6. apr. 2016


So, I don't know how the whole confirmation process and such works in other countries, but I do know how it works here in Denmark! For seven years ago I held my confirmation at the age of 13 in 7th grade. I wore a (ugly) white dress, with white leggings (I know) and white flats. I got my hair curled at a hairdresser and she also put some light makeup on me. I got that special, kind of, princess treatment! And since I have been to quite some confirmations - also before my own. My little brother held his four years ago.

Jumpsuit from Zara [HERE] | Skirt from Asos [HERE] | Top from Asos [HERE]

So this year it is my cousin, Kristoffer, which is in the end of April. Sooo... the weather is kind of a tricky factor, outfit-wise. April so far has been... a mixed experience. For a while we had some beautiful sunny weather and lately, it's been grey, cold and cloudy, just like it was fall again. So even though these two outfits seems very summery, then can easily be converted into some more colder weather.

Just throw on some tights, and a blazer. The black jumpsuit - I have planned to put a sheer/see-through top underneath - I have one with black polkadots on, that I am planning to put underneath, to cover my arms and so it's a little warmer - but we are going to be inside anyway.

With the two piece, as I said, throw on a pair of tights and a blazer, or you could also put on some over-knee boots on. And then you are good to go

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