1. dec. 2015


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Lipstick in Role Play [HERE]

Finally it is the first of December! I am so excited for the whole Christmassy thing to start, officially. I've started my Christmas joy since the first of November! I love this time of year - today, I've been buying Christmas gifts for my family, my first year to buy gifts by my self, exciting to be honest. I love buying gifts [PS; am I the only one who ask the staff not to wrap the gifts? I love gift-wrapping! Like a crazy lady loves cats!] Anyway, I can't wait for this whole Christmas spirit to hit all the people around me. I have kind of a challenge for myself, which is to post at least one post every day till Christmas Eve - so I hope I can live up to that! But let's get into what this post is really about!;
My obsession with lip products in general has grown the last half year. I haven't really worn that much lip products, because I was kind of afraid - if that make any sense? It's just not as big a deal, as in other countries - probably because of the "Jantelov" but anyway. I've started because, why the h*** can't I wear lipstick, if I want to? 

So, my slight obsession have grown, and I've bought many different lip products lately - I'm currently eyeing the new launch from Rimmel London, their lipsticks seems really nice and easy to wear. I have especially bought a lot of different kind of nude colours. But this one is my favorite [Together with another one, I'll show later this week, hint hint] But I really like the colour, it's a nude - but a little bit darker. Not much, it's kind of my own lip colour. 

The formula is very nourishing and easy to wear. It doesn't dry out your lips, so you don't need to apply a lipbalm before the actual lipstick. The colour is very pigmented, so I only apply one layer. The staying power is also very good. It stays on even when I speak [a lot] - I haven't been eating nor drinking while wearing the lipstick yet, but I'll try it as soon as possible!  So all in all, I love this lipstick, and I would give it 5 out 5 stars - for now, I'll update this post, when I know about the staying power, while drinking and eating!

It retails for 29.50€ which is approximately 220 Danish Kroner. 


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