27. jan. 2016


I have always wanted to try Makeup Geek shadows - I have followed Marlena [The creator of Makeup Geek Cosmetics] for so long on Youtube - even before, she started to make her own makeup. And ever since, she finally made her own company - I have so many times added the shadows in my "shopping basket" on her own website and on BeautyBay.

First row: Roulette [HERE] | Shimmer Shimmer [HERE] | Moondust [HERE] | Houdini [HERE]
Second row: Grandstand [HERE] | Homecoming [HERE] | Prom Night [HERE] | Vintage [HERE]

I have heard a lot of different Youtubers talk about the Makeup Geek shadows - and I haven't heard any bad thing about them. I have played a little bit with them myself - and I must say, I am SO impressed. I actually prefer these over my MAC shadows.

The shadows themselves are amazing. I have three different finishes. I have mattes, shimmers and foiled. Grandstand and Houdini are both foiled, which is pigments smacked in a pan. So they're are so pigmented and so metallic!

I only have one matte shadow [for now] which is Vintage, because the others ones were sold out at the moment I ordered the shadows from BeautyBay. But it's so good. Usually shimmers and pressed pigments are easier to blend and work with than mattes, but this matte is so buttery and soft, and blends like a dream. I would really like to own Cherry Cola and Cocoa Bear as well!

So the shimmers are great as well. The pigment is spot on, and blends so nicely. The colours selection in general on all the finishes, are great and almost perfect. You've got all the neutrals you need - warm and cool. As well as colorful to neutrals.

Not only is the price a lot better than MACs [Especially if you calculate with Danish Kroner] but the pigment and the quality of the shadows are so so soooo good! The blend easily together and so nicely as well. The shimmers and mattes are only 6$ and the foiled are only 10$!

I can't really say enough good things about the shadows. All though I might say I haven't really put the shadows through the absolute test. I have done my makeup at home and been staying at home, not doing much while having the shadows on. I also have my Nars primer on, but I always have that one on, because my eyelids are living their own independent life, and don't care. So primer is necessary for me personally.

By the way: If you want swatches let me know, and I'll happily swatch them for you! 


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