29. feb. 2016


I have a problem. I did not have any problem with choosing these lipsticks - I actually had way too many favourite, but I decided to go with these six. Because I have worn those the most, even though you can't really see it.

And I do especially have a problem, because I realised when I laid them all next to each other, they all look so similar, but I promise, they are not! I have become quite a lipstick hoarder over the past half year - before that, I didn't really like the feel of having lipstick on, but now? I love it. I even love the really typical kind of old smell of lipstick.

The smell just reminds me of my grandmother (father's side) My grandmother always wears lipstick, when she's out or having us over. I just remember as a child going through her makeup on the bathroom, and smelling her lipsticks (I have a thing with smells, in general)

From left to right// Tom Ford in Indian Rose [HERE] | Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita [HERE] | Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 508 [HERE] | MAC Lipstick in Mehr and Brave [HERE] | Marc Jacobs New Nudes in Role Play [HERE]

But these six are my absolute faves. On colour, texture and feel. So I am going to through all them, giving you the deds and details on them all. Which one I prefer - both colour and texture wise. So let's get started!

Tom Ford Lipstick in Indian Rose:
This is the most luxury lipstick I own. Even though it doesn't look like I use it, I do. I just use the backside, because I don't wanna ruin the beautiful TF on the front of the lipstick. This colours is one of my favourite of the bunch. It's so nice, a little darker than my actual lipcolour and it glides on so easy and the colour is very opaque, but to much. The smell is a little sweet smell, nothing that's too much, that I get nausea.

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita:
This colour is so damn close to my own lipcolour. It's actually my perfect nude - it enhance my lip color without changing the colour of my lips. I can just slather this on, and I don't have to wonder if it looks good. They don't really smell of anything, nothing I can really smell. So that's good, because most of people don't like when lipsticks have smells. The colour is also very opaque, and glides beautifully on. Not dragging on the lips, when you apply it.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 508:
This formula is very good as well. It's a little bit more sheer in the colour, than the two others or all the them to be honest. It's good one to just throw in your purse, because it's more to the sheer side, then it's easier to apply without making any mistakes. The colour is more pinkier than the others and it's like a shade lighter than my actual lip colour. But it's very comfortable on the lips and have a nice moisture.

L-r: Tom Ford in Indian Rose | Nars in Anita | Giorgio Armani in 508 | MAC in Mehr | MAC in Brave | Marc Jacobs in Role Play

MAC in Mehr:
Now this is the only one of the six that's a matte finish. It has the iconic Mac lipstick smell, that has a vanilla-ish scent. Since it's a matte, it can be very drying on some lips. On mine it is, nothing that I can't deal with , I just put lip balm on before using it, and then I'll be fine. It's not so matte, that your lips completely dry out, but if you don't wear lip balm under, you can definitely feel the drying process. The lipstick is very pigmented and is a more deeper rosy colour. It's very beautiful and one of my absolute faves.

MAC in Brave:
Brave is a satin finish, so it has some kind of shine to it. Nothing to much, just a little. It do also have the iconic MAC scent, which I personally love. Seriously I could just sit (which I do) in my room and smell it. But this colours is my actually my favourite. It is such a good natural colour, it's almost as good as a match for my actual lip colour, as the Anita shade, but the Anita matches better. I do really like MAC lipsticks, which my collection also shows.

Marc Jacobs in Role Play:
The last one - this was my favourite before I got Brave. It's the newest collection of Marc Jacobs lipstick, is original is in a black packaging. But I personally like these better. These are more smooth and glides on so easily. They are in a mix between sheer and very opaque, if that make sense? They are pigmented, but not so much as the other ones. These ones do also have a scent, it reminds me of the MAc scent, but it's quite the same. The MAC ones are sweeter.


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