1. mar. 2016


I love spring and especially summer. Since I am summer-born (did you know, that you are most likely to love the season the most, that you were born in?) I love summer. I always had, and always will. It's just that special summer feeling, you know?

Denim Dress [HERE] | Jacket [HERE] | Jumpsuit [HERE] | Dress [HERE]

Those summer days and nights are just very special. Especially when I was a kid, my summer break were for six weeks! SIX WEEKS, oh man I miss those times. Anywho, let's get back to this.

I am not going to lie, when I was a young teenager MBYM was one of the most popular brands - you know, that "pop" time? And then when I got older, like when I went to boarding school, I was like 16 years old. Those kind brands were just not "in". Because they were associated with that period of time, so I was just like "ew, no".

But lately they have stepped up their game. Their new items, are like, to die for! They are very much in, and up to date! So when I had a little browse on the website, I kept falling in love with many different kind of things. The new things are so beautiful and with that special summer feeling. Maybe it is the background as well!

I especially fell in love with the denim dress and the jumpsuit. Seriously, they are perfect for summer and those Italian summer days and nights. A good jumpsuit, you can never really go wrong. You can both dress it up and down - the same goes for the dress, although I must admit, you can't dress it up, in the same way. This isn't as formal as the jumpsuit can be dressed to be.

And even though the colour doesn't immediately scream summer to me, but that orangey jacket, is oh my, SO stunning! That is an amazing colour, it's very warm - which I do bring together with summer. 

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