13. dec. 2015


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Chevron Printed - 700 DDK - [HERE] | Bucket Bag - 480 DDK - [] | Chain Shoulder Bag -500 DKK - [HERE]

I am s sucker for beautiful bags, I have always been since I was a little girl. Seriously, I loooove bags, even though I don't have that many anymore, as I had when I was younger, I still like to just stare at them, ha ha. But no, this year for Christmas I have two bags on my wishlist, and they're even from the same brand. The Danish brand Moss Copenhagen - I've always liked their brand, their clothes, accesories and shoes, but they have really stepped it up with their bags, so I have not only once fallen in love with one of their bag, but actually twice.

I really like the simple and classic vibe to the design of their bags. But still they follow the trend, like with the bucket bag - that's really a hot item right now. Zara had one similar, but that is already sold out. But I still like this one better, even though it's a bit more expensive - but I believe that the design is a little bit more cleaner - you can get the bucket bag in a bigger size at the price of 700 DDK.

The chevron designed bag is the biggest size, and has the perfect size for a every-day bag. You can hold a lot of things in this one, I've been in store, and I was surprised over how much bigger it is, than I imagined. It can easily fit my keys, phone, purse and if you carry a little bit of makeup, that can be in there as well. So it's perfect for the girl on the go. And who wouldn't be happy to get a bag for Christmas?

The last one, is a bit more edgy that the two others. The two other bags are more clean and simple. This one is a little bit more rustic, and I love the chains. You can see though that it is inspired [some might say copied] by Alexander Wang's bag, but hey? That's a VERY expensive bag, I can easily see some similarities to the AW bag, but I really don't care. I have been wanting this one for a very looooong time now - and let's be honest, if it's not under the tree this, I probably just end up buying anyways. 

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