22. maj 2016


Summer is almost here, so I have started to look at some more summerish items to add to my wardrobe. I have bought the most beautiful playsuit from Zara [Which currently out of stock], I decided that I needed - not really, just more wanted - more playsuits. They're brilliant - so easy to put on, if you are in a hurry. And they are perfect for when you are on holiday, easy to pack and easy to wear, just throw on your sandals, and then you are good to go. 

Playsuit [TopShop] | Espadrilles [& Other Stories] | The Wet Brush [TopShop] | Bag [TopShop] | iPhone Cover [& Other Stories] | Dotted Tee [& Other Stories]

I have this kind of weird obsession with dots and stripes. I love everything with dots and stripes. If something has either of the prints, I'd probably end up buying the item. So when I saw that & Other Stories had made a "story" with dots, I quickly checked it out. And luckily for me, it had this perfect simple dotted tee in the story. I love it - it's perfect to dress up a simple outfit - your favourite pair of black jeans, this tee and the some kick ass sneakers or flats.

And then I saw the perfect match, a dotted phone cover, for an iPhone 5! Do anyone know the struggle of finding pretty covers for an iPhone 5? Since the iPhone 6 came, they don't really make covers anymore for the other iPhones. So this is miiiine! 

So I have kind of wanting a good bag for quire some time. Not like a designer bag - even though, that would be nice - but a bag, with some space, it doesn't have to like HUGE, so I cannot find anything in it. But a decent size, that can fit my wallet, phone, keys and all those sorts of things, I have fallen in love with this one from TopShop. It's simple, but it still has some details to it. I love the way it hangs [there's more picture through the link] and yeah, this is my kind of bag. 

And last, but not least! The magical Wet brush! I have heard so many good things about this brush, that it works wonders. I must confess, I don't really give a damn about my hair, like I do with makeup and clothes. 


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