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HM Eyeshadow Set [HERE]

In my gift-guides I have been showing some more pricy things, because when it's Christmas, you can finally wish for the more pricy products, that might not be in your own price point. I've been talking about the HM Eyeshadows before, in this post. To make it short, I love the HM shadows, they're so great, buttery, easy to blend and so beautifully pigmented.

So when I saw that HM have made some sets with the eyeshadows, I quickly wrote them on my wishlist for Santa this year. Even though the sahdows are so damn good, the price point, is very good if you want to give your girlfriend or sister a nice gift, but the budget isn't for the more nicer brands, then go for the HM shadows, individually they're priced for 50 Danish Kroner, this set is 150 Danish Kroner, and you'll get them in a nice packaging.

There's two "shades" - this one, is the more nude one and then there's a more smoky one, whit more grey/green tones. The nude set contain the colours:

Supernova// The champagne colour. It has some sparkle but not to in your face. It gives a nice glow, so you could actually use this a highlighter, because the glitter or shimmer in the colours isn't chunky.

Chin chin // The sparkly champagne colour! It's so stunning, and the glitter really shows up nicely. There isn't that much of fall down when applying it, so it's easy to work with - and is the perfect shade to highlight the inner of your eye, or to make your eyelid appear bigger, by applying the colour in the middle of your lid.

Cinnamon Roll // A darker brown with shimmer. The shimmer isn't to in your face, as well. It's settle and it's so good to darken up your look - to make a smoky eye. It's a beautiful shade, you either make an easy smoky eye, by applying the colour all over the lid, or to darken the look. 

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