15. jan. 2016


So if you haven't already seen the beautiful new collection from MAC, called Faerie Whispers, then you're most definitely missing out! It's a beautiful collection, which not only contains these beautiful eyeshadows, but lipsticks, lipglosses, blush and so on as well!

MAC Faerie full collection (From 105 DDK to 295 DDK) [HERE] | Eyeshadows (215 DDK) [HERE]

So I believe for about three months ago I saw on MAC's official Instagram profile, that these babies would come out in 2016. and I was SO super excited. And now, I understand why, these are so amazing! They are foiled shadows, so the pigment is so intense and spot on. The shimmer is almost metallic. The shadow has the perfect sheen or spark, and it's so beautiful.

There are eight colours in total, in some more "romantic" colours. The colours are kind of petals, with some beautiful rosy and lighter colours. But there's still some bronzy shades, and this stunning colour [Magic in your Eyes] is a mix between purple and a taupe, it's so stunning!

The lighter shade, which there's a few of these lighter shades in the collection, have beautiful pigment and gives almost the same effect, as an highlighter would on your face, but just on your eyelids instead. If you want to glam up your everyday look, with a light shade across the eyelid, but it still give an effect on your eyes, then [Fly by Twilight] is perfect!

Now, I am bronzy-girl. I love a typical beautiful bronzy shade all over the eyelid. It's easy, it suits everyone and come on, a beautiful bronze, now who doesn't love that? This one, is like the other ones, so pigmented and smooth. If you like a little more "umf" to your everyday look - a kind of smoky-eye, but not to smoky - if you know what I mean? Then this colour [Enchanted Forest] is perfect for you! 

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