20. nov. 2015


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So I am starting my gift-guide on the blog, by kicking it off with the first of my beauty gift-guide! Personally I would love to find one of these items under the Christmas Tree this Christmas! And some of the thing are already on my Christmas-list for this year.

Jeffrey Star [1] Velour Velvet Liquid Lipsticks [HERE] in Hoe Hoe Hoe, Adronygy & Doll Parts// For a long time I've eyed these beauties! If you don't know what a liquid lipstick is, then let me gladly explain! It's a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick, though it dries matte. It's a long-lasting product, and can sometimes [depending on the brand/formular] be drying, but just use some lip balm underneath and it shouldn't be so uncomfortable. I personally fell for Hoe Hoe Hoe, and yes.. I might have ordered it already...

Urban Decay [2] Moondust Eyeshadow [HERE] in Diamond Dog// This have been in my wishlist forever since it came out [I do sometimes google the swatches of the beautiful shadow - you should do yourself the favour, and do the same!] It's a beautiful VERY shimmery, almost glittery shadow, that catches the light beautifully.

Urban Decay [3] Eyeshadow [HERE] in Midnight Rodeo// A beautiful everyday shade, that gives a pretty shine to the lids. Perfect for everyday or in the inner corner in your eye, to brightening a look. Perfect for a smoky-eyed look, to give a brightening inner corner!

Charlotte Tilbury [4] The Gift of Goddess Skin Travel Kit [HERE] // Not only does Charlotte Tilbury do amazing makeup, but she really do it all, when it comes to beauty. She does amazing skincare as well! Especially the Magic Cream, and her two more new things to her line, her Clay mask and her Wonderglow! [which is amazing!]

Becca [5] Afterglow Palette [HERE] // This is STUNNING. Come on, you get three Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Moonstone, Topaz and Rose Gold. And two mineral blushes in Wild Honey  and Flowerchild. It's a perfect palette to spice up the cold and grey winter season, with some beautiful glow!

Tom Ford [6] Lipstick [HERE] in Spanish Pink// If you really want some luxury for Christmas, this is the place to go. Tom Ford is the King of luxury makeup and beauty. I already got one thing from Tom Ford, and the quality is, perfect - just perfect. This is the normal lipstick, but look out for the popular collection of the Lips and Boys, where Tom Ford have made 50 shades, with boy-names, which is all men who have meant something in his life - I know it launches in the US late November, and I believe late December in the UK.

MAC [7] Irresistibly Charming Pigments and Glitter [HERE] in Gold// MAC always delivers with their Holidays Kit and collection. The beautiful pigments are so soft and easy to work, to be honest. Even though it's loose pigment and glitter, I can work with it. Even though I have some clumpy hands. And these sizes of the pigments are more easy to use up, even though I know, I never will, because there's a lot of product in those "small" sizes.

Charlotte Tilbury [8] Bar of Gold [HERE] // I love me some highlighter, and this one. Come on it looks like a gold bar! It look like a beautiful shimmer on the skin, and it would be perfect for the Holidays as well, if someone might wanted to treat themselves before Christmas!

Anastasia Beverly Hills [9] Self-Made Palette [HERE] // This is one hyped palette, and I can see why. The colours are beautiful, and with some pop of colour, that can be used! I think that many palettes are stunning and there's some beautiful neutral shades, but the pop of colours, I usually don't like those. They're either to bright or to colourful, if you know what I mean. Like a almost neon colour, which not that many will use. But this I honestly can say that I love almost every colour, except the very icy green-blue. 

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  1. Urban Decays øjenskygger - love them!

    Kig endelig forbi mit seneste blogpost og min giveaway <3
    Ha' en dejlig weekend!
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