5. okt. 2016


When October was a reality, the Danish weather (finally) acted like the season, it belongs to. For some, it's not their favourite season right now. But for me? I love this time at year, and especially in a few months, I love it even more. Even though I am a summer-child, (born in the summer season) I've always had a special feeling towards fall and winter. I love when the leaves starts to disappear from the trees and turning brown. And (hopefully) when the landscape is covered in white, like winter wonderland.

Zara Ankle Boots [HERE] | Kenzo Tee [HERE] | Kendall & Kylie Dress [HERE] | Artist Brush [HERE] | Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham Single Eyeshadow [HERE] | Chanel Nailpolishes in Emeraude & Cavalière [HERE]

My latest wants are very inspired by the season, colour and style wise. It's not that I don't wear black or grey all wear around, because I certainly do, but these I just love. I usually don't wear colours, beside; white, grey, dark greens, navy blue or like bordeaux. I do like more brighter colours on my nails, but that's about it. You wont see me in pink or yellow, really.

So instead of wearing lots of colour, I like to mix up different textures, almost as many as possible to be honest. I really like faux leather and fur, as long as it's faux. And the newest and one of the most trendiest textures right now is, velvet. Holy fox, I love velvet, it is so soft! You can hug yourself all day long!

And another trend, is lace-up. In the warmer months is was more the lace-up shoes and sandals, that were the hit - but like sweaters or shirts with lace up details are like the shit right now. I do like that trend, as long as the lace-up isn't to far down in the cleavage - if that does make any sense? But this dress? Oh my, I LOVE! It's from Kendall & Kylie Jenners own brand, and I have kept in my "saved" at Asos, for the longest now and yesterday -I saw it was on sale, and I snapped it!

I have always loved Kenzo's logo shirts and sweaters - like on of the only (together with Calvin Klein) high end brands logo stuff I like. Normally I really don't appreciate a brands logo being so eye-catching, but Kenzo does it just right. I've owned one before, just in white - with more colourful details, but I didn't wear it to much - probably because of the bright colours, ha ha.  But this one, is just right! And the boots, come one! They're stunning - the perfect pair of boots! A little high, but hey? I am short girl - I'd take any extra cm to add!

Earlier I mentioned that I like to wear more colourful colours on my nails, besides all the colours I listed. But yet still, the nail colours aren't really that colourful, right? I do like hot pink on my nails when it's spring and summer, but like the weather - my style get's darker! And so does my nails, I especially love the bronzed one!

I personally just love bronze, whether it's for nails or eyes. Which brings me to the eyeshadow, that's a collab between Estèe Lauder & Victoria Beckham, cool right? I always loved Victorias style and just the way she present herself, so much respect. So I had to check her collection out - and it's stunning! I could easily buy every little thing from the collection, but I really wanted this eyeshadow and the highlighter, but I controlled myself and only got the eyeshadow!


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