2. jan. 2016


So we finally hit 2016 - some might be "sad" about leaving 2015 behind. But me personally, I am more than happy that I can finally and officially leave 2015 behind. Even though 2015 have giving me many positive and happy moments, it's kind of be over shined by all the bad things, even though the negative sites even might a smaller amount - but that's how it is usually - or at least with me.

I've gone some difficult things in 2015, not as difficult as in 2014. So I want to focus on 2016 being the best year possibly. I know where I am going to start - with myself. Because all that we do, starts with ourselves - right? I've handled some situations in 2015, I wish I had handled differently, I've lost many different kind of people, some I more than glad I've lost, but there are about a little handful of people, that I'm sad I've lost, and I know that in 2016, I'm gonna make up for it, or at least try. I've already started with some, and hopefully that will go on.

Let's kick this post of with some positive things. I've graduated from college (hhx), I turned 20, my sweet little nephew - and Godson, Felix, was born. I got the girls that mean the most to, back for good. We had a little break, if you can call it that. But I am happy, that we're back on track - and stronger than ever. I adore and loves those three girls, more than anyone else.

So, what do I want the outcome of 2016 to be? There are many different things I would like to accomplish in 2016 - for a start, I want to be comfortable with my own body, for once. I gonna kick of 2016, with losing weight and be a more healthier version of myself. I've always said that I want to lose weight and all that, but this time around, I am actually gonna do something about it. 2016, is the year where I am really gonna feel good about myself. Out with all the negative sites and in with the new and positive.

I want to travel the world more. In 2015, I was in... just little Denmark. I've haven't beyond the boarders, and that's not really how i usually is. My family and I, are always in Italy in the summer break, but I started my job and sister was very pregnant, so we couldn't leave. This year my two places I really want to visit, is Paris and New York. So I hope I can cross those two of my list, before 2016 is over.

Mainly I want to focus more on the positive than negative. I have a tendency to focus on the bad things, instead of all the good things around me. And just leaves me more bitter, to be honest. It's just the last three or four years, there has always been something really negative in those years, and I've focused on that, instead of the good things that have happened in that year.

I want to be more spontaneous and more away from my couch to be honest, haha. To be honest, the last part of 2015, I've kept basically to myself - only been together with my beloved three girls, and my family. Family-time have always been a huge deal for me, but since the down'er parts in especially 2014 and 2015, I've been more attracted to everything that has to do with my family. I've just learn that I can always trust family, rather than my so called friends. Because, your friends might end up not being exactly what you fought they were, and even the ones you thought there were your friends, weren't and then you kind of overlooked the ones who were. And that's what I've basically have learned through 2015.

When I started on boarding school back in 2011, I remember my cousin telling me:"The ones you start up being together with and being your best friends, might not end up being the sames on the end" and that's was spot on, with both Boarding School and College to be honest.

So 2016, is gonna be great. Not only great, but fantastic, not only for myself, but those who I surround. Because a better me, is coming. And I know it's cheesy and typical "New year, new me" kind of thing, but I really mean it. 

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