18. nov. 2015


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Satchel [TOPSHOP]

When it comes to bags, I either like - structured or slouchy. And I usually don't like colours either, but three colours have grown on me the last couple of years. Black has always been the colour - in bags and clothes. But as I said, in the last couple of years I've been introducing colour into my life - though the colours aren't bright or very colourful, but they are colours! Khaki, navy and burgundy. Those three my love has just been growing fore.

I love a good and deep burgundy lipstick, and beautiful navy smoky-eye - and khaki/moss green/bottle-green. I also love that deep green nail polish. But in clothes I love those colours as well. When I went to Boarding School in 2011/2012, the "it" colour, were without a doubt burgundy - my year-sweatshirt is burgundy. Everything was burgundy! But I still love that colour! I have probably always loved navy-blue. Blue and green has always been my favourite colours - I know, not the typical girly colours - but I grew up with boys, sooo. anywho - I was browsing TopShop's online store [As you do] and it was love a first sight!

I saw this beautiful slouchy khaki green bag. With the 70's vibe, that I kind of like [No, I love it] and this just nailed it. [Mom if you're reading this - I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THIS FOR CHRISTMAS!] It's a suede material as well, so it's super soft.

I love the way it hangs, and the little separate compartments, that's just not one big room - because I tend to lose my things in my bags, even though I haven't placed them other places [Seriously, how does that happen?] And the size of the bag, is perfect - at least for me. I don't tend to carry that ma y things with me, to be honest. I just need a place for my phone,wallet, keys and some carry-on makeup, for touch-ups on the go. So I can easily carry all those things in this. 

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