24. feb. 2016


Between Seasons

Sooo, we've hit the awkward stage of the year, where spring is only about a week away. Here in little cold Denmark it feels nothing like spring or it does, it feels like the danish spring weather. It's freaking cold and grey. It rains more than the sun is showing.

To be honest you can't really tell if it's still winter or spring. It might be fall also, because the Danish weather is so confusing. If we are lucky we have like a maximum of 60 good, warm and lovely summer days - where the weather is perfect, and might even be a little to hot. But that's if we are lucky! So these weird days, when you can't really tell what kind of coat you need, if you can skip the socks or even a longsleeved shirt. Those weird days, are like everyday here, haha. So it's kind of hard to dress after the weather, but I am sure, some of you already know this!

Pretty Little Things Jumpsuit [HERE] | Zara Sandals [HERE] | Mads Nørgaard Striped Turtleneck [HERE] | Wood Wood Mary Striped Dress [HERE] | Becca Eye Tint in "Gilt" [HERE] | Cover FX Custom Infusion drops for Hydration [HERE] | Charlotte Tilbury Date Night Lipstick Duo [HERE] |

I am not gonna lie, I spend most of my time online looking for new things to obsess over. And that's mainly also the reason why I don't have any money... Can't help it - a girl likes to shop, am I right? I know I am. But I just wanted to talk about some of the items - the others you can investigate yourself, I have provided the links!

Lets start with the odd thing in the mix - the open toe sandals. Not quite suitable for the current weather situation - I know, but that's basically like 300 days of the year here in Denmark - but on next Tuesday - it's freaking spring! So let the toes out (if you don't have a cold or something) But I have these in mind for my cousin's confirmation this year (April, luckily) he's taller than me, so I gotta give myself some more height - also my "little"brother is taller than me - not fair!

I even kind of wanna pair the shoes with the striped dress - but let's see. There is a very long time to last in April. But the dress is useful all year around, so - it's justifiable!

You can see I have a thing with striped things, right?

Now let's talk about the beautiful makeup on that collage! So I binge watch YouTube videos like a crazy person, seriously I spend like up to four hours, just watching videos, and one professional makeup artist I really love is, Monika Blunder, she has done makeup on beautiful people like Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many more! She's so talented and describes every move, and in one of her recent videos [this video] she uses the Becca Eye Tint, and I fell in love! The color - spot on. And it looks so easy to work with and you can build up the colour, and it's perfect for those hotter days.

And then the Cover FX drops. I have mentioned it before, but my skin isn't the best - that's what you get for not looking after it in your teenage years! But my skin is SO dehydrated, seriously I could put on face cream every four hours. And I do struggle a bit to find a foundation that has enough hydration, so I hope these drops will help me, with adding the extra hydration! 

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