4. feb. 2016


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Sooooooooooo, I've fallen in love once again or I've found some things I've been looking for, for quite some time now. Since the sun has been out a little more, I long for summer even more. And since my mum almost have order our summer vacation to Italy this summer, I am starting plan for the summer - hence my blogpost about the beautiful bikinis!

Watch [Cluse Watches] | Knit [Sincerely Jules] | Dress [Sincerely Jules] In Black [HERE]

I have been eyeing a beautiful but simple gold watch for quite some time. It is funny, because when I was younger I was without a doubt a silver-girl, then in my early teens I loved oxidised silver and now I am all about the gold. Or it changes a bit from time to time, but I always come back to gold. And since I believe that I can't tolerate leather on my wrist, I thought this might work.

And I really just love how simple, but classic the watch looks. And it would be STUNNING with a simple bracelet to pair with the watch. And especially beautiful with that summer glow and tan, cannot wait.

But let's still keep in mind, that the calender only says February, and here in Denmark - even though the sun is showing sometimes throughout the day, it's still SO cold. So a nice warm and chunky knit, never hurt nobody. It's pretty chunky and oversized, which I like. I like that my knits and sweaters are almost as big as my cover, so it feels like I am still in my bed.

The last item just screams summer to me - mostly because Jules, herself, lives on the warm and sunny site of the US, so she basically have the summer-feel all year around. So the styling of the dress, screams summer - but the dress as well. The lightweight material and the color - a light cool grey, almost white.

You can even combine all three items together - especially in the late Danish summer nights, when it is kind of chilly - just put on your sweater. So this lightweight camel color sweater mixed with this cool toned light grey dress, and some gold accessories! 

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  1. Super skønne ønsker altså! Jeg er specielt vild med kjolen hehe <3

    Kram // www.ahmfashion.dk


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