18. jan. 2016


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So, I've ordered some stuff.. Weekends have that effect on me, not my fault! Ha ha, but yeah - I've found that Zara pants and jeans fits me really well, probably one of the best fits I've come across! And I hate January and it's such a loooooong month! So I kind of (not at all) needed something new clothes!

Quay Australia Marble "My Girl" Sunglasses [HERE] | Off the Shoulder Lace Top [HERE] | Light Denim Jeans with holes [HERE] | Dark Blue Denim Jeans [HERE] | Tee with Text [HERE]

When it comes to clothes, I am very simple. It shall be easy to put together - that's probably why the most of my clothes are black or any dark colour. I like simple tees with some kind of detail on them, weiter it's a text or a simple print, I'm up for it!

When it comes to jeans or pants, I am usually not the kind of person who rocks jeans. Most likely because I have had a hard time to find a a pair that fits me nice, all over. But the Zara jeans have never failed me, and they're so affordable as well! The ones in the upper corner are on sale for only 159 Danish kroner!! And the other pair is only 199 Danish kroner, that's amazing!

And let's talk about those BEAUTIFUL sunglasses! Quay have really made some beautiful sunglasses last year - where they really got their big break out! Especially the style "My Girl" where sold out for ages on their own page, as well as on TopShop's and Asos's site. But I saw a girl on Instagram who had posted these marble printed ones, and I was like "WHERE ARE THOSE FROM AND WHERE CAN I GET THEM?" So I turned firstly to Quay's own site - they weren't there, and then I went to Asos, and I found them and now I've ordered them! 

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