28. feb. 2016


So it's already Sunday again, like come wasn't it just Friday? But anyway, I have found my Sunday wants for this week. And it only thing really missing, is a good pair shoes - maybe inspiration will come later in the coming days? Probably sooner than later.

Turtleneck [HERE] |  Denim Skirt [HERE] | Gold Necklace [HERE] | Pants [HERE]

But I have talked about it before, I have a weird thing for denim. I haven't really liked the "trend" when I was younger, but you luckily know better the older you'll get. I have a slight little (huge) obsession with denim skirts and dresses and this skirt, oh my. I NEED IT. Can't you all imagine in those lovely summer days/nights with a tan (like I'm ever gonna get one) and nice flowy white shirt with your salty hair hanging loose, yup, I can totally see it.

But I still use it now, just some tights (we all know these kind of skirts looks one hundred times better without) and then you can still rock this skirt now. But with the turtleneck, oh yes mama! Also a nice look for the colder days in the summer or late spring! Then put on some sneakers or sandals, and you are all set. This skirt could actually be incorporated in my outfit for cousins confirmation this year - I have something in mind with this skirt actually.

And the pants, I love these kind of pants. The are usually a little short in the length, so the fit me perfectly! And that's always a bonus, when your legs are shorter than everything. But do yourself the favor and click on the link (it doesn't do anything for, moneywise) and see the pants on the model, they're so stunning!

And who doesn't like a dinky gold bar necklace? Come on, they are just so cute and a simple way to wear jewelry, if you are like me - and forget all about accessories. 

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