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So another year has gone by, like crazy fast this time! And therefore, I've decided to share my most beloved makeup products that I have enjoyed throughout 2015. This year I have really tried a lot of different kind of makeup - my most loved product in all, has to be highlighter - but about those one, later in the future.

Tatcha Luminous Skin Mist [HERE] | MUFE Step 1, smoothing primer [HERE] | Becca Backlight Priming Filter [HERE] | Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, shade 4 [HERE] Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, Shade B10 [HERE] | Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, shade Fair Neutral [HERE]

So, one major thing I've learned in 2015 - was my skin type. I have always thought my skin was oily, because I have acne-prone skin. But I've learned my lesson. So now I know how to target my skin, for my makeup to look better, and wear better and longer. So since my skin type, is still acne-prone as well as dehydrated, I know my skin will just drink my foundation, if I apply my foundation as the first product on my skin.

Tatcha Luminous Skin Mist// 48$ | My skin need some moisture, so I use this skin mist. Since my skin is dehydrated, it's kind of dull and flat, and this mist just kind of sprays "life" into my skin. It looks more alive and healthy. It gives the effect of a glow from within, and because i layer the glow, it will show under my foundation as well.

Make Up For Ever Step One Skin Equalizer, Smoothing // 31€ | One more skin-problem I have - is large pores, so I would kind of like to "fill them in", so my foundation glides on better, and just basically looks better. This has a silicone texture and have a beige colour. It works wonders - all though it doesn't make my pores disappear completely, but it kind of blurs them, as you can do with photoshop.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter // 38$ | As mentioned before my skin need a moisture boots before applying makeup. And after the other two primers, I use this on top and all over my face. It gives a beautiful glow and healthy look to my skin, and just blurs some of my imperfections.

I've always though that I need to completely cover my entire face in a full-cover foundation, when I was younger, because of the acne I battled with. But I now know the key to a beautiful makeup-look is the base. And since I've got my primers on, it's time to apply foundation and concealer.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, shade 4 // 50,95€ | The Giorgio Armani foundation is almost perfect, for me. Even though the coverage isn't full, I would probably say light to medium, it can be build up. I like to apply a light layer all over my face, and where I need a little extra coverage, I apply an extra layer. This shade is almost perfect as well. It blends so nicely into my skin and it doesn't look like foundation.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation, shade B10 // 43,50€ | This is hands down my absolute favorite foundation, ever. I have yet to find one I love more than this. Even though it's velvet, which is kind of a mix between matte and luminous. Which mean I can add the glow where I want it, but my face won't look flat in the other places. The colour is spot on, just a tad to light, but I rather have that, than to dark. It's just a perfection foundation, as the Giorgio Armani one, the coverage is light to medium, and it can be build up as well, without looking caky.

I do mix these two foundations quite often as well. And they are the most perfect foundation in one, these two combined. The finish, the colour - just everything is spot on.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, shade Fair Neutral // 20€ | This is my favorite concealer, that I've come across. I used to love the Nars Creamy concealer (shade Vanilla) but it did crease on me throughout the day, which is annoying. But this doesn't at all, it stays put - as long as you set the concealer with powder, of course. The wand is really great, because it flat on both sites, so it picks up a lot of product. The shade I have, it a shade lighter than my actual skin tone, because I use it to hightligh the highpoints of my face - cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, cupid's bow and so on. The coverage of the concealer is so great, it covers pretty much everything.

So that was my base favourites throughout 2015. I had a really hard time picking some of the things - choices, you know. But stay tuned for more of Best of Beauty 2015 - the next time I'll tackle my cheek products faves, except highlighters, because... they need their own post to be honest. 

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