31. jan. 2016


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I shop for a lot of makeup, all the freaking time. But one of the most difficult things for me to love, is foundation. Of course it's forever hard to find the perfect shade of foundation - before this one, the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in B10, was my absolute best match - but I have now found something even better. Because I've been in a fase in my life, where I didn't really my body image, I rather spend my money on makeup, because at least that always fits. So the past year, I've really been spending my time and money on online shopping for makeup. So now I have found some different kind of "techniques" on how I know, if a foundation shade will match or not. Or if I know the tone of lipstick that suits me the best.

Europe// Foundation [HERE] | Primer [HERE] | Concealer [HERE]
US// Foundation [HERE] | Primer [HERE] | Concealer [HERE]

The foundation [My shade is; 117/Y225 - Marble] is my absolute best match, ever. It blends together with my neck and the rest of body, almost to perfection! The undertone in the foundation, just spot on. So this will probably be forever my favourite. I like the finish and the application of the foundation as well. It lasts for a long time on my foundation-eating-skin and I am just in love. You can easily build it up or have a light layer, that looks very natural. And one of the best things about this foundation? It photographs beautifully!

The primer, I own two. The hydrating [The White one] and the pore filling one [The grey one - on the picture] I must say, I especially love the hydrating one. I can see a difference from when I use the pore-filling one, up against when I don't use it. My skin looks so much more smoother and nicer. The foundation glides on better and it just looks better, in general.

The concealer [My shade, R20] it's a great concealer - it really brightens my under eye area. _It has nice coverage, but I must say one very big thing: remember to lock in your concealer after you have applied it! So after you have applied your concealer, apply some powder right over where the concealer. Just to prevent creasing and make your concealer last longer! 

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