24. jan. 2016


Sunday Wishes

So it's that day again - that we probably all have a love-hate relationship with, am I right? I both love and hate Sunday. It's my ultimate relax day, but still it always reminds me off, that tomorrow it's Monday. I am not a fan of Mondays, or just basically days when I can't sleep-in and lay in my bed for hours, before I have to do something - none important. So I usually spends most of my Sundays on the internet exploring online shops - like Zara, TopShop, Nordstrom, Sephora US & France and so on.

Kenzo Sweatshirt [HERE] | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer [HERE] | Spitfire Sunglasses  [HERE] | Burberry Highlighter [HERE] | TopShop Denim Skirt [HERE]

I've found some things this Sunday - some very luxury and some more budget-friendly. And even though the calendar only says January still, I am dreaming off summer and the warmer weather and oh the sun, in general. So that I can wear sunglasses and stare at people without them knowing/seeing it. I am in love with these ones! They're stunning and also a little bit edgy, I love them!

For two years ago I bought my first Kenzo T-shirt, I've sold it since - because if reminded me of a bad period of time in my life, so even though I loved it to pieces, I couldn't stand to look at it. But I miss it, but I've thought of buying one the sweatshirts in stead - because I'll probably use that one more, than a T-shirt here in the lovely cold country called Denmark.

To stay within the fashion department in this Sunday Wishes, I still love denim skirts, and I didn't find the perfect denim skirt last year, but this one from TopShop kind of is the perfect one, I've seen so far - with all the ones from last year. The colour, the cut. I really like this one!

And the two items, together with the sunglasses - would be the perfect outfit for a warm summer night, can you see it? I definitely can. I can seriously not wait any longer, bring on summer!

And it can't be a Sunday Wishes, without some beauty products as well! Anastasia Beverly Hills have come out with a new brow product, which has a thicker and bigger applicator, than the brow-wiz. I like this shape more, than the thinner ones. So I am very interested in these new brow products, and that Burberry highlighter, I mean come on - that's beautiful. And it's limited edition as well, so act fast! 

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