8. nov. 2015


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H&M Beauty [HERE] | Eyeshadow in colours left to right; Cinnamon Roll, Rubusta & Sun Worship [HERE]

So I hear that H&M re-did they're beauty section totally. I didn't really care that much for the beauty section before, I personally thought it was really bad quality, and to be honest all the things I bought from the line, I was very disappointed with. But now - it has totally changed. I'm going to be honest, at first I was like "yeah, nice you changed the packaging, but that doesn't change the product it self" and I almost didn't want to buy anything, but then I've heard and read a lot of nice things about the line, especially the eyeshadows and nail polish. So I thought, I'd try out their eyeshadows - I had a gift card that I could use, so if I didn't like the products - I didn't waste my money on the buy.

But I must say, I love the texture of the eyeshadows. They're so good and buttery. Easy to blend, and great selection of colours. Not only are the neutrals very good and versatile, and wearable, but the more coloured colours are very good as well. Not just the normal blue, green and pink not wearable colours, but they made the colours different textures and with different effects. So stunning colours and I must say they really nailed this time - all though I do not like the packaging, still. But I can live with that, if I can buy good quality eyeshadows at only 50 DDK.

The colours have amazing colour payoff, and it's just not a little amount of pigment. I worn Sun Worship a whole day, and in the evening when I was about to take my makeup, the eyeshadow was still intact, just like in the morning when I applied it. Not only are they easy to blend together, but also really good a blending with other eyeshadows from other brands, which isn't always the thing for "drugstore" brands, in my opinion.

I highly recommend these shadows. They are so great and easy to work with, and for that price? Come on, that's a steal! So well done to HM, for upping their beauty section! 

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