12. jun. 2016


If you're like me, and counting down the days until you're going on Holiday, and are (sort of) starting to think about what to pack of your beauty supply? Then this will really make it easier to travel light. Even though I am always telling myself to pack light, I never really do. Seriously I went away on a weekend trip to some family parties, and you should have seen all the makeup I brought with me.

Buy the Palette [Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette]

I bought this last month, I believe, I have been testing it out since - in the weekends. Because I don't wear makeup on weekdays, because that's just a waist of good makeup to be honest - even though I would love to! In this palette you get three eyeshadows, two-in-one blusher and a contour powder/bronzer and a highlight. So everything you really need. You can even use the contour powder as an eyeshadow, I've done that aswell.

The cons// It is kind of big, so if you have a some sort of a "normal" sized makeup bag, I am not sure it will fit in it.

The pros//Even though it's a bigger palette and it might not fit into your "normal" sized makeup bag, it's very thin, so if you (like me) have a much bigger makeup bag or several, it will easily fit into it. And since it's thin, it will leave more space for more products, even though buying this palette was the point of packing light, but who cares really?

Now, the product itself, is beautiful and SO good! The powders blend so easily into your skin! This palette has some of Charlotte Tilbury's best-seller products, as the Filmstar Bronze and Glow  and her blusher Cheek to Chic.

I love the eyeshadows. For a perfect not-to-much look or for everyday really. It even has numbers on, so you know which order to use them, to create the perfect look - on how to enhance your eyes. Or break the rules and do whatever you want!

The face powders blends nicely together, and that bronze - which I use for contour. Has the perfect color and undertone for my skin, to use as a contour shade. It's perfect, and gives the right amount of opaque-ness, so it's doesn't look to "drawn on", but more natural. The highlighter is gorgeous and so beautiful. It catches the light so good, and it doesn't look to much and glittery. It gives that beautiful nice summer-glow, that's just screams summer to me. 

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