27. nov. 2015


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Jacket [HERE] | Shorts [HERE]

So, since the whole Black Friday thing is starting to be a big thing even here in Denmark, I've spend most of my day being on the different kind of online shops - I haven't bought anything, but I have been so damn close. But! Even though Gina Tricot isn't having a Black Friday sale, I went to their site. And oh my God, there's a lot of beautiful items at the moment, and most of the perfect for all the Christmas Parties, which is really starting next weekend [not the one starting today].

I myself have a Christmas Party to attend, the fourth of December, with my work. So I've been looking on all the different kind of websites, and this jacket in particularly is so stunning. Perfect with a black skirt or dress. So if I can get it in stores the first of December, I'll probably wear it - even though I have my eye on something from Zara, but I'm not sure it will get here in time..

But yeah, back to the this stunning co-ord. The colour, is nothing more or nothing less than perfection! It's dressy, but not to much - so you can easily dress it up or down. If you think the outfit speaks for itself, in the form that it's dressy enough for you - just wear a pair of white sneakers or some plateau ballerinas - or if you want to dress it up, do as on the picture, wear a pair of heels. I would pair it with a pair of chunky heels, or like the classic black heels, with a thin heel.

It's easy to wear with a party makeup look as well. Either go all the way, by making a emerald green smoky eye with a nude lip. You can also make a beautiful bronze eye look, and wear a more darker coloured lip, like a deep burgundy. Or go simple with a perfected skin, glowing with a winged eyeliner and a classic red lip. You can't go wrong. Or just dress it up with some jewellery.

With the hair, I would probably go the same way as seen on the picture. A easy wavy loose hair, with some texture. Or a complete sleek, pulled back hair. Almost like when you have been wetting your hair completely and then sleek it back, that would be so perfect. Or go the more sporty way [this would look perfect with the red lip and high classic heels] by making a sleek high and tight ponytail, without any waves, just completely straighten hair.

You could do so many different things with this co-ord! So do you have a favourite on the suggestions I've made? Or let me know how you would style this co-ord! 

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