16. jan. 2016


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So even though it says January the 16th 2016, I am dreaming of summer and warm long days and nights. Because here in Denmark, it's freezing and there's snow. I am not a fan of snow, when it's not at Christmas time - which it wasn't. It was before and after, stupidly. But hey ho, who decides how the weather is gonna be, right?

Gina Tricot Tee, 79 DDK [HERE]

If you can't tell by the pineapples, I really miss summer. And even though these colours are very winther colours - cold and darker colours. I will still wear them when it says June or July on the calendar - please be soon!

But yeah, I saw these lovely two tees at Gina Tricot, by seeing their post on Instagram. And immediately fell in love, especially for the green/khaki one. Just the perfect colours for winter, if you ask me. It just looks so damn soft and pretty, and I really like the grey one as well. I really just in general love stripes, the half of my wardrobe have stripes on the items. Even though I always hear my dear mum say "don't you something like that?" and I am always like, you can't have enough bags, shoes, black clothes and striped clothes. Yup, it's just that simple.

The pineapples are cute, right?


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