29. feb. 2016


I have a problem. I did not have any problem with choosing these lipsticks - I actually had way too many favourite, but I decided to go with these six. Because I have worn those the most, even though you can't really see it.

And I do especially have a problem, because I realised when I laid them all next to each other, they all look so similar, but I promise, they are not! I have become quite a lipstick hoarder over the past half year - before that, I didn't really like the feel of having lipstick on, but now? I love it. I even love the really typical kind of old smell of lipstick.

The smell just reminds me of my grandmother (father's side) My grandmother always wears lipstick, when she's out or having us over. I just remember as a child going through her makeup on the bathroom, and smelling her lipsticks (I have a thing with smells, in general)

From left to right// Tom Ford in Indian Rose [HERE] | Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita [HERE] | Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 508 [HERE] | MAC Lipstick in Mehr and Brave [HERE] | Marc Jacobs New Nudes in Role Play [HERE]

But these six are my absolute faves. On colour, texture and feel. So I am going to through all them, giving you the deds and details on them all. Which one I prefer - both colour and texture wise. So let's get started!

Tom Ford Lipstick in Indian Rose:
This is the most luxury lipstick I own. Even though it doesn't look like I use it, I do. I just use the backside, because I don't wanna ruin the beautiful TF on the front of the lipstick. This colours is one of my favourite of the bunch. It's so nice, a little darker than my actual lipcolour and it glides on so easy and the colour is very opaque, but to much. The smell is a little sweet smell, nothing that's too much, that I get nausea.

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita:
This colour is so damn close to my own lipcolour. It's actually my perfect nude - it enhance my lip color without changing the colour of my lips. I can just slather this on, and I don't have to wonder if it looks good. They don't really smell of anything, nothing I can really smell. So that's good, because most of people don't like when lipsticks have smells. The colour is also very opaque, and glides beautifully on. Not dragging on the lips, when you apply it.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 508:
This formula is very good as well. It's a little bit more sheer in the colour, than the two others or all the them to be honest. It's good one to just throw in your purse, because it's more to the sheer side, then it's easier to apply without making any mistakes. The colour is more pinkier than the others and it's like a shade lighter than my actual lip colour. But it's very comfortable on the lips and have a nice moisture.

L-r: Tom Ford in Indian Rose | Nars in Anita | Giorgio Armani in 508 | MAC in Mehr | MAC in Brave | Marc Jacobs in Role Play

MAC in Mehr:
Now this is the only one of the six that's a matte finish. It has the iconic Mac lipstick smell, that has a vanilla-ish scent. Since it's a matte, it can be very drying on some lips. On mine it is, nothing that I can't deal with , I just put lip balm on before using it, and then I'll be fine. It's not so matte, that your lips completely dry out, but if you don't wear lip balm under, you can definitely feel the drying process. The lipstick is very pigmented and is a more deeper rosy colour. It's very beautiful and one of my absolute faves.

MAC in Brave:
Brave is a satin finish, so it has some kind of shine to it. Nothing to much, just a little. It do also have the iconic MAC scent, which I personally love. Seriously I could just sit (which I do) in my room and smell it. But this colours is my actually my favourite. It is such a good natural colour, it's almost as good as a match for my actual lip colour, as the Anita shade, but the Anita matches better. I do really like MAC lipsticks, which my collection also shows.

Marc Jacobs in Role Play:
The last one - this was my favourite before I got Brave. It's the newest collection of Marc Jacobs lipstick, is original is in a black packaging. But I personally like these better. These are more smooth and glides on so easily. They are in a mix between sheer and very opaque, if that make sense? They are pigmented, but not so much as the other ones. These ones do also have a scent, it reminds me of the MAc scent, but it's quite the same. The MAC ones are sweeter.


28. feb. 2016


So it's already Sunday again, like come wasn't it just Friday? But anyway, I have found my Sunday wants for this week. And it only thing really missing, is a good pair shoes - maybe inspiration will come later in the coming days? Probably sooner than later.

Turtleneck [HERE] |  Denim Skirt [HERE] | Gold Necklace [HERE] | Pants [HERE]

But I have talked about it before, I have a weird thing for denim. I haven't really liked the "trend" when I was younger, but you luckily know better the older you'll get. I have a slight little (huge) obsession with denim skirts and dresses and this skirt, oh my. I NEED IT. Can't you all imagine in those lovely summer days/nights with a tan (like I'm ever gonna get one) and nice flowy white shirt with your salty hair hanging loose, yup, I can totally see it.

But I still use it now, just some tights (we all know these kind of skirts looks one hundred times better without) and then you can still rock this skirt now. But with the turtleneck, oh yes mama! Also a nice look for the colder days in the summer or late spring! Then put on some sneakers or sandals, and you are all set. This skirt could actually be incorporated in my outfit for cousins confirmation this year - I have something in mind with this skirt actually.

And the pants, I love these kind of pants. The are usually a little short in the length, so the fit me perfectly! And that's always a bonus, when your legs are shorter than everything. But do yourself the favor and click on the link (it doesn't do anything for, moneywise) and see the pants on the model, they're so stunning!

And who doesn't like a dinky gold bar necklace? Come on, they are just so cute and a simple way to wear jewelry, if you are like me - and forget all about accessories. 

26. feb. 2016


 photo 26-02-2016 c_zpsognvz3vp.jpg

I don't know if you have read the first post I made about Shopandbox? Well if not, then head over to see it [here], because I won't be saying all the things I might have said in the post I made first.

But let's just for good sake, I'll just quickly tell you guys a little bit about Shopandbox! It is a firm that provides a service for us, who either can't get hold off some products in our countries or if, you can get hold off them in your states, or just don't like shopping for things. Then Shopandbox provides this service where there are a team of boxers in each of the 21 countries, they ship to and from.

These boxers shops the things you wish for. So, if you are like me - a girl or a boy who loves makeup and everything beauty, but you live in a silly little country who is so small, that the bigger brands don't either ship to your country, have any of their products in your country or shipping and customs are waaaay to expensive, then you'll probably love Shopandbox!

You can shop from Sephora, Ulta, Walgreens, CVS all those different kinds of beauty stores - also the bigger department stores like Nordstrom, Macy's and Fifth Avenue. But I will go through the process in the pictures just right under the next picture!

 photo 26-02-2016 b_zpscrrszjo9.jpg
You'll have to make an account, which is easy - you can connect just through e-mail (what I did) or through Facebook or Instagram. The site had an update, and it's now even more easy to get around and get started with some shopping!

[On the top of the picture with the blue square around]
This is where you get around between your wishlist, orders and your profile. Right on the picture I've clicked on My wishlist - and then it shows me my wishlists - and the wishlists are split into countries - so it's easy to organise. In the picture under you can see all these different kind of items; Shoes, Sunglasses and makeup.

When you want to make an ode, just create it with giving it a name [shown with the green square] (Tip: here you can write a boxer you had before and liked like; requesting Anne) And then added the things you want by marking them with the checkmark [shown with the green rings] If you forget something after you have made your order, don't worry - you can easily add more things to the order - you can add things until pay for invoice 2.

Tip: You don't have to make an order that only has one category - you can add makeup, electronics, fashion and accessories into one order!

 photo 26-02-2016 a_zps7hhyctwr.jpg

[The blue rectangle box]
This is very you have the overview over your order! You can see how long you are in the process until you are finished and have your new things with you. This is also very helpful for you, to see if the next step is yours or your boxers.

Invoice 1 and 2.
When you have added all the things you want to your order, it is time to pay for invoice 1. With the invoice 1 payment, you pay for the products, so the boxer can order and pay for them. If there's any shipping from the online places you added your items from and taxes. This is what you pay for in invoice 1.

In invoice 2 you pay for the shipping of the box to you. And the fee to your boxer! Yes, you do pay for your boxer to shop your items. But don't fall off you chair just yet - it's not that much. It's between like 10-14%. The more you kind of add in your order the smaller the fee is going to be. But, I do not mind at all paying these fees because the boxer helps me, so I am fine with that.

You will get updates on your process as well - from both your boxer, but also from the Shopandbox team - but the updates from the Shopandbox team, are on when it's your turn to do something - like pay for either invoice 1 or 2, or leave some feedback for example.

Your boxer will update you on for example;
  • If somethings is sold out
  • If the items you want is on high demand, like: Kylie's Lip Kits or new MAC collections 
  • If there's a problem with the product itself. 
Like I said before, if you somehow didn't add all the items you wanted when you made the order, this is the time to do so. You can still make it before paying for invoice 2, but this is easier for you and the boxer, if it's before that point in the process.

I have marked the two places whee you can add extra things [shown with the blue rings] you can easily add things with those two buttons. When you want to add something this one shows up [The picture to the right] And then you just fill in the boxes with the needed information. This also shows up when you are going to add things to your wishlists. 

Tip: If you have more than one quantity of the product - like you have a makeup brush twice or three times - remember to set the Quantity for the amount of products. But it is a good idea to write in the "Item Details" because the boxer will read that note, and remember it better that there's more than just one item, even though you have added the right amount. 

The last thing I want to say something about is; [Shown with the green rectangle box] is the message board. This is where you communicate with your boxer - you can answer directly here or through the e-mails you will get everytime you boxer writes to you. 

So I hope you will consider Shopandbox, if you need something - that you can't get a hold of where you live or perhaps it is just cheaper for you to use the service rather than buying it in your own country. This service is great, and I am not working with them, writing this post.
I am just happy to pass on the good news for us madly shoppers! Any question, just ask me in the comment section! 

25. feb. 2016


So I actually got my hands on the hyped Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, in the colours Koko K and Posie K - I really wanted those two the most. And the next time she has more in stock I am hope to get Mary Jo K and Dolce K. So fingers crossed for that!

By the way, if you didn't get the hold of them last time, don't worry. Kylie said on her Facebook page [here] that she is working on getting them back in stock every week/or other two week! So just set notifications on her page, and you'll right away when they'll be back in stock!

But let's get into the post about these two (four) babies, shall we?

Posie K [HERE] |  Koko K [HERE]

For a lipliner and a liquid lipstick you only have to pay 29$ which is around 200 Danish Kroner, and that's a very good price! Some might say it's expensive, but personally don't think so! You get two products in one, and that's amazing.

Left; Posie K | Right; Koko K

The product itself, is SO good. I don't only say that because I like Kylie, but because they really are. The have an amazing lasting power - stays on all day. Even though it is a liquid lipstick it isn't as drying as many others I have tried! They have a very sweet smell, it isn't to much, so it get's to sweet. But I really like the sent, it's kind of vanilla-ish and some sort of fruity scent as well, but I can't really figure out the smell, but I do like it. It kind of reminds me a little bit of the scent of MAC lipsticks.

But the liquid lipstick glides on easily, the wand is easy to use as well. You get a even and nice layer, don't put on to much though, because then it can get a little strikey. So if you are new into liquid lipsticks, then put on thin layers, because then you can correct any small mistakes you may have made - without your lips look kind of cakey!

Just a little tip: before applying the liquid lip, put on some lip balm, but do so with every liquid lipstick, because they all have a form of drying formula, for the product to truly work, so just keep that in mind! Just put it on as the first step of your makeup-routine! 

The lipliners, are very good as well. They are easy to apply, especially because they are so damn creamy. Glides over the lips so well, with dragging your lips - if you understand me here? Some lipliners, like MACs, can kind of "grab" your lips and drag them with while you are trying to line them. But because these are so creamy they don't have that issue.

I do recommend using these two together, rather than using another liquid lipstick - you can without problems easily do. But I do think these goes perfectly together, since they been made to do so. I will recommend using the lipliner first and then fill in the rest of your lips with the liquid lipstick!


24. feb. 2016


Between Seasons

Sooo, we've hit the awkward stage of the year, where spring is only about a week away. Here in little cold Denmark it feels nothing like spring or it does, it feels like the danish spring weather. It's freaking cold and grey. It rains more than the sun is showing.

To be honest you can't really tell if it's still winter or spring. It might be fall also, because the Danish weather is so confusing. If we are lucky we have like a maximum of 60 good, warm and lovely summer days - where the weather is perfect, and might even be a little to hot. But that's if we are lucky! So these weird days, when you can't really tell what kind of coat you need, if you can skip the socks or even a longsleeved shirt. Those weird days, are like everyday here, haha. So it's kind of hard to dress after the weather, but I am sure, some of you already know this!

Pretty Little Things Jumpsuit [HERE] | Zara Sandals [HERE] | Mads Nørgaard Striped Turtleneck [HERE] | Wood Wood Mary Striped Dress [HERE] | Becca Eye Tint in "Gilt" [HERE] | Cover FX Custom Infusion drops for Hydration [HERE] | Charlotte Tilbury Date Night Lipstick Duo [HERE] |

I am not gonna lie, I spend most of my time online looking for new things to obsess over. And that's mainly also the reason why I don't have any money... Can't help it - a girl likes to shop, am I right? I know I am. But I just wanted to talk about some of the items - the others you can investigate yourself, I have provided the links!

Lets start with the odd thing in the mix - the open toe sandals. Not quite suitable for the current weather situation - I know, but that's basically like 300 days of the year here in Denmark - but on next Tuesday - it's freaking spring! So let the toes out (if you don't have a cold or something) But I have these in mind for my cousin's confirmation this year (April, luckily) he's taller than me, so I gotta give myself some more height - also my "little"brother is taller than me - not fair!

I even kind of wanna pair the shoes with the striped dress - but let's see. There is a very long time to last in April. But the dress is useful all year around, so - it's justifiable!

You can see I have a thing with striped things, right?

Now let's talk about the beautiful makeup on that collage! So I binge watch YouTube videos like a crazy person, seriously I spend like up to four hours, just watching videos, and one professional makeup artist I really love is, Monika Blunder, she has done makeup on beautiful people like Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many more! She's so talented and describes every move, and in one of her recent videos [this video] she uses the Becca Eye Tint, and I fell in love! The color - spot on. And it looks so easy to work with and you can build up the colour, and it's perfect for those hotter days.

And then the Cover FX drops. I have mentioned it before, but my skin isn't the best - that's what you get for not looking after it in your teenage years! But my skin is SO dehydrated, seriously I could put on face cream every four hours. And I do struggle a bit to find a foundation that has enough hydration, so I hope these drops will help me, with adding the extra hydration! 

14. feb. 2016


Sooooo, love is in the air? Maybe - maybe not. Some might have gotten some beautiful gifts from their loved one or some might sit right now with their cat or dog right beside them. - I feel ya. So instead of making this Sunday Wants about sweet things your loved one can give you - I'm gonna make this for us single ladies out there! Us who give our love to our sweet animal, family or friends. Us who (maybe) needs to love our self a little bit more - so this is gifts from you to... you!

Jane Kønig Love-Letter Necklace [HERE] | Zara Turtleneck [HERE] | Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Ex-Girlfriend [HERE] | Marc Jacobs Beauty Feather Mascara [HERE] | Zara Grey Waterfall Jacket [HERE] | Zara Printed Set; Jacket [HERE] Skirt [HERE]

Even though I know the Jane Kønig necklace has "love" in it. It's made for us to show love - and hey! Just because you aren't in a relationship with your true love, dosen't mean that Valentines Day can't be a day where you show your friends, family or your special someone in the form of you pet some love. I myself really want a necklace with the letters M and F, which stands for Mor (mother in Danish) and Far [Father in Danish).

One of the best ways to treat yourself, besides eating chocolate all day long, is spoiling yourself with some new clothes! My personally most loved brands - luckily they are highstreet - are Topshop and Zara. Seriously, most of my clothes are from these two brands, so of course I went to their website, and had a little browse. I found the stunning grey waterfall jacket - it's so beautiful right? I really love the length of it. And the beautiful "suit" kind of thing or co-ord. With the simple cardigan and wrap-skirt, with a beautiful print. Just love love love. And who doesn't need a new turtleneck? Like come on, turtlenecks are the best! Especially now, when it's freezing! To get warm while you eat those chocolates!

And makeup, seriously I love makeup. I would 100 percent love to receive makeup rather than flowers, haha. Even chocolate - seriously. Who wouldn't love to receive a lovely lipstick - so go give yourself that hella expensive lipstick you have been wanting all time - splurge on that, and treat yourself nicely.

So yeah, spend time with yourself on Valentine's Day. Make yourself feel better - just because you are "alone" on V-Day 

7. feb. 2016


 photo 07-02-2016_zpsgqtkmw6o.jpg

For about, I would say - two years ago, Cecilie Copenhagen became a big name in Denmark! With her new clothes made out of the old scarfs that I used to wear when I was younger. I have made a blogpost about the set, I am talking about before - but since then, she have grown. She has her own shop now and, making new collections - and I really like the direction of her designs!

Shirt in colour 65 [Shirt Style 22] | Skirt in colour 65 [Skirt Style 19]

I really like the variation of her colours and different kind of designs. That she didn't just do her co-ord/set and sticked with it. But she made multiple different kinds of collections. But I must say, I really love these two items and especially together.

I really love the skirt. It's flowy and loose. But still, you can tuck in a shirt - both fitted or loose shirt. It is easy to style the skirt and it's very versatile.  And I love the print and colour, and the skirt and top together - I just love.

The shirt - it's almost perfection, in my eyes. I love the cut of the shape, the colour and the small details. Like the small ruffles on the upper part of the shirt. I love the high neck, just really everything about the top - except the price... It's a little tooo expensive - if you ask me. I know a lot goes in to making a shirt like this, fabric and all those things. But, 1150 Danish Kroner - I think it's a bit of an overkill. But who knows? I might end up buying it anyway...


4. feb. 2016


 photo 1-BILLEDER FRA NETTET31_zpsfuagvgdq.jpg

Sooooooooooo, I've fallen in love once again or I've found some things I've been looking for, for quite some time now. Since the sun has been out a little more, I long for summer even more. And since my mum almost have order our summer vacation to Italy this summer, I am starting plan for the summer - hence my blogpost about the beautiful bikinis!

Watch [Cluse Watches] | Knit [Sincerely Jules] | Dress [Sincerely Jules] In Black [HERE]

I have been eyeing a beautiful but simple gold watch for quite some time. It is funny, because when I was younger I was without a doubt a silver-girl, then in my early teens I loved oxidised silver and now I am all about the gold. Or it changes a bit from time to time, but I always come back to gold. And since I believe that I can't tolerate leather on my wrist, I thought this might work.

And I really just love how simple, but classic the watch looks. And it would be STUNNING with a simple bracelet to pair with the watch. And especially beautiful with that summer glow and tan, cannot wait.

But let's still keep in mind, that the calender only says February, and here in Denmark - even though the sun is showing sometimes throughout the day, it's still SO cold. So a nice warm and chunky knit, never hurt nobody. It's pretty chunky and oversized, which I like. I like that my knits and sweaters are almost as big as my cover, so it feels like I am still in my bed.

The last item just screams summer to me - mostly because Jules, herself, lives on the warm and sunny site of the US, so she basically have the summer-feel all year around. So the styling of the dress, screams summer - but the dress as well. The lightweight material and the color - a light cool grey, almost white.

You can even combine all three items together - especially in the late Danish summer nights, when it is kind of chilly - just put on your sweater. So this lightweight camel color sweater mixed with this cool toned light grey dress, and some gold accessories! 
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