only are they easy to blend together, but also really good a blending with other eyeshadows from other brands, which isn't always the thing for "drugstore" brands, in my opinion.

I highly recommend these shadows. They are so great and easy to work with, and for that price? Come on, that's a steal! So well done to HM, for upping their beauty section! 

1. nov. 2015


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Glitter Sweater [HERE] | Khaki skirt [HERE] | Navy trainers [HERE]

This Sunday it get's a little more festive than last Sunday. Since it is November the 1st and there is only 30 days until the 1st of December! So this Sunday I have looked at more festive items - even though the shoes really aren't that festive - to some people. But to me, they're just perfect. It can be worn as a outfit - but also every piece in their own outfit.

GLITTER SWEATER// Well, this is the perfect combo of comfort and party! I love how simple but yet festive this sweater is. I love the fit of the sweater, which can be used to a Christmas party or just to get a little extra glamour in you every day. I especially love the colours - I would definitely wear this on Christmas Eve!

KHAKI SKIRT// I loooooove khaki, and a good wrap skirt. This skirt is just the perfect combo in my opinion. I love how to can dress either up or down, it depends on the party. You can wear this a more smarter Christmas Party, by wearing a dressier black blouse and spice it up with a beautiful red lip. Or you can dress it down by pairing with a cosy sweater or just a casual white/black tee.

NAVY TRAINERS// Aren't these just perfect? I adore the colour, I love this kind of deep navy blue, that's just so close to black but still so far away! I love the sole - that it get's a little higher, and just basically how the shoe it self is shaped. This is my favorite kind of shoe, just how it's shaped. I think it looks SO good on the feet. 


Free People Turtleneck [HERE] | Magasin Bra [HERE] | Magasin Panties [HERE] |  Charlotte Tilbury Set [HERE] | Charlotte Tilbury Shadow Stick in "Mesmerising Mink" [HERE] | Charotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher in "First Love" [HERE] | Monki Nora Dress [HERE] | Clarins Eyeshadow Palette [HERE] | Nars single eyeshadows in "Stud" and "Never Too Late" [HERE]

So Christmas is near! Only one month away till it's the 1st of December, and I cannot wait any longer! When it comes to Christmas, I'm like a little child. Not because of the gifts (well, also because of the gifts) but I just like the vibe in December. Most of the time, people are happy and jolly, and singing some lovely Christmas songs, and I just love it. I like to walk in the City and look at how beautiful it is at this time of the year. The two big shopping centre in Aarhus - Salling and Magasin, are always so beautifully decorated and just picture perfect. I've heard that Salling this year is going to be decorated as a big gift, but the rapping is just millions of lights, stuuuuunning!

But anyway, we get PLENTY of time to talk about Christmas - and listening to the Christmas songs - and yes, I already started listening to Christmas songs! But I thought I start with some of my wishes - this is only part one, and there'll be plenty more to come! Because I always got a lot of wishes! I got a mix of beauty and fashion in this one. I really like the selection of underwear in Magasin, such lovely pieces! And I've fallen in love the Free People Sweater, it's just perfect, to be honest!

And then I've fallen in love with Charlotte Tilbury's products as well, come on - they look stunning! I've always wanted to try her Eyeshadow Sticks, they look so creamy and easy to work with, and up to Christmas, I believe it was back in October she released some new colours. And I immediately fell in love with the colour "Mesmerising Mink" - which complement blue eyes, which I kinda have. I have a weird mix?. But I just love colours like that. And she also released a new eyeshadow - single, with a complementing eye kohl - also targeted at eye colours! This one in Huntress, and it's a brownish colour, with a lot of sparkle! And her blusher, just looks so pretty and cute, so of course that's going on my list!

And last but most definitely not least, the Nars Holiday Collection this year is just... Gorgeous! It's a collab with Steven Klein, and there's a lot of different sets and colours. I fell for the single eyeshadows in the colours "Stud" and "NEver Too Late". 'Stud' is a beautiful sparkly cool toned brown, and 'Never Too Late' is a also coolish green colour!

So that's the first out many of my wishlists! I hope you like this one, and maybe got some inspiration? 
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