26. jun. 2016


I love me some simple and cute tees with some catchy or meaningful texting. I am a sucker for white or grey kind of way too big tees. Just so freaking easy to throw on with a pair of either black pants or a pair of jeans.

Find the tees here at Sincerely Jules

They are the perfect kind of slouschy fit, which is just a size too big. Like you borrowed your boyfriend (if you're lucky enough, that you can just steal from him) or even your brothers tee for a day. They give an outfit a perfect feeling of casual, relaxed look. But done the right way, totally perfect - they can be dressed up or down.

Like dressed down - just your sweatpants, night shorts or whatever, fast and done. It's perfect for beachwear, if you like to be covered up on the way to the beach or pool. You can just put on a pair of shorts, jeans or a skirt and then, you're done. Perfect for summer, because they're light and also perfect for the cooler months - because layering, is something that's practical and stylish.

Dressed up - ofcourse you can do that! Wear one with a pair of tight faux (or if you prefer real) leather pants, with some high heeled boots or just a pair of beautiful (and even colourful) heels. Thrown on a white or colorful blazer, for the famous layers! You can dress it up with a skirt. I myself, would dress it up with a tight draped skirt, a nice leather jacket or blazer - whatever you prefer and some heels, or even your favorite pair of sneakers!

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