9. nov. 2015


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TopShop Sequin Top [HERE]

In the past 2-3 post, have been about the festive season somehow. And I am not going to stop somewhere soon, to be honest. Even though the weather is getting cold, this part of the year is my favorite. But let's talk about this stunning top! It's from TopShop and I am in love. It's the most perfect top for holiday season, with those beautiful sequins, in the different metallic colours, oh my.

And the back! I just love than sence of detail, even though the top - without the back like that - is absolutely stunning, it get's even better, when you turn around, and boom surprise - here's my lovely back, ha ha. It's a very cleaver design and it's just that revealing - but not too much.

I have decided to buy this for my self, it's just to perfect not to buy it. And then pair it with those lovely Zara heels from yesterdays Sunday wants [HERE] And I even like how TopShop styled the top in the picture - usually I'm not really into those kind of pants, but in this look it really works! I would pair it with either at leather skirt or some skinny black jeans - those lovely Zara heels or some more casual sneakers or platform ballerinas, to get some height. And perhaps a loose fitted blazer! And maybe a beautiful red lip! 

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