16. apr. 2016


So very soon I'll be 21 years old, and I am starting to look at apartments around Aarhus and Viby J. I wanted to move out for quite some time, but it's not like apartments are growing on trees. And with more students getting accepted into all the Universities, it's even harder to find something, that isn't ridiculously expensive.

But I have been put on a waiting list for one-room apartment in Viby J, but it's still expensive. All though right now, with my full-time job, I can afford it. But next year when I'll start studying again (Univeristy) I cannot afford it, so... What to do?

Clear Side Table [Zara Home] | Ladder [Zara Home] | String Stool [Zara Home] | Table Runner [Zara Home] | Black Boxes [Søstrene Grene - In Store] | Clothes Rack [DIY] | Sofa [DIY]

I know that the apartment I'll get it's a 40 square feet apartment, so the space isn't that big and it's a roof-apartment, so some of the walls are the roof. I am going with a kind of theme - bright orange colours as accents, clear furniture so it doesn't look so cluttered and kind of industrial vibe. I have some string dining stools, and my little brother has promised me to help building a fishtail table (nice, huh?)

But I want my place to be warming and stylish as sh*t, ha ha. I kind of want people to say: "Waaaaow" haha. And since it's one large room, I though of kind of spitting it up - if that makes any sense? On one of the sides, there's a little space in side the other apartment, where my bed exactly can be, so I thought of using those black boxes, like on the picture and creating a "wall" or just use some bookcases - there are some really raw and industrial from Ikea [Hyllis - HERE] that I love, I already have one - so I though off using two of those perhaps? Since both options still are open, the won't seem so bulky in the room, and still allow light to come through.

And I kind of want my clothes rack to get bigger, since there isn't there isn't a closet, then I'll have to make space for my clothes, and this doesn't take up a lot of space, and it looks SO good! But instead of two rows, I'll just have one. And I really like the "Sofa" as well, and it looks like an easy DIY job for myself to do. If you just put up against a wall and put some bigger pillows, then it will work well, I guess.

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  1. Super fin inspiration. Jeg flytter selv til Amsterdam til sommer, og den lejlighed vi har kigget på har også skråvægge, så det kræver lidt mere kreativitet at få det til at fungere (:
    Camilla | http://cammi.dk


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