31. jan. 2016


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I shop for a lot of makeup, all the freaking time. But one of the most difficult things for me to love, is foundation. Of course it's forever hard to find the perfect shade of foundation - before this one, the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in B10, was my absolute best match - but I have now found something even better. Because I've been in a fase in my life, where I didn't really my body image, I rather spend my money on makeup, because at least that always fits. So the past year, I've really been spending my time and money on online shopping for makeup. So now I have found some different kind of "techniques" on how I know, if a foundation shade will match or not. Or if I know the tone of lipstick that suits me the best.

Europe// Foundation [HERE] | Primer [HERE] | Concealer [HERE]
US// Foundation [HERE] | Primer [HERE] | Concealer [HERE]

The foundation [My shade is; 117/Y225 - Marble] is my absolute best match, ever. It blends together with my neck and the rest of body, almost to perfection! The undertone in the foundation, just spot on. So this will probably be forever my favourite. I like the finish and the application of the foundation as well. It lasts for a long time on my foundation-eating-skin and I am just in love. You can easily build it up or have a light layer, that looks very natural. And one of the best things about this foundation? It photographs beautifully!

The primer, I own two. The hydrating [The White one] and the pore filling one [The grey one - on the picture] I must say, I especially love the hydrating one. I can see a difference from when I use the pore-filling one, up against when I don't use it. My skin looks so much more smoother and nicer. The foundation glides on better and it just looks better, in general.

The concealer [My shade, R20] it's a great concealer - it really brightens my under eye area. _It has nice coverage, but I must say one very big thing: remember to lock in your concealer after you have applied it! So after you have applied your concealer, apply some powder right over where the concealer. Just to prevent creasing and make your concealer last longer! 

29. jan. 2016


Some might say I WAY to early, but better safe than sorry or something, right? Last summer I stayed in little cold and grey Denmark for the entire summer, because I've just started working and my sister was pregnant.

So this summer, is going to be great. I have decided that myself, setting some goals for 2016, you know?. My family and I are planning our usual trip to Italy, for about two weeks. I am looking so much forward for that trip, I really missed the warmth and the sand, water and the food!

Triangl Bikinis | Navy [HERE] | White & Floral [HERE] | Green & White [HERE]

And one of my goals for this year, is shaping up. Especially for summer, so that I can finally wear a bikini without sucking in my stomach all the freaking time - being confident in a bikini. Last year Triangl was the big new thing, when it came to swimwear and I fell in love, immediately.

I love their design and the material is very interesting! I love the print combos and colours selection. You can pick a more settle one, and the a really colorful or buy two completely different ones, and mix and match them. I really love the designs of the tops - All three I love - there is the two I have showed and then one more, which is probably more suited for more busted women than myself. Who needs some sort of help to held the ladies up, you know what I mean? But I still like that cup-design for me, personally. But I still love the classic triangle shape cup.

I especially love the navy blue one and the mixed one with the white top and floral. I just really love the navy blue colour, it's so unique for swimwear in my opinion. And to me white just screams summer in general - so a white swimsuit, I still have to own.


28. jan. 2016


Lately my obsession with a red leather jacket have grown on me. I don't know why I suddenly love the look of a red leather jacket - maybe it's because I dream of summer? I don't know, somehow I always think summer, when I see red [After the whole Christmas-time has passed]

Pictures from // Sincerely, Jules [HERE] | Maria Kragmann [HERE] | Kenzas [HERE] | Pinterest [HERE] | Tumblr [HERE]

I saw on the Danish site By IC [HERE] that they offer a really nice and beautiful red leather jacket, which isn't priced so badly! So I am debating with myself if I really want a red leather jacket nor it is just a face that I am going through? I don't know and my love for the Red Leather Jacket hasn't become any smaller when making this collage... Maybe I just need to come to terms with the fact that I am going to buy a red leather jacket.. I've just bought some medium dark jeans that would look so so so good with a red leather jacket.. Oh, decisions ... What do you think about the Red Leather Jacket?


27. jan. 2016


I have always wanted to try Makeup Geek shadows - I have followed Marlena [The creator of Makeup Geek Cosmetics] for so long on Youtube - even before, she started to make her own makeup. And ever since, she finally made her own company - I have so many times added the shadows in my "shopping basket" on her own website and on BeautyBay.

First row: Roulette [HERE] | Shimmer Shimmer [HERE] | Moondust [HERE] | Houdini [HERE]
Second row: Grandstand [HERE] | Homecoming [HERE] | Prom Night [HERE] | Vintage [HERE]

I have heard a lot of different Youtubers talk about the Makeup Geek shadows - and I haven't heard any bad thing about them. I have played a little bit with them myself - and I must say, I am SO impressed. I actually prefer these over my MAC shadows.

The shadows themselves are amazing. I have three different finishes. I have mattes, shimmers and foiled. Grandstand and Houdini are both foiled, which is pigments smacked in a pan. So they're are so pigmented and so metallic!

I only have one matte shadow [for now] which is Vintage, because the others ones were sold out at the moment I ordered the shadows from BeautyBay. But it's so good. Usually shimmers and pressed pigments are easier to blend and work with than mattes, but this matte is so buttery and soft, and blends like a dream. I would really like to own Cherry Cola and Cocoa Bear as well!

So the shimmers are great as well. The pigment is spot on, and blends so nicely. The colours selection in general on all the finishes, are great and almost perfect. You've got all the neutrals you need - warm and cool. As well as colorful to neutrals.

Not only is the price a lot better than MACs [Especially if you calculate with Danish Kroner] but the pigment and the quality of the shadows are so so soooo good! The blend easily together and so nicely as well. The shimmers and mattes are only 6$ and the foiled are only 10$!

I can't really say enough good things about the shadows. All though I might say I haven't really put the shadows through the absolute test. I have done my makeup at home and been staying at home, not doing much while having the shadows on. I also have my Nars primer on, but I always have that one on, because my eyelids are living their own independent life, and don't care. So primer is necessary for me personally.

By the way: If you want swatches let me know, and I'll happily swatch them for you! 


25. jan. 2016


Sooo, last summer Quay was the BIG thing, when it came to sunglasses, especially because they had a collab with the forever stunning Shay Mitchell, from Pretty Little Liars! And their style "My Girl" was sold out, all - the - freaking - time! I had fallen for the style "My Girl" with blue glas.

Quay Website [HERE] | Marble Sunglasses [HERE]

Last week a saw a girl on Instagram who posted the style "My Girl" with a marble facade and I fell in love with the sunglasses. I quickly asked her where she bought them and went straight to Asos. [Asos have a huge selection of Quay's sortiment]

I just love some marble in general, so when I saw that Quay have combined their best style "My Girl" with marble, I was just in shock for about a minute and grabbed them as fast as I could! They were around 320 Danish Kroner. Which is a fair price, for a pair of quality sunglasses! 

24. jan. 2016


Sunday Wishes

So it's that day again - that we probably all have a love-hate relationship with, am I right? I both love and hate Sunday. It's my ultimate relax day, but still it always reminds me off, that tomorrow it's Monday. I am not a fan of Mondays, or just basically days when I can't sleep-in and lay in my bed for hours, before I have to do something - none important. So I usually spends most of my Sundays on the internet exploring online shops - like Zara, TopShop, Nordstrom, Sephora US & France and so on.

Kenzo Sweatshirt [HERE] | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer [HERE] | Spitfire Sunglasses  [HERE] | Burberry Highlighter [HERE] | TopShop Denim Skirt [HERE]

I've found some things this Sunday - some very luxury and some more budget-friendly. And even though the calendar only says January still, I am dreaming off summer and the warmer weather and oh the sun, in general. So that I can wear sunglasses and stare at people without them knowing/seeing it. I am in love with these ones! They're stunning and also a little bit edgy, I love them!

For two years ago I bought my first Kenzo T-shirt, I've sold it since - because if reminded me of a bad period of time in my life, so even though I loved it to pieces, I couldn't stand to look at it. But I miss it, but I've thought of buying one the sweatshirts in stead - because I'll probably use that one more, than a T-shirt here in the lovely cold country called Denmark.

To stay within the fashion department in this Sunday Wishes, I still love denim skirts, and I didn't find the perfect denim skirt last year, but this one from TopShop kind of is the perfect one, I've seen so far - with all the ones from last year. The colour, the cut. I really like this one!

And the two items, together with the sunglasses - would be the perfect outfit for a warm summer night, can you see it? I definitely can. I can seriously not wait any longer, bring on summer!

And it can't be a Sunday Wishes, without some beauty products as well! Anastasia Beverly Hills have come out with a new brow product, which has a thicker and bigger applicator, than the brow-wiz. I like this shape more, than the thinner ones. So I am very interested in these new brow products, and that Burberry highlighter, I mean come on - that's beautiful. And it's limited edition as well, so act fast! 

18. jan. 2016


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So, I've ordered some stuff.. Weekends have that effect on me, not my fault! Ha ha, but yeah - I've found that Zara pants and jeans fits me really well, probably one of the best fits I've come across! And I hate January and it's such a loooooong month! So I kind of (not at all) needed something new clothes!

Quay Australia Marble "My Girl" Sunglasses [HERE] | Off the Shoulder Lace Top [HERE] | Light Denim Jeans with holes [HERE] | Dark Blue Denim Jeans [HERE] | Tee with Text [HERE]

When it comes to clothes, I am very simple. It shall be easy to put together - that's probably why the most of my clothes are black or any dark colour. I like simple tees with some kind of detail on them, weiter it's a text or a simple print, I'm up for it!

When it comes to jeans or pants, I am usually not the kind of person who rocks jeans. Most likely because I have had a hard time to find a a pair that fits me nice, all over. But the Zara jeans have never failed me, and they're so affordable as well! The ones in the upper corner are on sale for only 159 Danish kroner!! And the other pair is only 199 Danish kroner, that's amazing!

And let's talk about those BEAUTIFUL sunglasses! Quay have really made some beautiful sunglasses last year - where they really got their big break out! Especially the style "My Girl" where sold out for ages on their own page, as well as on TopShop's and Asos's site. But I saw a girl on Instagram who had posted these marble printed ones, and I was like "WHERE ARE THOSE FROM AND WHERE CAN I GET THEM?" So I turned firstly to Quay's own site - they weren't there, and then I went to Asos, and I found them and now I've ordered them! 

16. jan. 2016


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So even though it says January the 16th 2016, I am dreaming of summer and warm long days and nights. Because here in Denmark, it's freezing and there's snow. I am not a fan of snow, when it's not at Christmas time - which it wasn't. It was before and after, stupidly. But hey ho, who decides how the weather is gonna be, right?

Gina Tricot Tee, 79 DDK [HERE]

If you can't tell by the pineapples, I really miss summer. And even though these colours are very winther colours - cold and darker colours. I will still wear them when it says June or July on the calendar - please be soon!

But yeah, I saw these lovely two tees at Gina Tricot, by seeing their post on Instagram. And immediately fell in love, especially for the green/khaki one. Just the perfect colours for winter, if you ask me. It just looks so damn soft and pretty, and I really like the grey one as well. I really just in general love stripes, the half of my wardrobe have stripes on the items. Even though I always hear my dear mum say "don't you something like that?" and I am always like, you can't have enough bags, shoes, black clothes and striped clothes. Yup, it's just that simple.

The pineapples are cute, right?



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So another year has gone by, like crazy fast this time! And therefore, I've decided to share my most beloved makeup products that I have enjoyed throughout 2015. This year I have really tried a lot of different kind of makeup - my most loved product in all, has to be highlighter - but about those one, later in the future.

Tatcha Luminous Skin Mist [HERE] | MUFE Step 1, smoothing primer [HERE] | Becca Backlight Priming Filter [HERE] | Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, shade 4 [HERE] Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, Shade B10 [HERE] | Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, shade Fair Neutral [HERE]

So, one major thing I've learned in 2015 - was my skin type. I have always thought my skin was oily, because I have acne-prone skin. But I've learned my lesson. So now I know how to target my skin, for my makeup to look better, and wear better and longer. So since my skin type, is still acne-prone as well as dehydrated, I know my skin will just drink my foundation, if I apply my foundation as the first product on my skin.

Tatcha Luminous Skin Mist// 48$ | My skin need some moisture, so I use this skin mist. Since my skin is dehydrated, it's kind of dull and flat, and this mist just kind of sprays "life" into my skin. It looks more alive and healthy. It gives the effect of a glow from within, and because i layer the glow, it will show under my foundation as well.

Make Up For Ever Step One Skin Equalizer, Smoothing // 31€ | One more skin-problem I have - is large pores, so I would kind of like to "fill them in", so my foundation glides on better, and just basically looks better. This has a silicone texture and have a beige colour. It works wonders - all though it doesn't make my pores disappear completely, but it kind of blurs them, as you can do with photoshop.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter // 38$ | As mentioned before my skin need a moisture boots before applying makeup. And after the other two primers, I use this on top and all over my face. It gives a beautiful glow and healthy look to my skin, and just blurs some of my imperfections.

I've always though that I need to completely cover my entire face in a full-cover foundation, when I was younger, because of the acne I battled with. But I now know the key to a beautiful makeup-look is the base. And since I've got my primers on, it's time to apply foundation and concealer.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, shade 4 // 50,95€ | The Giorgio Armani foundation is almost perfect, for me. Even though the coverage isn't full, I would probably say light to medium, it can be build up. I like to apply a light layer all over my face, and where I need a little extra coverage, I apply an extra layer. This shade is almost perfect as well. It blends so nicely into my skin and it doesn't look like foundation.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation, shade B10 // 43,50€ | This is hands down my absolute favorite foundation, ever. I have yet to find one I love more than this. Even though it's velvet, which is kind of a mix between matte and luminous. Which mean I can add the glow where I want it, but my face won't look flat in the other places. The colour is spot on, just a tad to light, but I rather have that, than to dark. It's just a perfection foundation, as the Giorgio Armani one, the coverage is light to medium, and it can be build up as well, without looking caky.

I do mix these two foundations quite often as well. And they are the most perfect foundation in one, these two combined. The finish, the colour - just everything is spot on.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, shade Fair Neutral // 20€ | This is my favorite concealer, that I've come across. I used to love the Nars Creamy concealer (shade Vanilla) but it did crease on me throughout the day, which is annoying. But this doesn't at all, it stays put - as long as you set the concealer with powder, of course. The wand is really great, because it flat on both sites, so it picks up a lot of product. The shade I have, it a shade lighter than my actual skin tone, because I use it to hightligh the highpoints of my face - cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, cupid's bow and so on. The coverage of the concealer is so great, it covers pretty much everything.

So that was my base favourites throughout 2015. I had a really hard time picking some of the things - choices, you know. But stay tuned for more of Best of Beauty 2015 - the next time I'll tackle my cheek products faves, except highlighters, because... they need their own post to be honest. 

15. jan. 2016


So if you haven't already seen the beautiful new collection from MAC, called Faerie Whispers, then you're most definitely missing out! It's a beautiful collection, which not only contains these beautiful eyeshadows, but lipsticks, lipglosses, blush and so on as well!

MAC Faerie full collection (From 105 DDK to 295 DDK) [HERE] | Eyeshadows (215 DDK) [HERE]

So I believe for about three months ago I saw on MAC's official Instagram profile, that these babies would come out in 2016. and I was SO super excited. And now, I understand why, these are so amazing! They are foiled shadows, so the pigment is so intense and spot on. The shimmer is almost metallic. The shadow has the perfect sheen or spark, and it's so beautiful.

There are eight colours in total, in some more "romantic" colours. The colours are kind of petals, with some beautiful rosy and lighter colours. But there's still some bronzy shades, and this stunning colour [Magic in your Eyes] is a mix between purple and a taupe, it's so stunning!

The lighter shade, which there's a few of these lighter shades in the collection, have beautiful pigment and gives almost the same effect, as an highlighter would on your face, but just on your eyelids instead. If you want to glam up your everyday look, with a light shade across the eyelid, but it still give an effect on your eyes, then [Fly by Twilight] is perfect!

Now, I am bronzy-girl. I love a typical beautiful bronzy shade all over the eyelid. It's easy, it suits everyone and come on, a beautiful bronze, now who doesn't love that? This one, is like the other ones, so pigmented and smooth. If you like a little more "umf" to your everyday look - a kind of smoky-eye, but not to smoky - if you know what I mean? Then this colour [Enchanted Forest] is perfect for you! 

2. jan. 2016


So we finally hit 2016 - some might be "sad" about leaving 2015 behind. But me personally, I am more than happy that I can finally and officially leave 2015 behind. Even though 2015 have giving me many positive and happy moments, it's kind of be over shined by all the bad things, even though the negative sites even might a smaller amount - but that's how it is usually - or at least with me.

I've gone some difficult things in 2015, not as difficult as in 2014. So I want to focus on 2016 being the best year possibly. I know where I am going to start - with myself. Because all that we do, starts with ourselves - right? I've handled some situations in 2015, I wish I had handled differently, I've lost many different kind of people, some I more than glad I've lost, but there are about a little handful of people, that I'm sad I've lost, and I know that in 2016, I'm gonna make up for it, or at least try. I've already started with some, and hopefully that will go on.

Let's kick this post of with some positive things. I've graduated from college (hhx), I turned 20, my sweet little nephew - and Godson, Felix, was born. I got the girls that mean the most to, back for good. We had a little break, if you can call it that. But I am happy, that we're back on track - and stronger than ever. I adore and loves those three girls, more than anyone else.

So, what do I want the outcome of 2016 to be? There are many different things I would like to accomplish in 2016 - for a start, I want to be comfortable with my own body, for once. I gonna kick of 2016, with losing weight and be a more healthier version of myself. I've always said that I want to lose weight and all that, but this time around, I am actually gonna do something about it. 2016, is the year where I am really gonna feel good about myself. Out with all the negative sites and in with the new and positive.

I want to travel the world more. In 2015, I was in... just little Denmark. I've haven't beyond the boarders, and that's not really how i usually is. My family and I, are always in Italy in the summer break, but I started my job and sister was very pregnant, so we couldn't leave. This year my two places I really want to visit, is Paris and New York. So I hope I can cross those two of my list, before 2016 is over.

Mainly I want to focus more on the positive than negative. I have a tendency to focus on the bad things, instead of all the good things around me. And just leaves me more bitter, to be honest. It's just the last three or four years, there has always been something really negative in those years, and I've focused on that, instead of the good things that have happened in that year.

I want to be more spontaneous and more away from my couch to be honest, haha. To be honest, the last part of 2015, I've kept basically to myself - only been together with my beloved three girls, and my family. Family-time have always been a huge deal for me, but since the down'er parts in especially 2014 and 2015, I've been more attracted to everything that has to do with my family. I've just learn that I can always trust family, rather than my so called friends. Because, your friends might end up not being exactly what you fought they were, and even the ones you thought there were your friends, weren't and then you kind of overlooked the ones who were. And that's what I've basically have learned through 2015.

When I started on boarding school back in 2011, I remember my cousin telling me:"The ones you start up being together with and being your best friends, might not end up being the sames on the end" and that's was spot on, with both Boarding School and College to be honest.

So 2016, is gonna be great. Not only great, but fantastic, not only for myself, but those who I surround. Because a better me, is coming. And I know it's cheesy and typical "New year, new me" kind of thing, but I really mean it. 
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