24. sep. 2016


So it's finally fall, like, I have waited for this. Normally people are sad that the summer is over and done. Like as soon as the sun starts to disappear, people go nuts. But here in Denmark, the things have kind of turned. Because almost as soon as we hit September, the weather started acting weird. We Danes are used to shitty weather, and September is usually the time where we start to think about "should I wear my winter-coat or will I be alright, and not freeze to death?". But we're almost done with September now, and yesterday I went to work without a shirt over my "clothes", you know? I didn't bring a jacket or cardigan, because even at 07:30 in morning, it was warm enough..

Sweater [HERE] | Pants [HERE]

Like what the hell? So it's been a confusing time, because I was more than ready to wear my knitted sweaters and drink hot chocolate in front of the fire! But it looks like it won't happen any time soon. But it didn't stop me, for keeping in touch with my fall-stuff. Like candles and all that kind of crazy fall/autumn shit we girls love! So I bought this set online. I love it.

It's like the softest thing eveeer! And yes, I have worn it -  at home.. No, I wore the top this week - and it was enough without a jacket, it was a little chilly that day (thank God) but the pants, are for home-wear. You know, the kind of homewear you immediately change into when you get home?
I love this set. Even though I kind of look like a teddy bear when I wear them together, but who really cares! 

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