24. jun. 2016


From top to down: Gemini | Doll Parts | Rose Matter 

So, I have been lucky enough to get hold of the popular Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks in the shades; Gemini, Doll Parts and Rose Matter.  I have heard a lot of different things about Jeffree Star as a person, and I have watched videos as well. And I can see he have done some things that I don't agree with, but most of these things was done like 5-10 years ago, and I do believe that (some) people do change, and really I don't want my review of his products to be affected by what he has done in his past, because most of us have done some pretty stupid things as well... So let's get into the products instead!

Tip: To keep updated on new releases, updates or when products will be back in stock follow Jeffree Star on Instagram - The Cosmetics Line HERE or his personal HERE *Androgyny, Celebrity Skin and Masochist are restocking on the 28th of June!*

I have heard SO many good things about his liquid lipstick, that the formular is one of the best on the marked. And I must say, hands down... These liquid lipsticks are without any doubt the best I have tried. I like that they're creamy, easy to work with and even though they are a liquid lipstick, which mean the will be drying, it isn't like the Colour Pop ones, that's the driest of driest out there, in my opinion.

Buy them here: Gemini | Doll Parts | Rose Matter or on Beautylish

For me, I don't mind that they are drying, to be honest. It doesn't really bother me that much. Two of them, Rose Matter and Gemini have a scent of Rootbeer. I don't mind the smell/flavour/scent at all, it's nothing that I really pay attention to when I wear them - and I must say I am scent/flavour kind of girl. Seriously the first thing I ever do, is to smell things - weird I know.

Left to right: Gemini | Doll Parts | Rose Matter 

Let's talk about the beautiful shades! So Jeffree Star is known for his colour self - he's not afraid of using colours, and many at the same time. He has some more vibrant colours, like pink, blue, white and so on. I personally will probably never wear a bright baby pink or a barbie pink, ever. So luckily he has created many different kind of neutrals for us who's not that into colour. A lot of different nudes, pinks, reds and so on. My three beauties are different, even though my mom says they are all the same..

The wear almost through the whole day, if I don't eat anything with some sort of oil in it. Of course, it will start to fade a little, especially on me in the corners of my lips. But this formular last longer on my lips than the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks and the Kat von D's as well. One other formulas I've tried that lasted this long as well, was the Jouer ones! So let's start from left to right, shall we?

Gemini // My zodiac sign. So of course I had to have it, even though I wouldn't like the colour, but luckily I do! In my collection it's the most nude neutral I have of his. It's a beautiful cooler toned nude and it's perfect for everyday or a night out. Even a wedding at both day or nighttime!

Doll Parts // I was very angry at myself for not buying this one and Androgyny when they first launched at Christmas last year.. And I thought I kind of lost forever, because they were really first made a limited edition, but thankfully Jeffree brought both them back! Doll Parts is a beautiful darker pink, almost a mauve. It's probably a perfect mix between a pink and a mauve, so it's still kind of vibrant, but more toned down - if it makes any sense? And this one, does not have a scent.

Rose Matter // It's a more peachy nude colour, with a hint of pink. It's not like a neutral-neutral. It's more colourful but it's still very wearable for everyday use and especially here in the summertime, it's almost perfect!

Left to right: Gemini | Doll Parts | Rose Matter


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