27. dec. 2015


Christmas, and I hope (for those of you, who celebrate it) have had an amazing time with your loved ones! But since Christmas is over, all the sales begins. Most brands have already opened their sales both in store and online, so i thought I'd show some of mine favorites! When I made the collage, I saw that my affection for black and dark colours in general is definitely not going anywhere in 2016.

Denim skirt 297,87 - 148,93 DDK  [HERE] | Knit with open back 229 - 129 DDK [HERE] | Off the shoulder dress 299 - 199 DDK [HERE] | Striped knit 478,71 - 308,50 DDK [HERE] | Bucket bag 329 - 229 DDK [HERE]

So I have tried to get almost all aspects in my collage. Even though I haven't really found any shoes or boots that I just needed to own. But these five things I really love, especially the off-shoulder dress, I have never in a million years thought I would love a dress like that, but I really like it. It's probably the small golden dots, that might have gotten my attention.

For a very long time, I have look at that bucket bag from Zara, and every God damn time I've tried to purchase it, it has gone out of stock - every God damn time! But hey, that doesn't matter now, because I got the one from Moss Copenhagen [You can read about that one HERE] but I wouldn't let you guys out, on such a stunner bag! And it's so "cheap" - even before the sales, so it's a bargain!

So yeah, I hope you're all out there saving some money! I'll make one more, but with beauty tomorrow! So stay tuned tomorrow, for one more saving tip! 

17. dec. 2015


Eyeshadow Palette in "Beige" [] | Eyeshadow Jumbo Stick in "Brun Dadaiste" []

I mean - come on, who doesn't love good and affordable makeup? And I been eyeing this beautiful palette from L'Oreal in quite a while now, but I haven't picked it up, until now - and I am so happy that I finally did!

Personally, I don't like that much drugstore/highstreet makeup, I don't know why - I just don't think it's good enough to be honest. And I just rather spend more money, on something I now is good. Although I must say, the drugstore/highstreet have really up'ed their game, and especially lately!

Rimmel has come out with some beautiful lipsticks - more on them, soon! And also some new single eyeshadows, I can't wait to show them to you! But yeah, but these two are great. I bought them both from Asos, because usually they're more affordable on the Asos website, than in the Danish stores! So saving tip as well!

But let's talk about the products, shall we! Let's start with the eyeshadow palette. If you're a huge or just a "normal" kind of nude colors, when it comes to makeup - then this is the perfect palette for you! The shadows quality are so good, and pigmented and easy to work with. But you gotta blend them a little bit more, than higher-end shadows. The palette is so versatile and easy to create many different choices to play with. Even though it's a very cool-toned eyeshadow palette, there's still some warmer tones to warm up the look with. There's a mix between matte and shimmer shadows, so the palette is perfect if your new to makeup.

The shadow stick is a buttery and easy to blend bronzy shadow. It's so budget-friendly and seriously - if you're ever late, shadow stick or cream shadows are your best friend, ever. Just swipe, blend with your finger, put on some mascara and then you are good to go! The texture is very creamy and easy to blend with your fingers. But when it sets, it really sets. You can also use it as an eyeliner or even as a base for eyeshadows later. It's easy to create an one product smoky-eye look.

So, I recommend these two products highly, and as they are so budget friendly, they are perfect Christmas gifts!


13. dec. 2015


 photo 13-12-2015_zpsw0yzflz8.jpg

Chevron Printed - 700 DDK - [HERE] | Bucket Bag - 480 DDK - [] | Chain Shoulder Bag -500 DKK - [HERE]

I am s sucker for beautiful bags, I have always been since I was a little girl. Seriously, I loooove bags, even though I don't have that many anymore, as I had when I was younger, I still like to just stare at them, ha ha. But no, this year for Christmas I have two bags on my wishlist, and they're even from the same brand. The Danish brand Moss Copenhagen - I've always liked their brand, their clothes, accesories and shoes, but they have really stepped it up with their bags, so I have not only once fallen in love with one of their bag, but actually twice.

I really like the simple and classic vibe to the design of their bags. But still they follow the trend, like with the bucket bag - that's really a hot item right now. Zara had one similar, but that is already sold out. But I still like this one better, even though it's a bit more expensive - but I believe that the design is a little bit more cleaner - you can get the bucket bag in a bigger size at the price of 700 DDK.

The chevron designed bag is the biggest size, and has the perfect size for a every-day bag. You can hold a lot of things in this one, I've been in store, and I was surprised over how much bigger it is, than I imagined. It can easily fit my keys, phone, purse and if you carry a little bit of makeup, that can be in there as well. So it's perfect for the girl on the go. And who wouldn't be happy to get a bag for Christmas?

The last one, is a bit more edgy that the two others. The two other bags are more clean and simple. This one is a little bit more rustic, and I love the chains. You can see though that it is inspired [some might say copied] by Alexander Wang's bag, but hey? That's a VERY expensive bag, I can easily see some similarities to the AW bag, but I really don't care. I have been wanting this one for a very looooong time now - and let's be honest, if it's not under the tree this, I probably just end up buying anyways. 

7. dec. 2015


 photo 07-12-2015_zpsmsrtui0z.jpg

2// Book About Beer [HERE] | 6// Card Holder [HERE] | 3// Beard Trimmer [HERE] | 4// Striped Tee [HERE] | 5// Calvin Klein Underwear [HERE] | 1// Headphones [HERE]

So here's a gift-guide for the man in your life, whether it's your boyfriend, husband, brother or you name it, I've found some different kinds of gifts. There's a little of everything - i tried to think about what would my brother or father want, and these were my picks.

I would personally give my dad the book about beer and the beard trimmer - but the beard trimmer could easily go to my little brother as well, even though the headphones and cardholder, I would give to my brother. The prize-point for the gifts aren't that high as well - but I'll make another one, whit some more affordable choices!

So stay tuned to Thursday, where there will be another gift guide for the men in your life! 

6. dec. 2015


 photo 06-12-2015 a_zps36bgrxd4.jpg

 photo 06-12-15 d_zpssuxypwmn.jpg

HM Eyeshadow Set [HERE]

In my gift-guides I have been showing some more pricy things, because when it's Christmas, you can finally wish for the more pricy products, that might not be in your own price point. I've been talking about the HM Eyeshadows before, in this post. To make it short, I love the HM shadows, they're so great, buttery, easy to blend and so beautifully pigmented.

So when I saw that HM have made some sets with the eyeshadows, I quickly wrote them on my wishlist for Santa this year. Even though the sahdows are so damn good, the price point, is very good if you want to give your girlfriend or sister a nice gift, but the budget isn't for the more nicer brands, then go for the HM shadows, individually they're priced for 50 Danish Kroner, this set is 150 Danish Kroner, and you'll get them in a nice packaging.

There's two "shades" - this one, is the more nude one and then there's a more smoky one, whit more grey/green tones. The nude set contain the colours:

Supernova// The champagne colour. It has some sparkle but not to in your face. It gives a nice glow, so you could actually use this a highlighter, because the glitter or shimmer in the colours isn't chunky.

Chin chin // The sparkly champagne colour! It's so stunning, and the glitter really shows up nicely. There isn't that much of fall down when applying it, so it's easy to work with - and is the perfect shade to highlight the inner of your eye, or to make your eyelid appear bigger, by applying the colour in the middle of your lid.

Cinnamon Roll // A darker brown with shimmer. The shimmer isn't to in your face, as well. It's settle and it's so good to darken up your look - to make a smoky eye. It's a beautiful shade, you either make an easy smoky eye, by applying the colour all over the lid, or to darken the look. 

3. dec. 2015


 photo 03-12-2015_zpsmy2fevzu.jpg

Becca highlighter in Moonstone [HERE] | Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush [HERE] | Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist [HERE] | Sonia Kashuk Brushes [HERE] | Lorac Pro Matte Palette [HERE] | Real Techniques Setting Brush [HERE]

So I know it's a little late, but here you guys go - My November favourites! I haven't been wearing that much makeup lately, but when I did, these guys were always to find in my makeup routine. I have dry skin, so the Tatcha mist is great for giving my skin some extra moisture - I spray this on my bare face right after my moisturizer.

I have found my new favourite foundation brush - I used to love [I still do] the Sephora no. 56, that's an amazing brush, with the perfect size. But this Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush, oh my God it's good! And I only have the travel size of it. It's so good at blending the foundation into the skin - but I always go over my foundation with my real techniques sponge.

Sticking to brushes, I been loving Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply my highlighter with. It have the right size, to lay the highlighter with on the cheekbones, as well as the bridge of the nose and on my browbone. Perfect size, and since the brush is synthetic, it doesn't pick up as much product as a normal brush, which is ideal when applying highlighter, because it's easier to get the real amount of highlighter you wish. Also, thanks to Shopandbox, I've got my hands on some Sonia Kashuk brushes - and I love them! Especially the eye brushes, they're amazing and easy to work with. The blend the shadows nicely together.

Last but not least! The Lorac Pro Matte Palette - this is my absolute favourite matte palette. I use this all the freaking time. The perfect shades of mattes that you'll ever need. They're so damn soft [therefor there's a lot of fall out - but that is easily solved, just apply your eyeshadow before foundation or concealer!] they blend so great together, with other shadows - from other brands, not only Lorac.

So that's my November Favourites! Around New Years Eve, I'll try to make the Best of 2015 Beauty  Products! 

2. dec. 2015


 photo 02-12-2015_zpsrownmzkr.jpg
[8] Royal Copenhagen Plate [HERE] | [10] Robe [HERE] | [2] Tee [HERE] | [5] Printed Shirt [HERE] | [9] Toy [HERE] | [1] Baby Jumpsuit [HERE] | [7] Lingerie buttom [HERE | [6] Lingerie Top [HERE] | [4] Calvin Klein underwear [HERE] | [3] Calvin Klein Underwear Top [HERE] |

This might only be for the Danish readers, but it might be a good idea for anyone struggling to find what to give to someone for Christmas, or to put on your own list. But, if you don't like Christmas shopping in stores, then I have some exciting news for you guys. To day only, Magasin is having 20 % of almost everything in store and online. So lay back in your couch or your bed, a do some Christmas Shopping and saving 20 %, by still being home.

There's a little of everything. I thought I would collect something for everyone - maybe you need some inspiration on what's to give to your little sister or your niece, your sister or father? 

1. dec. 2015


 photo 01-12-2015_zpsrudsrtak.jpg

Lipstick in Role Play [HERE]

Finally it is the first of December! I am so excited for the whole Christmassy thing to start, officially. I've started my Christmas joy since the first of November! I love this time of year - today, I've been buying Christmas gifts for my family, my first year to buy gifts by my self, exciting to be honest. I love buying gifts [PS; am I the only one who ask the staff not to wrap the gifts? I love gift-wrapping! Like a crazy lady loves cats!] Anyway, I can't wait for this whole Christmas spirit to hit all the people around me. I have kind of a challenge for myself, which is to post at least one post every day till Christmas Eve - so I hope I can live up to that! But let's get into what this post is really about!;
My obsession with lip products in general has grown the last half year. I haven't really worn that much lip products, because I was kind of afraid - if that make any sense? It's just not as big a deal, as in other countries - probably because of the "Jantelov" but anyway. I've started because, why the h*** can't I wear lipstick, if I want to? 

So, my slight obsession have grown, and I've bought many different lip products lately - I'm currently eyeing the new launch from Rimmel London, their lipsticks seems really nice and easy to wear. I have especially bought a lot of different kind of nude colours. But this one is my favorite [Together with another one, I'll show later this week, hint hint] But I really like the colour, it's a nude - but a little bit darker. Not much, it's kind of my own lip colour. 

The formula is very nourishing and easy to wear. It doesn't dry out your lips, so you don't need to apply a lipbalm before the actual lipstick. The colour is very pigmented, so I only apply one layer. The staying power is also very good. It stays on even when I speak [a lot] - I haven't been eating nor drinking while wearing the lipstick yet, but I'll try it as soon as possible!  So all in all, I love this lipstick, and I would give it 5 out 5 stars - for now, I'll update this post, when I know about the staying power, while drinking and eating!

It retails for 29.50€ which is approximately 220 Danish Kroner. 

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