29. jan. 2016


Some might say I WAY to early, but better safe than sorry or something, right? Last summer I stayed in little cold and grey Denmark for the entire summer, because I've just started working and my sister was pregnant.

So this summer, is going to be great. I have decided that myself, setting some goals for 2016, you know?. My family and I are planning our usual trip to Italy, for about two weeks. I am looking so much forward for that trip, I really missed the warmth and the sand, water and the food!

Triangl Bikinis | Navy [HERE] | White & Floral [HERE] | Green & White [HERE]

And one of my goals for this year, is shaping up. Especially for summer, so that I can finally wear a bikini without sucking in my stomach all the freaking time - being confident in a bikini. Last year Triangl was the big new thing, when it came to swimwear and I fell in love, immediately.

I love their design and the material is very interesting! I love the print combos and colours selection. You can pick a more settle one, and the a really colorful or buy two completely different ones, and mix and match them. I really love the designs of the tops - All three I love - there is the two I have showed and then one more, which is probably more suited for more busted women than myself. Who needs some sort of help to held the ladies up, you know what I mean? But I still like that cup-design for me, personally. But I still love the classic triangle shape cup.

I especially love the navy blue one and the mixed one with the white top and floral. I just really love the navy blue colour, it's so unique for swimwear in my opinion. And to me white just screams summer in general - so a white swimsuit, I still have to own.


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