7. feb. 2016


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For about, I would say - two years ago, Cecilie Copenhagen became a big name in Denmark! With her new clothes made out of the old scarfs that I used to wear when I was younger. I have made a blogpost about the set, I am talking about before - but since then, she have grown. She has her own shop now and, making new collections - and I really like the direction of her designs!

Shirt in colour 65 [Shirt Style 22] | Skirt in colour 65 [Skirt Style 19]

I really like the variation of her colours and different kind of designs. That she didn't just do her co-ord/set and sticked with it. But she made multiple different kinds of collections. But I must say, I really love these two items and especially together.

I really love the skirt. It's flowy and loose. But still, you can tuck in a shirt - both fitted or loose shirt. It is easy to style the skirt and it's very versatile.  And I love the print and colour, and the skirt and top together - I just love.

The shirt - it's almost perfection, in my eyes. I love the cut of the shape, the colour and the small details. Like the small ruffles on the upper part of the shirt. I love the high neck, just really everything about the top - except the price... It's a little tooo expensive - if you ask me. I know a lot goes in to making a shirt like this, fabric and all those things. But, 1150 Danish Kroner - I think it's a bit of an overkill. But who knows? I might end up buying it anyway...


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