14. feb. 2016


Sooooo, love is in the air? Maybe - maybe not. Some might have gotten some beautiful gifts from their loved one or some might sit right now with their cat or dog right beside them. - I feel ya. So instead of making this Sunday Wants about sweet things your loved one can give you - I'm gonna make this for us single ladies out there! Us who give our love to our sweet animal, family or friends. Us who (maybe) needs to love our self a little bit more - so this is gifts from you to... you!

Jane Kønig Love-Letter Necklace [HERE] | Zara Turtleneck [HERE] | Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Lipstick in Ex-Girlfriend [HERE] | Marc Jacobs Beauty Feather Mascara [HERE] | Zara Grey Waterfall Jacket [HERE] | Zara Printed Set; Jacket [HERE] Skirt [HERE]

Even though I know the Jane Kønig necklace has "love" in it. It's made for us to show love - and hey! Just because you aren't in a relationship with your true love, dosen't mean that Valentines Day can't be a day where you show your friends, family or your special someone in the form of you pet some love. I myself really want a necklace with the letters M and F, which stands for Mor (mother in Danish) and Far [Father in Danish).

One of the best ways to treat yourself, besides eating chocolate all day long, is spoiling yourself with some new clothes! My personally most loved brands - luckily they are highstreet - are Topshop and Zara. Seriously, most of my clothes are from these two brands, so of course I went to their website, and had a little browse. I found the stunning grey waterfall jacket - it's so beautiful right? I really love the length of it. And the beautiful "suit" kind of thing or co-ord. With the simple cardigan and wrap-skirt, with a beautiful print. Just love love love. And who doesn't need a new turtleneck? Like come on, turtlenecks are the best! Especially now, when it's freezing! To get warm while you eat those chocolates!

And makeup, seriously I love makeup. I would 100 percent love to receive makeup rather than flowers, haha. Even chocolate - seriously. Who wouldn't love to receive a lovely lipstick - so go give yourself that hella expensive lipstick you have been wanting all time - splurge on that, and treat yourself nicely.

So yeah, spend time with yourself on Valentine's Day. Make yourself feel better - just because you are "alone" on V-Day 

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  1. Jeg er vild med det hele. Men drømmer virkelig om en Jane Kønig halskæde <3

    / Liselotte

  2. Det forstår jeg fuldt ud! Har en lovetag halskæde, og jeg elsker den!

    Knus, Nanna


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