25. feb. 2016


So I actually got my hands on the hyped Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, in the colours Koko K and Posie K - I really wanted those two the most. And the next time she has more in stock I am hope to get Mary Jo K and Dolce K. So fingers crossed for that!

By the way, if you didn't get the hold of them last time, don't worry. Kylie said on her Facebook page [here] that she is working on getting them back in stock every week/or other two week! So just set notifications on her page, and you'll right away when they'll be back in stock!

But let's get into the post about these two (four) babies, shall we?

Posie K [HERE] |  Koko K [HERE]

For a lipliner and a liquid lipstick you only have to pay 29$ which is around 200 Danish Kroner, and that's a very good price! Some might say it's expensive, but personally don't think so! You get two products in one, and that's amazing.

Left; Posie K | Right; Koko K

The product itself, is SO good. I don't only say that because I like Kylie, but because they really are. The have an amazing lasting power - stays on all day. Even though it is a liquid lipstick it isn't as drying as many others I have tried! They have a very sweet smell, it isn't to much, so it get's to sweet. But I really like the sent, it's kind of vanilla-ish and some sort of fruity scent as well, but I can't really figure out the smell, but I do like it. It kind of reminds me a little bit of the scent of MAC lipsticks.

But the liquid lipstick glides on easily, the wand is easy to use as well. You get a even and nice layer, don't put on to much though, because then it can get a little strikey. So if you are new into liquid lipsticks, then put on thin layers, because then you can correct any small mistakes you may have made - without your lips look kind of cakey!

Just a little tip: before applying the liquid lip, put on some lip balm, but do so with every liquid lipstick, because they all have a form of drying formula, for the product to truly work, so just keep that in mind! Just put it on as the first step of your makeup-routine! 

The lipliners, are very good as well. They are easy to apply, especially because they are so damn creamy. Glides over the lips so well, with dragging your lips - if you understand me here? Some lipliners, like MACs, can kind of "grab" your lips and drag them with while you are trying to line them. But because these are so creamy they don't have that issue.

I do recommend using these two together, rather than using another liquid lipstick - you can without problems easily do. But I do think these goes perfectly together, since they been made to do so. I will recommend using the lipliner first and then fill in the rest of your lips with the liquid lipstick!


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