18. nov. 2015


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So, this is a special Christmas Collection. Not only because it's Dior, but the because of the chose of colour! It's a neutral palette, but with a twist! You still got your neutrals and easy to wear shades, but then you have the beautiful darker green and a burgundy with a plum undertone. Their are both very beautiful - the other palette, is more reddish than this, but still with that gorgeous sparkly black. 

The palette it self, is a brilliant quality and is so so so easy to work with. The shadows blends nicely, and compliment each other so well. The sparkly black, is a easy way to glam or spice up the look - use it as a liner as close to the lashline as possible. Or in the outer corner, to make the look a little more smokier. And the small sparkles are just the perfect amount of shimmer, so that it can be used a both things. 

The "pot" shadow, is a very interesting formula and texture. If you're familiar with the MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows and Colour Pops texture. It's very soft and almost like a cream - the texture, but it is a powder shadow. This doesn't really give any colour - but the shine and shimmer it gives, is just stunning - I could literally just stare at this product all day, every day. 

These two are definitely some gifts to give or to buy for yourself. I know if I received one of these for Christmas, I'd be more than happy!
The Palette retails for about 445 Danish Kroner, and the pot shadow retails for about 285 Danish Kroner. 


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