7. mar. 2016


Seeing double? Not really actually - I have tested these two brushes, and here's my review of them both and comparison! So, who doesn't like to know if it's better to get the premium brand rather than the more affordable one? Because usually you would spend a little extra money on the more key things - like brushes. Or that's how I like to spend my money - on the more key items like foundation, makeup-tools and eyeshadow especially, is where I spend a little more.

So when I saw that Japonesque (which are the brand who made these brushes first, not Nars) came out with new brushes - where two of them looked just like some Nars brushes, I was like - I'm gonna try those!

Japonesque Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush [HERE] |  Nars Kabuki Yachiyo [HERE]

I have had the Nars brush for quite some time now, I must say I really like it! The brush is very soft and blends everything I have used with beautifully. I have mostly used it for setting my concealer and foundation - sometimes even for contouring. Or just to blend my "foundation" and bronzer and contour together, if it looks to harsh with the contour. 

I have been very impressed with the brush, because I have heard so many different review of both this and the Nars Ita brush (the one specific for contouring) and there has been some mixed feelings about the brush. 

I must admit though, that after washing it for the first time, it has gone a little bit more stiff. It still blends the product really good, but it's the bristles are more harsh to the skin, than before. It weighs absolute nothing, to it's easy to control.

The Japonesque one I have used in the past two weeks and I can definitely say already that I do prefer this one. Not only is it half the price than the Nars brush. But it's even more soft, than the Nars one as well. 

It is a tad bigger - but the design and everything is the same. Except, the Japonesque is just better. They even started making these brushes many years ago, and then Nars kind of made them popular - especially the Ita contouring brush. The design and everything, is actually Japonesque, but yeah? I don't know how all of this really ends. Because many people and consumers firstly had a lot of hate towards Japonesque because they didn't know that, it was actually Japonesque who had made them first, so there's been some, you know. 

BUT! Why I love the Japonesque brush better? Well, as I wrote before, it's softer - even after washing it. It hasn't "lost" its softness after now two washes, so that's really good. It still performs in the same way, as before the wash. It's also very lightweight like the Nars one, so it's easy to have the control over how much pressure you want to put on, while blending the products.

So my conclusion? I would save your money, and get the Japonesque one. Even though the Nars one is really great, it's not as good as the Japonesque one. You will get more for your money, and you can buy two of the Japonesque and it will still be cheaper than buying one the Nars one! So save your hard earned money! 


2. mar. 2016


I have this weird obsession with sneakers - all sneakers. White, black, navy, green - even red sneakers. It's probably because I have always been tomboy - not that kind of girly-girl. I have always played sport, and the one I stuck with was football (also known as soccer) and that's not very lady like, even though that's the sport of the town. Everyone was playing it, all my friends - my family, everyone so I had to myself. Not that I hated it in any way, I loved it with all of my heart.

Women's size [HERE] | Men's size [HERE]

So I never really have worn heels, I remember always feeling weird, and kind of overdressed, if that makes any sense? It think it's because when I was growing up - having heels on, it was kind of like showing off. And you don't do that in little Denmark - thanks to the Jantelov.

I did have a lot of sandals though, when it got way to hot (believe or not, it used to be some kick ass summers in Denmark when I was younger/a child) to wear sneakers. That was as girl it got - or ballerinas, but I only wore those at my confirmation, to be honest. I remember one of my friends had Converse sneakers on in the church I was so jealous!

But this with sneakers have just always been with me. I always had a lot of them, and I had a hard time throwing them out when they weren't even "working" any longer. I can't count how many Converse I have had, it is almost stupid how many I had.

But I have learned with all of my sneakers that, Adidas fits my feet better than Nike, Puma and all the rest, even Converse. So thank God that Adidas have made some really nice and beautiful pair of sneakers.

And these lovely ones, OH MY GOD, they are so cool and beautiful! I love this navy colour and the small details, like the little dots that's made in the fabric. The fact that the material is suede, and the with sole. This shoe really just screams my name! Just as soon as the next paycheck hits me, I'll buy myself some new lovely sneakers! 

1. mar. 2016


I love spring and especially summer. Since I am summer-born (did you know, that you are most likely to love the season the most, that you were born in?) I love summer. I always had, and always will. It's just that special summer feeling, you know?

Denim Dress [HERE] | Jacket [HERE] | Jumpsuit [HERE] | Dress [HERE]

Those summer days and nights are just very special. Especially when I was a kid, my summer break were for six weeks! SIX WEEKS, oh man I miss those times. Anywho, let's get back to this.

I am not going to lie, when I was a young teenager MBYM was one of the most popular brands - you know, that "pop" time? And then when I got older, like when I went to boarding school, I was like 16 years old. Those kind brands were just not "in". Because they were associated with that period of time, so I was just like "ew, no".

But lately they have stepped up their game. Their new items, are like, to die for! They are very much in, and up to date! So when I had a little browse on the website, I kept falling in love with many different kind of things. The new things are so beautiful and with that special summer feeling. Maybe it is the background as well!

I especially fell in love with the denim dress and the jumpsuit. Seriously, they are perfect for summer and those Italian summer days and nights. A good jumpsuit, you can never really go wrong. You can both dress it up and down - the same goes for the dress, although I must admit, you can't dress it up, in the same way. This isn't as formal as the jumpsuit can be dressed to be.

And even though the colour doesn't immediately scream summer to me, but that orangey jacket, is oh my, SO stunning! That is an amazing colour, it's very warm - which I do bring together with summer. 
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