17. nov. 2015


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Sequin Polo Top [HERE] | Patrol Blue Peg Pants [HERE] | Clutch Bag [HERE] | Faux Snake Printed Heels [HERE]

So the Holidays are coming up, and the first of December is only two small weeks away - Can you believe it? 2015 is almost over, already? But anyhow, this is my favourite time of the year, because you get to dress up in the pretty sparkly and shiny things. Ohh life's small things, am I right?

So I've putted this little simple outfit together, that I would definitely wear to a Christmas-party, or Christmas-lunch! It's the perfect balance between dressy and casual. Because of the trousers, it's bit more casual, compared to if you paired the top with a skirt. The top it self, is the key-item! It's a beautiful sequin polo top and it's the "cheap" kind of sparkly or sequin-ish. It has the perfect cut, and because it's a highneck, it have the more casual effect, rather than a more lower cut hem, at the neck.

You could easily pair the top with a more fitted skirt, in either one colour - a burgundy or bottle-green would be ideal! But also with some shorts (of course with some tights underneath, it's starting to get freezing!) But it's a very versatile top, that you can dress up or down. And can wear to many different occasions - like New Years as well!

The shoes has the wow-factor as well as the top, it kind of ties it all together, but still showing off some personality. Mixing patterns and texture, is always a good idea. You create some balance and interest in your outfit, rather than just a plain, all-same-texture outfit. So wear some colour or texture where you want most of you attention - example if you a great pair of legs, show them off by using colour or pattern, or just show them off in a skirt!

Anyway, I tried to make a more relaxed party outfit for the Christmas parties coming up - but there will be more - dressier and like this.


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